Legal Marijuana Delivery Reduces Impaired Driving Says Colorado Gov.

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The increase of weed delivery services in states such as Colorado are reducing dangerous driving

Word is out: legal weed delivery services like are keeping the roads safer. At GRASSDOOR we take pride in delivering cannabis in your city legally, coming to your door so that you don’t have to drive to a dispensary and risk driving impaired.

While speaking at a panel about road safety, Governor Jared Polis explained that, “Colorado has long been a leader in cannabis reform, our new efforts include allowing delivery of marijuana, so we’re moving away from the risk of people driving while impaired by having legal delivery to people’s homes.”

Although delivery services such as deliver Los Angeles cannabis delivery, road safety is a federal issue, especially as more and more states pass legalization laws.

Sound of the Polis: Delivery equals road safety

Speaking at a road safety panel at the National Governors Association’s 2019 Summer Meeting in Utah, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) voiced his concerns about driving under the influence of marijuana and asked what measures were being taken to encourage consumers to not smoke and drive. He highlighted the ambiguity of driving under the influence of cannabis, which is harder to detect than alcohol.

That’s when Governor Polis stepped in to vouch for weed delivery services, such as GRASSDOOR who delivery top quality cannabis in CA, and their impact of keeping drivers safe.

By delivering cannabis products to your door, long gone are the days of driving to your nearest dispensary and risking breaking the law by driving under the influence. GRASSDOOR-style services in Colorado are changing the road safety game, making sure that you can get top quality cannabis flower, vape carts, edibles and concentrates without having to leave your residential address.

“We just passed the enabling legislation around that, beginning with medical marijuana and then moving to full regulated sale of marijuana so people exercise—in our state, it’s a constitutional right to use marijuana in their home—[that right] without the risk of them using it somewhere else and driving,” said Governor Polis. “We’re really looking at a wide variety of tactics to decrease that risk.”

Polis signed a bill in May 2019 that enabled medical cannabis dispensaries to deliver cannabis products to their patients from January 2020, and adult-use (meaning recreational) stores to delivery weed to their customers by January 2021.

Although delivery is yet to be studied in depth as a new addition to marijuana legalization in states such as Colorado, Reason Foundation’s Spence Purnell wrote “as many states have banned the use of marijuana in public, delivery may encourage more consumers to consume in the safety of their homes without ever having to leave.”

The foundation further explained that “there is little theoretical reasoning as to why delivery would increase the rate of impaired driving”, adding that it is “at least equally as plausible that delivery will keep already impaired individuals from driving to purchase more product.”

GRASSDOOR weed delivery in California

Remember the old days? I know you’re probably trying to forget them, but let’s cast our minds back a few years. When you wanted to get weed, you’d either have to lug your lazy limbs off the couch, away from the comfort of your home and into a car and somehow make it to a dingy dispensary to wait in line for some overpriced nugs that you’d have to pay in cash for.

So much has changed since then, as providers of cannabis delivery in CA like us still smile about. Now, with an average delivery time in July 2019 of only 29 minutes, you can browse our carefully curated menu and source top quality cannabis products that you actually want.

Look out for amazing discounts at checkout before you sit back and relax at your residential address (sorry, no deliveries to work), and wait on our mobile budtenders, otherwise known as our expert drivers, who show up and remain in their vehicles for you to meet them outside where they’ll swiftly take your credit card or exact cash payment and hand you your much-coveted cannabis order. Never having to drive, we get to you in record time and only stock the freshest products.

What we have online on our intuitive menu is what’s hot right now and unlike many dispensary and lesser providers of weed delivery in CA, we’re never trying to get rid of products or flower that is below our impeccable standards. Our expert budtenders have gone out into the wild and sourced our GRASSDOOR cannabis inventory themselves, keeping up with the state-wide happenings and maintain our relationship with California’s top weed farmers.

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New to GRASSDOOR? We deliver quality weed in a safe and fast way, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is an expert in cannabis.

If you’re planning your next pool party, day at the beach or binge-watching session at home, we’d love to help you choose the right products for you! Just send us an email or call us at and (818) 647-9322. We’d be happy to answer your questions.


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