Nature vs. Nurture? A Guide to Our Sun-Grown and Mixed Light Flower

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Indulging in unlimited California sunshine and carefully grown in mixed light conditions, here’s a look at our top outdoor and greenhouse-grown strains.

When it comes to getting top shelf cannabis delivery in LA, no one delivers faster, safer and better quality weed than Our intuitive menu shows only what we have in stock, the freshest nugs on the market that our budtenders loving source and add to our curated marijuana menu.

We’re fans of all different approaches to growing. While indoor marijuana has been cared for by hand, other sturdy strains thrive outdoors or in mixed light conditions where they are carefully cultivated and receive the goodness of a variety of light forms both natural and man-made.

Each strain is unique in the world of marijuana. Here’s a breakdown of what we have on our menu here at GRASSDOOR.

Sun-Grown and Mixed Light Hybrids on

Tahoe OG: Lovingly sun-grown by Humboldt Cure Farms, this Tahoe OG flower has a high THC content and an earthy, lemon-zest taste. Providing a heavy body sensation, Tahoe OG packs a punch against insomnia, pain and lack of appetite.

Blue Cookies: Grown in an organic greenhouse in Northern California, Blue Cookies is the love child of Girls Scout Cookies and Blueberry. With over 23% cannabinoid content, Blue Cookies delivers a euphoric head high before relaxing the entire body.

Samoa: Ideal for a day at the beach, Samoa is an evenly balanced hybrid, intelligently mixed-light grown that was derived from parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Floral and fruity aromas deliver a sweet and perfumed taste.

Do Si Dos: This indica-dominant hybrid, the offspring of Girls Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, is a high-potency strain best consumed wisely. A rollercoaster ride of deep relaxation that’s carefully grown in mixed-light conditions, Do Si Dos is pungent and earthy with hunts of sweet floral notes.

Indica flower blessed by sunlight and grown in mixed light conditions

Garlic Breath: Packed with more than 24% THC, Garlic Breath lives up to its name in knockout potency, but don’t worry, it’s not garlic flavored! This cuddle up on the couch cannabis flower is a great anxiety buster and sleep aid, grown under lovingly mixed-light conditions.

Paris OG – Sun-Grown Half Ounce: A calming indica-dominant strain that’s perfect for relaxation, award-winning Paris OG is grown under the sun here in California. Winner of the 2014 Michigan High Times’ Cannabis Cup, Paris OG is a top choice for users looking to gently explore a restful indica experience at great value!

Sun-Grown and Mixed Light Sativa Strains

Super Silver Hash Blue Dream – Sun-Grown Half Ounce: Blue Dream is a fruity sativa strain that encourages creativity, euphoria and renewed energy. A cross between Haze and Blueberry, Blue Dream works effectively in sauce concentrates, making it a dream vape strain with a high THC level.

Tangie – Sun-Grown Half Ounce: High THC and infusing your day with euphoria, Tangie is a potent strain best consumed wisely. Paying tribute to popular 90s strain Tangerine Dream, Tangie is a cross between California Orange and Skunk with a sweet, tangerine-like aroma. Sun-grown in nature, Tangie is the go-to choice for the high-grade cannabis connoisseur looking for a discounted high!

Don’t see the strain you want? We only list the freshest cannabis flower we can find, so if you don’t see one of these sun-grown or mixed light strains on our menu today, it’s only because we’re waiting for the freshest crop. Our intuitive menu updates itself based on what our budtenders have in stock, so you’ll always get the weed delivery in LA you wanted, not the remnants of what supplies like dispensaries want to get rid of.

New to GRASSDOOR? We deliver quality weed in a safe and fast way, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is an expert in cannabis. Do you have questions about our menu?  We’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email or call us at and +1 310 749 9135. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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