10 Must-have Cannabis Products for 2022

by Mary Carreon
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We’re inches away from 2022, and while the world still feels chaotic, there’s at least one thing we know for sure: Cannabis across the US is better than it’s ever been — and thank Jah for that because the last two years have been anything but easy. Cannabis is also the most accessible it’s ever been! (Can we get a Hallelujah?!) Heck, you can even get it delivered directly to you. In a time when it can feel scary to leave your home, getting relaxing herbaceous products dropped off at your home is comforting.

Since 2020’s lockdowns, cannabis delivery to your city has been on the rise — and so has innovation. In fact, the quality of cannabis products and delivery methods have evolved since the pandemic began. There are now more THC drinkables on the market than ever before. You can buy THC-infused straws that turn any drink into a cannabis beverage. 2021 also saw the rise of cannabis suppositories, THC-infused tablets, and even odorless flower. It’s easier than ever to swap cannabis for other intoxicants now, making the prospect of Dry January less… well, dry.

So, if you’re planning to ring in the new year without a level-10 hangover, or you just want to spend the last few days of 2021 high as hell, keep reading, we compiled this holiday weed guide specifically for you.

Marilyn Monroe 1/8 hybrid flower by Casacanna

Marilyn Monroe is a hybrid, and an absolute knockout known for producing a high that’s powerful, clear, and creative — perfect for getting end of the year creative projects organized.  Marilyn Monroe is a cross between Divine Gelato and Project 4516, which is why it’s a bubbly, berry-forward flavor with a clean hit every time. If you want to spend the end of the year dancing into the wee hours of the morning, this flower is perfect for getting your groove on and celebrating the art of motion.

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Pineapple Party Space Crystals by Sonder

It’s official: Weed pop rocks are a thing. These tropical pineapple space crystals are among the funky cool products on the edibles market. And the best part is they have the power to teleport you back to the ‘90s, when Pop Rocks and massive pixie stix dominated the candy scene of a simpler time. The Pineapple Party Space Crystals are an explosion of flavor, producing a gentle body high coupled with buzzing euphoria. Each piece is crafted from natural ingredients and infused with full-spectrum cannabis oil extracted from the finest sun-grown flower. This product is obviously an ideal edible for celebrating the end of 2021.

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Marionberry Gummies by WYLD 

Made with real fruit and botanically-sourced terpenes, Wyld’s Marionberry Gummies couple delicious marionberry flavors with soothing, blissful indica experiences. If you’re unsure what a marionberry is, get with the times! Just kidding, we didn’t know either until we tried this delicious edible. A marionberry is a blackberry cultivar that has a nuanced flavor profile. These gummies are a great addition to your end-of-day ritual, perfect for enjoying a campfire or kicking it with a loved one binge watching a series. Crafted with premium ingredients and top-quality cannabis extract, Wyld delivers a deliciously soothing experience with each gummy.

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Cloud Chaser Resin by Raw Garden

If you want to skip cloud 9 for the sheer bliss of cloud 11, Raw Garden’s Cloud Chaser will surely get you there. Cloud Chaser comes from a genetic lineage of a Skywalker Phenotype, so this delightful indica hybrid will hit you soul deep and make your anxieties melt away — who doesn’t need that kind of relief heading into 2022?

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Champagne 7-pk by Casacanna

Casacanna’s little joints come seven to a pack and are filled with terpene-rich, sungrown flower from Monterey. No trim, no shake — just premium ground nugs. Whether you’re planning to hit the road at the end of the year or you’re planning on staying in for a mellow kickback, these little joints are substantive enough to get you LIT for a wild adventure,  but small enough to smoke in a single session. The best part is that Casacanna uses only unbleached rolling papers to deliver the purest expression of the flower, and the packaging is 100 percent recyclable and plastic-free.

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Releaf Repair Cream 1:1 by Papa and Barkley

Maybe you’re not looking to get stoned during the holidays. Maybe you’re trying to pinpoint how to make your joints feel better or find a relief for skin issues, like psoriasis. Papa & Barkley has an incredible product line to explore. Their 1:1 Releaf Repair Cream offers fast-acting, therapeutic relief in topical form, so getting stoned isn’t a factor here. It’s also formulated with fresh-pressed cannabis rosin, jojoba oil, shea butter, and mango seed oil, so this cream is crafted specifically for sensitive areas like the face and neck. The Relief Repair Cream hydrates and rejuvenates to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. 

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Sour Green Apple 2:1 by Highatus Gummies

Stress relief is a big theme this holiday season. Hiatus gummies are designed to promote healing and mellow out the everyday stresses of life. Stress seems to be amplified right now, so taking the edge off without overdoing it may be easier said than done. That’s why a 2:1 (THC to CBD) sour Green Apple Highatus Gummy made from a harmonious Sativa flower blend might just do the trick. These low dose edibles are meant to be enjoyed frequently and are a small enough dose to eat more than one at a time. Let the euphoria set in and enjoy the ride.

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The Power Pack: Crunch Berries x Hybrid Kief by Claybourne Co

If you’re really trying to take it to the highest level this holiday season, the best smoke for your buck is probably the Crunch Berries and Hybrid Kief pack by Claybourne Co. It includes an eighth of Crunch Berries flower and 1 gram of Hybrid kief. So, you’re really getting 4.5 grams of powerful herb. Crunch Berries, which comes from Blueberry and Triple OG, is an Indica with a prominent berry aroma that offers a hint of vanilla and pine-like scents. The Crunch Berries flavor has an even more pronounced sweet berry kick. The effects of this strain have been described as uplifting with a couch-locking body high. Definitely sounds perfect for getting as high as you possibly can this holiday season.

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Northern Lights ultra-potent disposable vape pen by Heavy Hitters

Could there be a more holiday-esque strain than Northern Lights? Unless Santa got his own cultivar, probably not. Northern Lights is an award-winning cannabis strain that slams the body with relief that leaves the  body wonderfully numb. With spiced pine aromas and a sweet, woody flavor, Northern Lights is a go-to cultivar for relaxation at the end of an active night, or you know, after an evening of partying and socializing. But since we aren’t doing that right now for public health reasons, it’s also an incredible strain for diving head first into a new movie and analyzing why it’s art (or not) from start to finish. Or, if you’re someone who loves partying around other people, and just don’t know how you’re going to sit home and do nothing on NYE, a few bong rips of Northern Lights will immerse your feet in cinder blocks and ensure you’re couch bound. 

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Grapefruit Rosemary 6 Pack by CANN

If drinking isn’t your thing, but still enjoy effervescent buzzes, Cann offers an array of infused drinks that are designed to replace alcohol. The Grapefruit Rosemary low-dose THC drinks are a great adult beverage because you can have more than one (as most would with an alcoholic drink) and instead of getting drunk, you’ll get stoned, which means you won’t wake up with a hangover. The Grapefruit Rosemary flavor of this drinkable isn’t sweet, either. It’s natural and tastes like you’re putting real ingredients into your body rather than synthetic additives. It’s an overall uplifting and bubbly treat with two milligrams THC and four milligrams CBD per can. Keeping Cann on hand during the holidays is a great way to cut back on beverages that don’t serve your highest good.

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Mary Carreon is an award-winning journalist, editor, podcaster, and copywriter from Southern California. She writes about Schedule I drugs, particularly cannabis and psychedelics, and the myriad ways they impact our culture. She also co-hosts a podcast called “Erased,” where she reports on the climate crisis.

You can find Mary’s work in Billboard, DoubleBlind Magazine, MERRY JANE, The LAnd Magazine, Kitchen Toke Magazine, High Times Magazine, MudWtr, OC Weekly, Forbes and more.

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