Enter the PAX Vape Era

by Zane Foley

By Zane Foley

The only thing more dynamic than the ways users can consume cannabis in 2019, is the consumers themselves. Partaking in cannabis is no longer delegated to attics, basements and bean-bag couches. Today, cannabis as a whole enjoys a new reverence as an emerging professional industry, one that has brought with it a sophisticated market that beckons to a new wave of tech enthusiasts and innovation seekers

In the past, consuming cannabis required a significant amount of ritual. While although, for many of us these rituals only aide in our enjoyment of cannabis, particular users can now access the altering of consciousness through something as quick and portable as a fountain pen. Simply put, the cannabis industry has officially entered the golden age of the portable vape era — and for good reason.

It really is no surprise to anyone who’s been a cannabis consumer how vaporizer pens are one of the fastest growing product sectors in the market. Discrete, accessible and even fashionable, vaporizing pens offer consumers a modern way of partaking in one of their favorite activities; without the cleanup, without the smell, and frankly, without some of the debasing sometimes associated with public displays of cannabis use. Not only has contemporary vape-pens helped to change the narrative surrounding ‘altering our state of consciousness,’ it has helped usher in a new era of technology and innovation into the cannabis industry.

Pax Era: Highly Rated, Unique Vape Pen

For us at Grassdoor, we showcase the very best the industry has to offer. That’s why today, we bring you the PAX Era Vape Pen; the pen heralded as the flagship of concentration pens boasting an impressive 95/100 VapingDaily.com review. You can order the PAX Vape Era from our products page here.

One of the very bet aspects about cannabis reviews, is the proof is certainly in the pudding. Most cannabis users share the same desires, goals and frustrations when buying from the cannabis market. We want an affordable, reliable and results based product that fits with our lifestyle. Because in today’s market, the cannabis demographic is no longer adolescents buying dime bags and nickel sacks; it’s doctors, lawyers, bankers, artists and all of the above who enjoy the legal benefits of cannabis, and who are looking for something they can use without jeopardizing their (professional) lifestyle.

As cannabis has emerged as a truly reputable and esteemed industry,  the people behind the market are as remarkable as the products. PAX is a true example of this as front runners in the portable vape pen game. PAX first launched as a company back in 2007 by Stanford University graduates who wanted to merge their vision of design and vape experience into their PAX device.

The Era Pen reaches that vision with a sleek, discreet on-the-go extract dosing with a matrimony of high function and design. Let’s be frank, vaping can be a fashion statement in 2019. It’s a palpable part of the experience, with an aesthetic envied by those who witness you taking a puff and it’s rivals. Users describe the pen as “feather light” with a simple button-free pocket-friendly device, with a longer-than average four-hour battery life, sidestepping the variety of issues typically found with the portable vaping pen experience.

The PAX Era Vape Pen is a highly innovative cannabis pen with its highly intuitive pre-programmed hand gesture recognition ignition, infused with LED lights that change patterns and colors with each draw with the help of heat range recognition and its innovative liquid feed system. You do not have to worry about the pen going off in your pocket or over heating on the fly. You don’t have to wonder, “wait, do I hit it now?” Intuitive and innovative are the calling card of the PAX Vape Era Pen.

This new age vape pen takes something so much more than ‘lighting up’ and yet, makes it incredibly simple and effective. The pen turns on and off by the flick of the wrist or tapping the pen on the user’s hand. To set the heat range simply click the pod back into its accompanying base. Everything ‘clicks’ in this product, nothing screws or unscrews for increased breakage probability.

The vape pen era represents the innovation that has been the catalyst to the metamorphosis of the cannabis market. That is exactly the creed of the PAX Era Vaporizer Pen and the driving force behind its royalty in the vape-pen market.

Pax Pods: A Unique Line of Vape Cartridges

Another asset to the uniqueness that is the PAX Era Vape Pen, is their unique line of vape cartridges. Now while with some users this is the only point of contention, is that the cartridges are unique to the device, and require you to continue to purchase their extract filled pods. Most vape pens use cartridges that fit the common 510-thread batteries typically found in vape pens. So you have to continue to purchase their unique set of exact filled pods. That being said, would you use a smart phone charger on your old flip phone? With PAX’s unique cartridges, that easily pop in and out of the PAX Pen, PAX offered a plethora and deeply descriptive guide to their available cartridges. You like to toke in the morning, afternoon or right before bed? Maybe you want an indica dominate hybrid or something a little low dose to take the edge off. PAX Pens has it all, and we have it directly available to you through our delivery service at GRASSDOOR.

For more information, you can visit the PAX website or send us an email at our Contact Us page. We look forward to your reviews and as always, enjoy responsibly. 

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