How to Smoke Weed out of an Apple

by Sean Cooley
making an apple pipe

Smoking weed out of an apple has been a popular DIY method among generations of cannabis smokers. True to its name, an apple pipe, or apple bong, is a homemade weed-smoking pipe made out of an apple. It can add flavor to your cannabis as you toke, and it’s one of the healthier old-school methods of smoking cannabis. Apple pipes are also easily disposable, which means you can avoid the meticulous cleaning required with glass pipes and other weed consumption devices. For anyone wondering how to smoke weed out of an apple, here’s a quick guide to crafting and using your own DIY apple pipe.

What you’ll need to make an apple pipe

Crafting an apple pipe is relatively easy. After a few simple steps, and within a matter of minutes, one will have a proper device that adds flavor to the weed. To construct a classic apple pipe, you’ll need to assemble the following: 

  • An apple
  • A screwdriver
  • Toothpicks
  • A lighter
  • Cannabis flower

How to make (and use) an apple pipe

  1. Begin by taking out the apple stem, removing the entire stem up to the fruit base. Doing so will ensure you can comfortably use the top of the apple as a bowl. 
  1. With your screwdriver, make a hole in the side of the apple, through the center, and out the other side. One end will serve as your mouthpiece while the other will be the carb. 
  1. Take a toothpick and poke multiple holes from the top of the apple to the center hole, allowing air to flow freely from your bowl directly to the mouthpiece. 
  1. Now for the moment of reckoning, perform a test run by inhaling through your mouthpiece to ensure air flows freely and correctly. 
  1. Pack the top of your apple with weed and ensure your mouth is placed perfectly on your chosen mouthpiece, with your hand covering the carb. 
  1. Light, inhale, and enjoy smoking weed from the apple.

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