Ancient Evidence of Cannabis Use Found in China

Archaeologists have discovered the earliest evidence yet that proves cannabis was used in ancient China.

While cannabis delivery in CA is a new thing, smoking cannabis in rituals, ceremonies and as part of a daily spiritual practice is nothing new, according to researchers.

The discovery of a 2500 year old wooden bowl full of charred stones was taken for chemical analysis and lead to the discovery of THC, the psychoactive component that gets you high.

Yang Timin, who lead the research now published in the journal Science Advances was shook by the “jaw-dropping” discovery, which took place at the Jirzankal Cemetary in western China.

How was marijuana used?

While it’s no surprise to us here at that our eastern ancestors were really into marijuana too, the discover trumps the first mention of cannabis usage by Herodotus, a famous Greek historian who wrote about weed in 440BC.

Found at the Scythian cemetery in the Xinjiang Uygur province, the discovery raises many questions? Was cannabis used in funeral services? Was it smoked recreationally? Was ancient man able to get fast, safe and quality cannabis delivery way back when?

Close to the border of India, Pakistan and Tajikistan, records show that the Scythians roamed far and wide, likely carrying marijuana with them. They traveled from the Black Sea all the way across Asia.

Back in 440BC, Herodotus wrote about how “the Scythians take the seed of this hemp and… they throw it on the red-hot stones. It smoulders and sends forth so much steam that no Greek vapour-bath could surpass it. The Scythians howl in their joy at the vapour-bath.”

“There was never any archaeological proof to the claim. We thought – is this it?” Yang explained.

Yang says that until this discovery, there was no evidence to support his observation of the Scythian cannabis practice. That all changed when the team of researches from China, Germany and Australia made a discovery that matched Herodotus’ exact description.

Crazy-high potency

While hemp had been used in clothing and medicine for some time, the high level of THC was surprising to researchers, who didn’t expect our favorite top shelf flower strains here at GRASSDOOR such as Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue or Skywalker to pop up in the caverns history. While, unsurprisingly, no vape pens or concentrates were found in the tomb, the discover of such high amounts of THC posed further questions.

Yang and his team believe that the high altitude, nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, meant more radiation hit the marijuana plants the Scythians were growing and resulted in potency levels we are used to today.

Things took a twist when the team surveyed the land and found forty circular mounds that looked like burial sites, likely sites where human sacrifice took place and the Scythians tried to communicate with the spirit world.

Jury is out as to how marijuana featured in their spiritual practice, but for sure it was used in group environments, likely to take the edge off of all the human sacrificing that went on back then.

Getting top shelf cannabis in today’s world

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