Shatter vs Badder vs Resin – Know Your Cannabis Concentrates

by David Gonzalez
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David walks us through the key differences between cannabis concentrate products . Click above to watch the video!

This week Grassdoor host David walks us through some key differences between cannabis concentrate products. He explains the types of products available on the market today and also how they are generally used so you can truly know your cannabis concentrates. There is definitely a lot to cover, so be sure to check back for dedicated guides on all of the cannabis product types mentioned in the near future. Hopefully, some of this knowledge will empower you so you’re no longer confused when ordering cannabis concentrate products delivered in your city.

Cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates?

Yo…! hit me with a dab! no…! Give me the da..the oil, bro. Give me the oil. Nooo! give me the god da..! the da..! the oi..! the extract. Give me the extract! If you were confused by all those words as I was when concentrates started hitting the market around 1999 and maybe a little further back aside from hash and oil, don’t worry, today we’re going into a deep dive into what all those terms mean, how to get stoney-Bologna with them and much more

So you’re no longer confused when going into a shop, ordering online, or just having a session with your friends. Because today’s episode is all about concentrates! concentrates are now a cornerstone of the modern cannabis market, thanks to the wave of post prohibition consumers who like precise dosing, simple application and easy access to the cannabis ingredients that do the most.

What do I need to know about cannabis concentrates?

Well, to put it simply, concentrates are cannabis derived substances like thc, cbd, terpenes and other desirable compounds that have been extracted or “concentrated” typically through the use of solvents or exposure to heat and pressure. Okay, I got that. But what exactly is shatter, badder, and all these things I’ve never heard of? Okay, let’s eliminate one of those concentrates like oil, because we know what that is. when going down the list in no particular order, but all very popular are dabs and rosin.

What is a dab?

A dab is a concentrated form of the main component in cannabis thc, and can be extracted from sauces like flower, trim, and others by using chemical solvents or some form of mechanical separation. That I know absolutely nothing about… but sounds pretty super hella cool! They come in different textures, but most are commonly known for looking like malleable, melted sugar or sticky tree sap.

How to consume Rosin

Rosin is precisely the same thing, but doesn’t use solvents or chemicals to be extracted. Instead, it uses heat and pressure, like my visit to the doctors last month to squeeze out every little bit of thc To consume these, you need a dab-rig of your choice. Either a manual one with a nail, or a cool electrical one. If you’re going the manual route, ensure you hit the banger or bowl for about 15 to 20 seconds to get it really hot for maximum smoke. The electrical dab rigs do almost everything for you.

What other types of cannabis extracts are there?

Next on the list are badder, live resins and sauces. These are still extracts of thc except for sauce, so don’t let the names confuse you. badder has a consistency of cake badder (Hence the name) thick and gooey but slightly drippy. It often has a blonde or gold color to it and is easy to handle.

What is Live Resin?

Live resins come from cannabis plants that have been frozen after harvest and kept frozen throughout the extraction process. In contrast, most other extracts are made with dried plant material. This process of keeping things frozen preserves, terpenes and produces a much more fragrant and flavorful product. Live resins have a saucy consistency to them, making them easier to handle when dabbing and ideal for vape cartridges.

What is Sauce?

Terp sauce, commonly known as sauce, is an extract with a high concentration of terpenes, the aroma, characteristics and some flavors of cannabis resulting in a runny, syrupy sauce like product. Since primarily derived of terpenes, sauces are usually associated with feelings of relaxation, uplifted moods, having a focused mindset or being stress free. But what if, after all this knowledgeable, bad ass information I just dropped like Jackie Chan dropping foo’s left and right in his uncle’s supermarket

You still don’t get i?!. Well, look at it this way. Badder, dabs, rosin and live resin, no matter what consistency they are. I made mostly from THC and are meant to get you super baked and take you to the moon. sauces, like… sauces are made primarily from terpenes to give you a high. Packed with flavors and aromas. So hopefully I did a good job explaining what concentrates were with all their cool nicknames and what-not

Hopefully now you know the perfect cannabis concentrates product!

Because if I didn’t, I’ll probably most likely get fired. With all that being said. I’m your boy David hitting you up from the Grassdoor headquarters saying, I’ll catch you guys later. Grassdoor… out!

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