Indica: A Guide to a Down-Low Kind of High

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A GRASSDOOR play-by-play of the top shelf and exotic indica flower and cannabis products we have on our delivery menu!

Whether you’re new to weed delivery in LA or you’re a veteran cannabis connoisseur, here on we offer a revolving selection of top indica flower and products based on what’s fresh right now.

Indica benefits: If you’re looking for a high that’s more low-key, a lift-off without the zero gravity, indica is a strain of cannabis that will offer you deep body relaxation. A known sleep aid that settles you into a state of extreme relaxation, indica is often favored as a nightcap.

On GRASSDOOR, our intuitive menu updates itself with the cannabis products we have in stock, so that your LA marijuana delivery is made up of exactly what you ordered.

Old or new to cannabis, here’s a breakdown of the indica products from flower to vape carts that we might have on our menu today!

Indica flower: Indoor, mixed-light and sun-grown

Our expert budtenders make sure that our LA cannabis delivery menu is stocked with California’s best bud. Sourcing cannabis from only the best farms, here’s a guide to our many indica flower strains.

Garlic Breath: Packed with more than 24% THC, Garlic Breath lives up to its name in knockout potency, but don’t worry, it’s not garlic flavored! This cuddle up on the couch cannabis flower is a great anxiety buster and sleep aid, grown under lovingly mixed-light conditions.

Private Reserve: A sedating, psychoactive high, Private Reserve is a top shelf strain grown to perfection indoors that has the same bold flavor as its relative strain Diesel Kush, with sour undertones at the end. One hit is powerful, though, so best warmed up to if you’re new to the world of cannabis, or if you’re old school, get comfortable and prepare for lift off.

Platinum Kush: Stress busting Platinum Kush eases tension and awakens euphoria and is known to improve symptoms of ADD/ADHD, stress disorders and migraines. Its earthy, pine-like aroma is reminiscent of its OG Kush relative. Grown in indoor conditions and trimmed, manicured and loved by human hands, Platinum Kush some of our finest flower!

Skywalker: Sourced from the same cultivator who created the strain ten years ago, Skywalker is your weapon against the Dark Side, drifting you off into a gentle sleep and easing pain. Grown in strain-perfect conditions, Skywalker is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa side that allows for a soft head high too.

Firecut OG: Sourced from Legion of Bloom who grow this strain indoors so it can be perfected, Firecut OG is a top shelf flower that comes as a sticky, dense nug with fiery red hairs. Best enjoyed at the end of the day, Firecut OG is certain to evaporate tension and aid entry into a comforting slumber.

XXX OG Kush: A cross between Skunk-derived XXX and OG Kush, XXX OG is a nightcap strain with sedative, calming and unwinding effects. Winner of Best Indica in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, XXX OG is indoor-grown for god-like perfection and is the grand slam champion for a potent high. Consume wisely!

King Louis XIII: An extremely rare Los Angeles cut of OG Kush, King Louis XIII provides a luxurious relaxation that lulls its consumer into a heavy slumber. A crisp, citrusy taste, the nug comes in lime green and is dotted with orange hairs and gives off a smell not dissimilar to Skunk and Diesel. Grown indoors to reap a perfect crop each time, King Louis XIII is one of our most precious, exotic strains.

Sugar Mints: Featuring 27% THC, this dark green and royal purple beauty is highly psychoactive and aids with symptoms of nausea, severe pain, insomnia and loss of appetite. Sugar Mints lives up to its name with a minty scent and slightly sweet taste, making it a palatable experience with symptom-alleviating benefits! Grown indoors, you’ll be sure to experience an exotic, potent high.

Pax Era Vape Carts in Indica

Quality is a key work for us when it comes to selecting our selection of good, so when we first tried Pax Pods we were blown away by the elegant design, powerful draw and superior sauce-induced high that Pax Pods provide. Made from exquisite scratch-proof aluminum, Pax Era comes with a 10 year warranty and rechargeable battery.

Combining dual-wick technology with leak-resistant pods, Pax Era delivers a taste that’s flavourful as well as consistent. Sold separately at the bottom of our menu.

California Sauce Indica: Legion of Bloom presents California Sauce Indica, now in a cartridge for your Pax Era device, also available for purchase here on GRASSDOOR. A limited release vape cart in indica, California Sauce Indica gives a full body, relaxing high. 100% HTE sauce with no distillate used.

Lavendar Kush Indica: Legion of Bloom presents Lavender Kush, now in a cartridge for your Pax Era device, also available for purchase here on GRASSDOOR. A highly potent strain containing 80% THC, Lavender Kush gives fast-acting pain relief and relaxation.

Grand Daddy Purps Indica: Jetty Extracts presents Grand Daddy Purps, now in a cartridge for your Pax Era device, also available for purchase here on GRASSDOOR. Physical relaxation and a brain buzz are the name of the game with Grand Daddy Purps, great for tackling stress, loss of appetite and muscle spasms.

Purple Kush Indica: Bloom Farms presents Purple Kush Indica, now in a cartridge for your Pax Era device, also available for purchase here on GRASSDOOR. A cheerful strain popular for tackling anxiety and promoting more joy, Purple Kush has berry notes for a delicious taste while also providing physical relief.

Select Elite Vape Carts

Select Elite is the brand’s top selling cartridge, which fits seamlessly into the battery, sold separately at the bottom of our menu, for a discreet, elegant and luxurious vape experience.

Through highly refined distillation techniques, Select Elite Distillate delivers activated, broad-spectrum oil with the highest THC level possible.

Strawberry Cheesecake: a 70% indica dominant strain that induces pain-reducing effects and encourages the mind to glide into the creative realm. THC levels of over 20% make this a fast-acting, potent strain fit for relieving symptoms of pain and allow the mind to focus on other things.

Gelato Indica: Coming on powerfully with a body high that keeps the mind active and able to create, Geltao Indica is a child of the Cookie family, boasting a fruity, gelato-like aroma that’s sure to bring on a smile.

Stiiizy Pods

Stiiizy is discreet, effective and filled with delicious sauce that makes vaping a pleasure. A durable design that not only looks good, but functions at high capacity, Stiiizy vape pods connect to the Stiiizy Battery Starter Kit (which we sell separately) and burn their premium sauce at a level temperature, which means each draw is consistent.

OG Kush: With notes of pine and a sweet finish, OG Kush brings on a euphoric, indica-dominant high that alleviates symptoms of pain, stress and depression.

Pre-Roll Blunts

Diamond OG Indica: Packed with 2g of Diamond OG Indica flower, this pre-rolled blunt rolled by the famed Cali Blunts Team is perfect for helping you to melt into the rest you’ve been craving with a fast-acting body high that’s great for after work. A citrus-pine taste and a crafty wood tip adds a touch of elegance to the experience.

Skywalker Indica: Packed with Skywalker Indica flower, ready to smoke, Skywalker is your weapon against the Dark Side, drifting you off into a gentle restfulness and easing pain. Made with only the best flower, this pre-roll is a great choice if you’re new to cannabis and looking for a one way ticket to delightful repose.

Sugar Cookies: Packed with Sugar Cookies flower, ready to smoke, Sugar Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a full-body high. A wise choice for a nightcap, you’ll be sure to float into a state of sleepiness. Made with only the best flower, this pre-roll is your answer to the night of deep rest that you’ve been waiting for.

New to GRASSDOOR? We deliver quality weed in a safe and fast way, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is an expert in cannabis.

If you’re planning your next pool party, day at the beach or binge-watching session at home, we’d love to help you choose the right products for you! Just send us an email or call us at and +1 310 749 9135. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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