Must-Have Concentrates and Vapes to Pick Up Now

Cannabis concentrates are delicious and on par with drinking wine because of the flavor depth that extracts produce. At the same time, the potency of these products is comparable to whiskey or mezcal because of how high the THC percentage is. So, you’re really getting the best bang for your buck with concentrates.

You don’t even have to own a dab rig to enjoy these products, either! Today, dozens of extract oils come in vape cartridges. There are ultra-potent vapes, too. Whether you decide to go with a traditional cannabis vape or you buy one filled with concentrate oil, both make dabbing on-the-go easy and convenient. 

Here’s our list of dank concentrates and vapes to pick up now and get your stash restocked.

Raw Garden Vapes and Concentrates

You really can’t go wrong with Raw Garden. This brand not only produces some of the highest quality extracts on the market, but offers an array of products to fit everyone’s needs. They have live resin cartridges, disposable vapes, crumble, diamonds, Pax pods and more. Raw Garden’s Watermelon Margarita indica live resin vape cartridge is light enough to still function during the day, but chill enough to curb anxiety. Their Surf Beast crushed diamonds are ideal for a day out bouncing from party to party.

Check out Raw Garden’s products here.

stiiizy pen

Stiiizy Pods and Concentrates

Another long-standing brand, Stiiizy has been around the block when it comes to producing cannabis oil. Between curated live resin, live resin pods, and pods filled with cannabis oil and various terpenes, Stiiizy offers an array of highs. Our favorite pod is Premium Jack because it keeps us clear-headed and energized to accomplish all the day’s tasks. The best thing about Siiizy’s products is that they are designed for functionality — and to get you stoned as hell.

Check out Stiiizy’s products here.

Jetty Extracts Live Resin and Infused Pre-Rolls

You really can’t go wrong with a Jetty product. Each one has its own unique style and flavor, yielding its own galactic experience. Their vape carts have been on the market in California since legalization was signed into law. They were good then, but now Jetty offers jars of extracts, live resin vape carts, and infused pre-rolls! The evolution is incredible because now there’s more than one way to enjoy and vibe the Jetty way. We suggest their Dogtown OG + Sky OG resin-infused 5-pack of pre-rolls if you’re looking for something to vibe out to. Their Chem Reserve x Sour Berry resin-infused pre-roll is good, too, if you’re looking to bounce from party to party with high energy. If those don’t align with your taste, there are plenty of products to choose from that will undoubtedly elevate your celebrations.

Check out Jetty Extracts’ products here.

Bloom Brand Vape Cartridges

The thing that puts Bloom Brands in the upper echelon of weed vapes is that each cartridge is made with a solvent-free oil. The oil is also made with between 40-80 terpenes per strain. It’s always flavorful and discreet to use. Sneaking around and getting high (yes, some of us still have to do that!) has never been easier than with Bloom Brand vapes. White Buffalo Surf hybrid vape oil makes big clouds, and it yields a perfect relaxed blend of mellow yet alert type of energy.

Check out Bloom Brand’s products here.

sugar concentrate

Almora Farm Concentrates

If you’re looking for clean, delicious extracts, Almora Farms offer an array of unique extracts that set them apart from other brands on the market. Their Hindu Kush Badder, for instance, is what hash queen dreams are made of. Almora Farm creates extracts on par with drinking wine because of how powerful their flavor profiles are. Taking a dab of their Papaya Sugar concentrate, for instance, tastes like a sweet and spicy fruit-forward daydream. It’s literal heaven.

Check out Almora Farm products here.

Heavy Hitters Extracts and Vapes

Whether you puff on a vape or smoke down a diamond-infused pre-roll, Heavy Hitters is another brand that won’t let you down. Extracted from premium flowers, this brand is an ace at capturing the original strain’s unique terpenes and cannabinoid profiles. Favorites like Sour Diesel ultra-potent oil and GG#4 live sauce always taste like the real thing. Heavy Hitters is an excellent choice if you’re looking for quality support for your next sesh.

Check out Heavy HItters’ products here.

Moxie Extracts and Vape Carts

Whether you go with a jar of live resin sauce, like Lemon Gelato, or decide the Melonwreck vape oil is more your speed, Moxie delivers highs that feel like clouds and wrap you in a blanket of security because their products are clean — and tasty. Plus, Moxie cultivates all of its flower with organic materials and strives at every step to reduce its ecological footprint. As cannabis consumers, we need to be cognizant of the brands tackling climate and environmental issues. The Earth needs our support.

Check out Moxie products here.

Mary Carreon is an award-winning journalist, editor, podcaster, and copywriter from Southern California. She writes about Schedule I drugs, particularly cannabis and psychedelics, and the myriad ways they impact our culture. She also co-hosts a podcast called “Erased,” where she reports on the climate crisis.

You can find Mary’s work in Billboard, DoubleBlind Magazine, MERRY JANE, The LAnd Magazine, Kitchen Toke Magazine, High Times Magazine, MudWtr, OC Weekly, Forbes and more.

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