now stocks Select Elite Vape Cartridges

We’re delighted to announce here at that we’re now stocking Select Elite Vape Cartridges. We always strive to list the best flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates so that our weed delivery in California is the best place for a quick, safe and top quality high.

Select is a superior brand because they source the finest oil from top of the range flower, making them an obvious choice when we came to curating the GRASSDOOR cannabis delivery menu. Not only is each cartridge filled with the best oil, but the state-of-the-art hardware makes the oil release far superior than other cartridges on the market. Select’s brand identify is formed by the pursuit of purity, potency, innovation.

Purity: Select was the first company to begin a level of oil testing of 66 analytes. This stringent testing makes sure the oil passes Select’s high standard of quality, so that what you’re vaping is the best oil possible. Now on, you can get great vape cartridge delivery in California in 45 minutes.

Potency & Innovation

Using Ethanol Hash Oil extraction, Select maintains the highest level of cannabinoid retention. Select also uses a terpene preservation process to guarantee a high level of potency in their vape cartridge oil. This was you’re getting the high you came for, not the low quality buzz other brands offer vapers.

The ceramic core technology in the cartridge evenly distributes heat so that the oil delivers a quality, voluptuous vape experience so that each draw is substantial. Using organic cotton wicks that are unbleached gives enhanced purity, quality and flavour each time you puff.

So, with all that good stuff going on, GRASSDOOR has added a full spread of Select products to our menu so that your next cannabis delivery in California is not just safe, fast and reliable, but of premium quality too!

Here’s a breakdown of the Select products we stock on GRASSDOOR with a brief description of what they can do for you next time you need to order cannabis delivery in LA to your front door.

Select ELITE Strawberry Banana Hybrid (500mg)

Packing a powerful punch, Select ELITE Strawberry and Banana Hybrid in 500mg is a delicious fruit mélange that even the most jaded cannabis connoisseur will enjoy.

Select ELITE Space Queen Hybrid (500mg)

The perfect hybrid high, the Select ELITE Space Queen Hybrid can be delivered by GRASSDOOR in record time, filling your vape with delicious oil. Bursting with THC and created with the state-of-the-art technology, the Space Queen cartridge is ready for an outing next time you want to take your high on the high road.

Select ELITE Super Lemon Haze Sativa (500mg)

A zesty cartridge for the spicier high, we’re waiting to deliver you Select’s Super Lemon Haze Sativa in 500mg for your eager vaping pleasure. A slight tangy flavor complements your vape high and is sure to improve even the toughest of days!

Select ELITE Grand Daddy Purple Indica (500mg)

Grand Daddy’s home! GRASSDOOR is your place for all types of marijuana delivery in LA, including the classics like Grand Daddy Purple Indica now in a 500mg vape cartridge. Take things down a notch with this gentle, restful strain sure to mellow you out no matter what time of day you need it!

Select ELITE Master Kush Indica (1g)

Master of nothing? Doesn’t matter! Master Kush Indica is sure to provide you with the master high you want. GRASSDOOR now stocks Select ELITE Master Kush Indica in a 1g cartridge for even the toughest of family reunions, business meetings or whenever else you crave a calmer high.

Select ELITE Maui Wowie Sativa (1g)

Ready to up your game? Select ELITE Maui Wowie Sativa in 1g is now ready for delivery on Simple select and checkout to process your fast, safe and reliable cannabis order. This sativa strain is ready to transport you to a place of high vibrational goodness in just a puff or two.

Select ELITE Strawberry Banana Hybrid (1g)

GRASSDOOR loves our new menu addition, Select ELITE Strawberry Banana Hybrid in both 500mg and 1g cartridges. Going the extra mile, the 1g vape cartridge is the fruity high you’re imagining with a more neutral hybrid high that’s perfect for taking the edge off whatever you have planned.

Select CBD Vape Pens: Relax Lavender

THC-free CBD vape pens by Select ELITE are now ready for weed delivery in LA. At GRASSDOOR, we love CBD, which combines pure hemp-derived extract with the rewards of essential oils. Crafted with the highest quality lavender, this is your ticket to calm and tranquillity amidst the chaos.

Select CBD Vape Pens: Focus Peppermint

Select CBD Vape Pens are self-contained, easy to use product with built-in battery, now on and ready to be added to your next weed delivery in LA. Focus Peppermint has a fresh mint taste with all the benefits of quality CBD.

Select CBD Vape Pens: Revive Grapefruit

GRASSDOOR now stocks Select CBD vape pens, including Revive Grapefruit, which infuses top shelf CBD oil with grapefruit essential oil for a tangy taste mixed with CBD. Select vape pens have a 1% product failure rate so you’re guaranteed the vape experience you paid for.

As well at Select products, is the best place for LA cannabis delivery. All of our drivers are certified budtenders who know the ins and outs of everything we list on our menu. We process orders the second they arrive and our drivers strive to turn up at your door with a weed delivery that honors your right to both quality service and excellent products.

Looking for some advice? We’re happy to talk you through our favourite products on text, call, or over email. You can find us on or give us a call at (818) 647-9322

First time order a GRASSDOOR cannabis delivery? Look for a discount at checkout. Coming back for more? We strive to offer regular and return customers the best prices on exquisite flower and cannabis products and if that means giving you a discount, we’d be delighted.

Let us know what you think of your Select product delivery in California!

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