8 Tips to Bring Your High Down – 1/2

by David Gonzalez
8 tips to bring your high down
Join Grassdoor host David as he walks us through the first four tips to bring your high down. Watch video here.

This week Grassdoor host David shows us some tips that can possibly bring your high down and help you relax through that “too toasty” cannabis experience. These tips are designed to to set your mind at ease and are simple to remember. Helping you ride it out the experience and bring you back down to Earth.

You’ve gotten too high, now what?

You’ve been out with your friends all night having a great time. You blaze a few joints and you are now toasty living life. About an hour later, you smoke another two joints. Because… Why not? Then you eat half an edible. Forget you ate it. Eat a bit more. Your buddy offers you a dab, you take six. Now you’re so beyond toasty that you are seeing everything in super slo mo. You’re freaking out because bananas are talking to you for some reason and you realize you’re just way too high! It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. Nobody wants to be so high that they feel like they’re losing control are gonna a pass out, or worse, die. But you’re not going to die, nobody ever has.

Do not fear, we’ve got some great tips

But never fear, you can still make it through. There are plenty of ways to sober you up and prevent going too far down the rabbit hole, or in this case, way too far up and bring you back down to earth. In today’s segment, we’re going to share a few tips with you to bring you back down from Mars and hopefully steady you out to have a much more enjoyable ride.

Tip number one, Hydrate

Drinking water is a simple way to bring your body back down to its normal state. If you’re dehydrated and have taken one too many blunts to the head, you’re bound to hit a level 30 on the high Richter scale. You can drink something that has electrolytes. A Gatorade or a smoothie instead of water. The nutrients and minerals in these drinks help replace what’s lost while high like sodium potassium chloride, which help regulate blood pressure and heart rate. You can also drink coconut water, a V8 or a protein shake, which helps keep hunger at bay longer, So you won’t overeat later to compensate for missing calories during your trip or whatever works for you. Just drink something if you don’t want to get super faded.

Tip number two, Take a Nap

When you’re high, the only thing that can seem to make you feel better is taking another hit. Maybe that’s true, but a nap can be just as effective. A nap is awesomely powerful, to level you out a bit. You’ll be sleeping when the effects of cannabis wear off. So hopefully you’ll wake up feeling more clearheaded and nap will let your body rest, which will help your mind relax and make it easier for you to fall asleep later if you didn’t go past 30 minutes. So if you’re super toasty, make sure you get a 30 minute shut eye session.

Tip number three, Eat Something

If you want to sober up from being way too Bob Marley, eat something. The best thing to eat is a sandwich or a salad. Now you could eat anything that you want, but try eating something healthy with like protein, carbs, some fat,, fiber, leafy greens and vitamins. A good rule of thumb is, if the ingredient list doesn’t sound like they’re coming off a bag of chips, it’ll probably make you feel better than eating another bowl of Cheetos.

Tip number four, Go for a Walk

This one is really easy, going for a walk. When you are way beyond toasty, the world can seem much bigger than it is. The rugs get a little longer and more romantic than anyone could ever imagine, or everything in your room seems to be conspiring against you. Fortunately, a few things can help you ease your mind, and they don’t even involve being sober. If you feel like getting up and moving around will help clear some of those hazy thoughts, try taking a walk around your neighborhood or just even stepping outside for a bit. You could also visit someone who isn’t feeling as high as you are at the moment, or vice versa, and spend some time doing something fun with them, like watching an episode of Parks and Rec or taking a stroll to the park.The point is to get your body moving.

We’re here to help

Hopefully these tips help you bring you down from this stratosphere and make you feel a bit better in your high. Remember that this will be a two part series, so make sure you come back for those in which one of those involves sacrificing a goat! And like always, with all that being said, I hope you enjoyed today’s segment, I’m your boy David hitting you up from the Grassdoor headquarters saying, I’ll catch you guys later. Grassdoor… out!

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