A Guide to ‘Sauce’ Vape Cartridges and the Brands We Stock

At GRASSDOOR.com we carefully curate our weed delivery menu so that we’re only offering products that are GRASSDOOR certified, meaning we love them!

The cannabis vape landscape is changing day in and day out, but one thing is for sure, vape juice and vape sauce are too different things, and we know which side of the fence we prefer!

Here’s a quick look at the sauce selection we sell on GRASSDOOR.com.

What is a Sauce Cartridge?

When it comes to filling vape cartridges with cannabis oil, the method of extraction from plant to oil dictates what is juice, and what is sauce. While juice extraction uses heat and sometimes extraction agents, sauce is sort of like the cold brew of the cannabis oil world. It is extracted slower and without heat, meaning what’s inside the cartridge is extra ripe oil that maintains many of the favorable plant properties that are lost when oil is extracted by heating.

Go Pax Era or Go Home

Our budtenders make sure that all of our products meet a really high standard, so that you’re getting quality cannabis products delivered to your door in the Los Angeles area. Quality is key for us when it comes to our selection of products, so when we first tried Pax Pods we were blown away by the elegant design, powerful draw and superior sauce-induced high they provided.

Your first stop on the GRASSDOOR sauce journey is to get yourself a Pax Era Device which we’ll happily add to your next order. Having sold millions of devices over the last decade, Pax is one if not the most trusted personal vape pens on the market. Made from exquisite scratch-proof aluminum, Pax Era comes with a 10 year warranty and rechargeable battery. Combining dual-wick technology with leak-resistant pods, Pax Era delivers a taste that’s flavourful as well as consistent.

Pax Pods: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Strains

Currently, we stock Nina Limone Sativa Pax Pods for a spicier, more up kind of high, Grapefruit OG Hybrid, for a citrusy flavor and a high that’s made up of oil containing 80% THC. For something more low key, such as a sleep aid or relaxer,  we stock Lavendar Kush Indica and Private Reserve California Sauce Indica Pax Pods which contains no distillate and offers a potent marijuana staycation that’s sure to have you truly unwound and serene!

Pax Pods: Jetty Extracts

GRASSDOOR doesn’t stop there in its quest to get you top shelf weed delivery in California, we’ve also stocked Pax’s famous collaboration pods with Jetty, known for growing some of the finest flower on the market.

To go with your Pax Era Device order, we’ve added Grand Daddy Purps Indica, Alien OG Hybrid and Mau Wowie Sativa to the menu, so you can find a high for any mood! Relaxing by the pool? We love the full body sensation from Grand Daddy Purps Indica, now in a Pax Pod. Watching a movie with the guys or the girls? Try Alien OG Hybrid for an other worldly high that’ll perfectly match whatever Hollywood fantasy-land you’re indulging in tonight.

Pax Pods: Bloom Farms

Not stopping there, our budtenders here at GRASSDOOR insisted that we add Pax Pods: Bloom Farms Pods so that vapers can now get weed delivery in LA that’s fit for a king. We selected Jack Herrer Sativa and its counterpart Purple Kush Indica Pax Pods to give you a high key or low key high that fits elegantly into the Pax Pod Era Device, sold separately here on GRASSDOOR.

F/eld Extracts Sauce Pens

But it’s not just one brand offering top sauce for a great price, we also curated our cannabis delivery menu to include F/eld Extracts Sauce Pens in Game Changer, Zmooth Operator, Zmoothie, Zkittlez, Citrus Cake, Strawberry Zmoothie.

F/eld Extracts Sauce Pen contains oil derived from only one single plant, using no distillate, additives or cutting agent. By only extracting from the best flowers, F/eld has established its spot as a leading sauce provider, recently winning the 2018 Emerald Cup. A true single source experience with unparalleled taste that comes in a beautiful, slim, rechargeable battery set comes in every box, making F/eld a discreet, convenient and highly functional vaping device for your next cannabis delivery in LA.

Not much of a vaper, or headed straight for the concentrates? We’re proud to present the addition of F/eld Extracts Mendo Fruitz Live Resin onto our intuitive menu to honor the fact that top extracts products now come in many forms. Perfect for dabbing, F/eld Extracts Concentrates provide the same quality of extraction in resin form so that as much of the magic of the marijuana plant as possible is now preserved in this easy to use concentrate resin.

Have questions? At GRASSDOOR, We’d Love to Hear From You

We know that browsing marijuana delivery menus online can be confusing. Don’t fret; we’d love to hear from you. Just give us an email or call at support@grassdoor.com and (818) 647-9322. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

First time using GRASSDOOR? We pride ourselves on being quick, reliable and safe, so that getting great weed delivered is worry-free. If you’re a first time customer, look out for a discount code at checkout. If you’re returning and looking to try something new, have a chat with one of our sales representatives or our drivers, all of whom are trained budtenders, ready to make your cannabis delivery experience one to look forward to.

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