Museum of Weed Now Open in Los Angeles, California

Educating visitors on the legacy of marijuana, the project hopes to increase understanding and destigmatize cannabis.

We all know here in California that it’s, potentially, the golden era of Cannabis. It’s never been easy to enjoy weed medicinally or recreationally and providers like even deliver cannabis in your city. So much has changed and there’s a lot still to come, so amidst all the commotion, our partners over at Weedmaps have launched an impressive initiative to set the record straight, past, present and future: the Museum of Weed.

LA’s marijuana time machine

Opening its doors in Los Angeles later this summer, the Museum of Weed will take guests on a walk through time, from ‘Reefer Madness’ to ‘War on Drugs’ to where we are today. Seven rooms will encapsulate the different eras that have defined the cannabis journey. As we watch state after state, nation after nation begin the process of legalizing cannabis use, the battle isn’t over.

CEO of the project Chris Beals explains, “we’re at this point now where there is some cannabis normalization where they’re already starting to forget that there have been people who have been in jail.”

Opening its doors August 3 through September 29 at 720 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, the Museum of Weed is sure to be a hit whether you’re new to marijuana or are a certified cannabis connoisseur.

Interactive plant lab

One of the exhibition’s main points of focus is the interactive plant lab where visitors can learn all about the intricate details of the marijuana plant, how strains differ, and what factors influence healthy cannabis plant growth.

While the room will be interactive in a digital sense, we are told that guests won’t be able to purchase marijuana on sit. That said, will be happy to deliver to your door should you be curious after the exhibition!

Museum’s Key collaborators

With the help of Virtue, the creative agency born out of VICE Media, it seems likely the museum, while only being a pop-up, will be an iconic addition to LA’s growing cultural landscape.

“California has a rich history in cannabis, and as the first state to legalize its medicinal use,” explains Beals, “we felt that it was the perfect location to educate people on its history and celebrate its exciting future.”

Explaining to Civilized, Beals notes “it was very important to us to work with an agency who not only offers creative and experiential expertise, but more importantly, who shares our passion for cannabis education and advocacy and understands the broader social context around legalization” he said. “Weedmaps will be providing the vision, exhibit content, and knowledge of the industry, Virtue will be supporting us in making the storytelling shine.”

Unlike existing marijuana education facilities such as the Las Vegas Cannabition Museum, the Museum of Weeds stands unique as a place that hopes to change the future of marijuana by taking an activist stance, encouraging visitors to questions their right to enjoy, as just one example close to home, top shelf cannabis delivery in California!

“While we of course expect and look forward to having members and supporters of the cannabis community enjoy the museum, we also hope to bring in newcomers to cannabis that may not have as strong of an understanding on the history, industry and plant itself,” Beals told reporters. “Our goal is to really bring the narrative and ability to discuss cannabis openly.”

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