Must-Have Edibles and Beverages to Pick Up Now

by Mary Carreon
must have edibles

The thing about 420 is you can celebrate it twice a day, every day when the clock strikes 4:20. If you’re reading this blog post (or are browsing Grassdoor’s site in general), then it’s likely you know this. But maybe you’re here because you need some tips on what products to consume — you know, to serve your highest good.

Whether you’re observing our quick-minute holiday at 4:20 or shopping for your next party stash, the fact remains: Grassdoor is at your service to help you find the weed products that will make your world a better place. That’s what the spirit of 420 is all about, after all!

If you’re looking to up your edible game, this list was made for you. (Yes, YOU!) From drinks to sweets to savory snacks, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Cann Infused Beverages

Whether you get a Social Tonic or a pack of Roadies, Cann infused beverages are the definition of effervescent party fizz. The best thing about these infused drinks is that they let you transform any class of sparkling water into an indulgent, refreshing infused beverage. Each drink contains a 1:2 ratio of two milligrams of THC and four milligrams of CBD per pack. These tonics are perfect for any time of day and make the perfect party elixir.

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Plus Gummies

If you’re looking for something to enhance your everyday activities, these edibles are ideal for doing just that. The consumer holds the power with Plus when it comes to how stoned you want to feel, thanks to manageable and consistent dosing. Whether you want to microdose with just one or two infused cubes, or float into the atmosphere with a handful, Plus edibles are made for all-around convenience. Plus is also hand-crafted, gluten-free, low calorie, and kosher, to ensure everyone has access to quality products.

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Mini Tortilla Rounds by TsumoSnacks

One of the few savory edibles on the market, these mini tortilla rounds offer a workable dose of THC in a crunchy, salty snack. Tsumo’s Hint of Lime tortilla chips are a convenient and subtle way to add zest to your day. Tsumo also has a Ranch flavor, too, creating some infused snack variety. 10mgs comes in a bag to help you ease into mellow, but floaty high. No doubt, this product but the munch back in munchies.

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Smokeland Candies

The best thing about Smokeland’s edibles is that they run their ship from farm to bowl. That’s how you know the cannabis used to infuse these hard candies are made by people who care about the end product. These edibles contain precise doses of THC, crafted with top-quality ingredients for a consistent, delectable high.

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Kanha Gummies

These gummies are among the most popular edibles on the market for a reason: They’re reliable, taste good, and get the job done. Whether you get the Nanogummies (fast-acting) or the traditional gummy edibles (which take a little longer to feel), Kanha always starts with high-quality cannabis oils and formulates a safe, reliable product that delivers a consistent, joyous, well-rounded high. They have gluten-free and vegan varieties, too.

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macarons must have edibles

Hervé Infused Macarons

These luxury French-style edibles will teleport you to the Eiffel tower, where decadent food is the prominent love language. Hervé, then, is a facilitator of love. Their edible collection blends French culinary traditions with innovative infusion processes. These edibles have 10mg of THC each and are made by hand using some of the world’s finest vegan and gluten-free ingredients.

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Wyld Gummies

Wyld gummies are designed to immerse you in your surroundings. That’s why they offer an experience for every level of ambition and adventure. Created by a team of food scientists, these bold gummies are made with natural fruit and botanically sourced terpenes. Wyld’s gummies are perfect for high-focus tasks, winding down before bed, and every adventure in between. If you’re looking for something tasty and chíc that yields a light, euphoric high, this is it.

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wunder beverages edibles

Wunder Infused Beverages

Whether you indulge in Wunder’s “Sessions” or “Higher Vibes” line, you’ll be introduced to a world of sweet highs that makes you feel like you’re a feather floating along a spring breeze. Another great product to swap out with alcohol, this infused drink is ideal for sipping in social settings. This elixir truly raises the bar higher for what we should expect from cannabis beverages.

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Mary Carreon is an award-winning journalist, editor, podcaster, and copywriter from Southern California. She writes about Schedule I drugs, particularly cannabis and psychedelics, and the myriad ways they impact our culture. She also co-hosts a podcast called “Erased,” where she reports on the climate crisis.

You can find Mary’s work in Billboard, DoubleBlind Magazine, MERRY JANE, The LAnd Magazine, Kitchen Toke Magazine, High Times Magazine, MudWtr, OC Weekly, Forbes and more.

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