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A guide to our curated menu of pre-roll joints, ready for consumption!

Life made easy is what we’re all about here at Not only do we make life easier by providing top shelf and exotic cannabis delivery in LA, but we’ re happy to announce some new additions to our pre-roll selection!

Hosting a variety of strains, origins and brands on our pre-roll menu, we’ve partnered with California’s best farms and growers to provide you with LA weed delivery that now includes pre-rolls.

What’s new? Additions to our pre-roll menu!

There’s nothing like new things. A fresh pair of shoes right out of the box, perfectly ripe watermelon on the beach, or, you guessed it, fresh quality marijuana ready to smoke!

Pre-rolls save you the hassle of having to roll yourself. While some people get a kick out of the mindful practice of rolling a joint, we know what it’s like when you can’t find the grinder and just crave a gentle puff before bedtime without having to life a finger.

Place your order on and within our average delivery time of 29 minutes, expect a notification that your GRASSDOOR delivery in outside waiting for you.

Killah Priest OG by Cherry Cola Farms: With lineage from Sour OG and Purple Urkle, Killah Priest OG is a sedating, relaxing and stress-relieving strain that has an earthy, citrus-like taste, expertly rolled by Cherry Cola Farms.

Kuzzo Fly by Cherry Cola Farms: A cross between Sour OG Cookies and Original Thin Mint, Kuzzo Fly is now available in a pre-roll by Cheery Cola Farms. A relaxing and mood-lifting strain, Kuzzo Fly has a taste of sweet, earthy cookies with a slight sour hint.

5 Pre-Rolls Larry Bird by Connected Cannabis Company: A pack of 5 pre-rolls (3.5 grams) of top shelf hybrid Larry Bird flower with lineage from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, rolled perfectly by Connected Cannabis Company. Uplifting and heady, expect indica-flavour with sativa-leaning effects.

3 OG Kush Mini Fuzzies by Sublime: Infused joints made with top shelf flower mixed with extract and rolled in oil and kief, each pack of Mini Fuzzies contains three joints totaling 2.4g of flower and concentrate. High-impact, these little guys pack a serious punch and can travel with you anywhere… as long as it’s legal!

Pre-Rolls you might find on our menu today!

We get it! You’d had a long day, week, month, or year, as the intro to Friends goes and you want your weed pre-rolled and ready to smoke.

Our expert budtenders go out into the wilds of California every season to suss out where the best weed is being grown. Keeping only the freshest products on our menu, look out for what we have in stock today from this selection of exquisite pre-roll joints filled with only the best flower on offer.

Strawberry Cough Sativa: Packed with 2g of Strawberry Cough flower, this pre-rolled blunt rolled by the famed Cali Blunts Team is perfect for socializing, relaxing you into a state of outgoing ease. Relieving stress with a sweet, berry-like taste, Strawberry Cough is a ready to go option full of top shelf flower that’s ready to smoke. Oh, and a crafty wood tip adds a touch of elegance to the experience.

Gelato Hybrid: Made up of 2g of Gelato Hybrid flower, this pre-rolled blunt rolled by the famed Cali Blunts Team is perfect for invigorating your energy and relaxing your body into a state of rest that keeps the mind focussed with a sweet taste to add to the pleasure. Oh, and a crafty wood tip adds a touch of elegance to the experience.

Diamond OG Indica: Filled with 2g of Diamond OG Indica flower, this pre-rolled blunt rolled by the famed Cali Blunts Team is perfect for helping you to melt into the rest you’ve been craving with a fast-acting body high that’s great for after work. A citrus-pine taste and a crafty wood tip adds a touch of elegance to the experience.

Skywalker Indica: Loving rolled with Skywalker Indica flower, ready to smoke, Skywalker is your weapon against the Dark Side, drifting you off into a gentle restfulness and easing pain. Made with only the best flower, this pre-roll is a great choice if you’re new to cannabis and looking for a one way ticket to delightful repose.

White Buffalo Sativa: Packed with White Buffalo Sativa flower, ready to smoke, White Buffalo brings on euphoria and a heady high that’s excellent for entering the creative flow and maintaining focus. Made with only the best flower, this pre-roll is certain to uplift and revive you. Great for staying social!

Nightmare Cookies Hybrid: Stuffed with Nightmare Cookies Hybrid flower, ready to smoke, Nightmare Cookies encourages appetite, helps your body enter a state of rest and is a powerful sleep aid. Made with only the best flower, this pre-roll is sure to drift you off to sleepy town, nightmares not included!

Sugar Cookies Indica: Filled with Sugar Cookies flower, ready to smoke, Sugar Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a full-body high. A wise choice for a nightcap, you’ll be sure to float into a state of sleepiness. Made with only the best flower, this pre-roll is your answer to the night of deep rest that you’ve been waiting for.

5 Pre Rolls Alien Labs Sherbacio: Expertly rolled with Sherbacio flower, a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Gelato 41, this pack of 5 pre-roll Sherbacio blunts are your ticket to a full body high with mood elevating effects. Lovingly rolled and packaged together, this steady stream of top shelf Sherbacio is ready to improve even the worst of moods!

Welcome to! Here’s how it works!

New to GRASSDOOR? You found us! Weed delivery in Los Angeles has never been easier. Here at GRASSDOOR we offer a safe and fast way to get top quality cannabis to your door, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is a cannabis expert ready to answer any questions you have. On arrival, our driver will take your payment by exact cash or credit card and hand you whatever you chose from our curated online menu.

In record time, we get to most parts of LA within thirty minutes! And unlike dispensaries, who sell you overpriced cannabis products, or lesser LA weed delivery, we’re extremely focused on the quality of our products and our drivers. Waiting for weed should be a worry-free experience, so we only hire mobile budtenders who’ll get the job done quickly, safely and reliably.

Delivering to a residential address, our drivers wait for you outside in their vehicle and you’ll get a text when they’re outside. Saving you from having to get in your car and venture out into the wild, GRASSDOOR gets you cannabis delivery in LA fast! Have a question about how we work? Want to know something about our products?  Feel free to send us an email or call us at and +1 310 749 9135. We’d be delighted to hear from

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