Introducing Heavy Hitters Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls

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Heavy Hitters Diamond Pre-Roll

Say hello to the latest and greatest in high-potency pre-rolls from the folks who do potency best. Heavy Hitters’ new line of Diamond pre-rolls, now available to order through Grassdoor, are a powerful union of the company’s premium flower and ULTRA potent THC-A diamonds. A unique blend of the potency and purity of Heavy Hitters sticky small-batch flower, the Diamond pre-roll is sure to permeate the senses with a deep, balanced effect for the body and mind, with current strains testing as high as 55% THC

Family-owned and operated since 1996, Heavy Hitters is one of Los Angeles’s most prolific cannabis brands, bearing a name synonymous with high-quality, high-potency resin products. Now the home of the best-selling vape cartridge in California is rolling out the new ULTRA line, including a new variety of edibles (made from the same cannabinoids and terpenes as their signature cartridges), the new ULTRA cart, and a variety of strain-specific Diamond pre-rolls. 

A Closer Look at the Diamond Pre-Roll

Ultra Premium Flower: Heavy Hitters wants the cannabis plant to be of the high-potency connoisseur’s experience, which is why robust, smooth smoke of the Diamond pre-roll starts with ULTRA premium flower. Diamond pre-rolls are rolled only from fresh, sticky nugs (never shake or trim) sourced from top California cultivators. 

Potent THC-A Diamonds: To make sure quality always goes hand in hand with potency, Heavy Hitters uses the same premium flower to extract the most potent 99% THC-A diamonds. These exceptional purity levels ensure that the smells and flavors inside a Diamond pre-roll come straight from the source nugs.  

Custom Crafted to Perfection: Once flower is selected and diamonds are extracted, Heavy Hitters rolls them into 1 gram joints using proprietary blending technology. The end product offers a smooth smoke, even burn, full-spectrum flavor, and array of powerful effects for which the brand is known.

Get to Know the Strains

The current lineup of Diamond Pre-Roll strains includes:


This is a creamy hybrid that boasts mind and full-body relaxation. Enjoy the strain’s signature cool peppermint flavor and clear your mind with the clean effects of Mintz diamonds. Heavy Hitters recommends the Mintz Diamond pre-roll for whenever you need some quality couch-time or achieve a strong sense of zen before bed. 

Sunset Sherbet

A cross of Pink Panties with the classic GSC, Sunset Sherbet offers a berry-flavored, earthy-toned head high that loosens up the body while invigorating the mind — the perfect fit for a chill afternoon outside or on the couch. 


California’s favorite strain of 2020 is now the sweetest, danekst, “body-tingliest” pre-roll around. This sweet, fruity cross of Zkittlez and Gelato is sure to soothe with a potent body high and soothing head buzz for a nice, slow evening at home. 


GSH and Sunset Sherbet collide in a sweet and fruity hybrid with earthy undertones on the exhale. This Indica-heavy Diamond joint invites positive thinking and a deep, slowly building physical body relaxation that takes you on a comfortable journey to sleepy euphoria. 

Black Cherry Gelato

A delicious evening hybrid that crosses Acai with Black Cherry Funk in a Diamond pre-roll that’s as sweet and flavorful as its name suggests. Expect a complex blend of berry sweet and earthy undertones, with tingles and couch lock to keep you loosened up and mellowed out all day. This tasty strain is hard to find, making its complex flavor and calm, sedative qualities all the more savor-worthy. 

Peanut Butter Zkittlez

Relax your body and let your head drift up to the clouds with this lovely combo of Peanut Butter Breath and Zkittlez. The incomparable Peanut Butter Zkittlez Diamond pre-roll offers up an uplifting head high that slowly turns over to a soothing body buzz, leaving you in a potent relaxed state accentuated by tasty earthy-berry flavors. 

Together, Heavy Hitters’ Diamond pre-rolls make an unprecedented collection that fully embodies the Heavy Hitters mission to create the purest, most potent cannabis products on the market.

Hop over to the Grassdoor Heavy Hitters menu and have your Diamond Pre-roll delivered today!

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