Grassdoor’s Must-Have Products for 4/20 Week

By: Lindsay Maharry

4/20 is just around the corner, the stoner version of every holiday wrapped into one (if holidays were actually cool). With legalization measures spreading throughout the country, vaccination rates on the rise, and a litany of cannabis products to choose from, there’s more reasons to celebrate now than ever before. 

Here at Grassdoor, we’ve rounded up some of the stoniest, stickiest and most popular cannabis products on the site for a buyer’s guide designed to help you celebrate the most chill day on the calendar. Since 4/20/2020 was kind of a bust, this year, we’re popping TF off. 

Ultra Potent Diablo OG Vape Cart from Heavy Hitters

Ultra Potent Diablo OG Vape Cart from Heavy Hitters 

Heavy Hitters is the quintessential vaper’s vape brand, a wildly popular line of jumbo distillate carts that produce fat clouds and heady highs. Cold filtered and high potency, their oils feature high THC with intense flavors from added terpenes. 

The 1G Diablo OG cartridge is no exception. Testing at 88% THC, the cart gets you extremely high for a vape hit, with a rush of artificial flavor you’ll enjoy if you’re into that kind of thing. Great for those who love to vape and want to get as high as humanly possible. 

LIve Resing Gummies by Dosist

Live Resin Gummies from dosist

While dosist is known for their user-friendly, precision dosed vapes, their new line of Live Resin Gummies are among their best cannabis products to date. In today’s extremely dense gummies market – which is difficult to stand out in – these burst with organic citrus, sunshine, and GLS live resin by Bear Extraction House.

From unexpected texture to a flavor that is sumptuous and complex, these 10mg THC GLS and Wild Orange gummies possess a “wow” factor to the point that both my friend and I said “wow” immediately after tasting them. Ingredients like tapioca, wild orange oil, beet, turmeric and sunflower oil carry a high that’s wavy, silly, and relaxing. The high and flavor evoked a collection of ethereal things: deep pine forest, fresh squeezed tangerines, blood oranges, sunset reflecting on the ocean, Napa in the springtime, a chic hike, and dank ass weed. 

Jetty Solvent Less Banana Creme

Banana Cream Solventless Cartridge from Jetty Extracts

Existing on the cutting edge of cartridges, Jetty’s Banana Cream Solventless .5G Cartridge is a feast for the senses. While most cartridges contain distillate or some combination of distillate and live resin, these solventless carts take the cake when it comes to on-trend concentrates in the weed world.

The new line of carts is solventless, meaning the concentrate was derived using only a combination of water, ice, heat, and pressure, (AKA never touching any chemicals in the extraction process), making for an impossibly pure vape session. 

A potent hybrid cross between Blue Dream, Banana OG, and Ocean Beach OG, the flavor is luscious, with notes of banana, herbs, and flowers. The high is uplifting, relaxing, and totally incredible.  

Island Mini PreRolls

Fruit Cart Prerolls from Island

Island’s Fruit Cart Preroll feels like kicking back on the white sandy beaches of a tropical island. Social, fun and perfect for 4/20, you’ll be melting poolside with all your friends in no time. 

Testing at 19% THC with almost no CBD, the flower smells super fruity and gorgeous. The taste is woody, piney, and peppery, a twist from the fruity smell. The high is fun, silly, and social, great for watching TV, hanging out with friends, or embarking on an outdoor activity, now that we can finally do that. 

Tropicana Cookies Sativa Flower from Jelly

Tropicana Cookies Sativa Flower from Jelly

The Tropicana Cookies Sativa Flower by Jelly is one of the best 1/8ths I’ve ever seen at a $35 price point. Between the deep purple, sparkling nugs, nuanced smell and flavor, and fun, uplighting high, I was blown away by this totally affordable flower. 

Opening the jar smells like popping the tin of a pretty floral tea. While citrus is dominant, it doesn’t smell quite as orange-y as non-crossed Tropicana strains usually smell, but lovely nonetheless. Lemons, herbs, linalool, eucalyptus, and flower fields all come to mind. 

The orange really, really shines in the flavor. A rush of bright, lush orange blossoms leaves you feeling light and elated before rounding out to a cozy and laid back feeling that’s great for just about any situation. 

Infused Indica Live Resin Joint from Space Coyote x Utopia

Infused Indica Live Resin Joint from Space Coyote x Utopia

This Live Resin Indica Joint by Space Coyote and Utopia will leave you howling at the moon. 90% Marathon OG herb, 10% Utopia Strawnana Live Resin, and 100% cosmic, this joint is the perfect nighttime companion to a 4/20 after dark. 

While some infused joints have been known to skate by with subpar ingredients all around, Space Coyote routinely partners with the best brands in the industry (like Utopia) to create some of the highest quality pre-rolls on the market (like this one). Deeply relaxing with a luxurious high, this joint is worth the investment, an indulgent experience in every way possible. 

Lindsay MaHarry is a cannabis journalist and host of the product review show Hot Tokes. Follow her on Instagram.

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