Product Spotlight: Cannabis Co Crumble Gushers

by Zane Foley
Connected cannabis concentrate

As your number one delivery service in Los Angeles, GrassDoor features the very best cannabis products on the market. Every time we enlist a new product we are particularly excited about, we do our best to feature them here on our blog so you can learn more about what you enjoy. This week, we are thrilled to spotlight the Gushers Crumble Concentrate from Connected Cannabis Co, a legendary concentrate of epic THC proportions and a heritage akin to OG Kush. 

What are THC Concentrates?

Concentrates go by many names: wax, honey oil, budder, butane hash oil, shatter, dabs, black glass and a list of monikers that all attest to the dankness of form and effect. No matter the name, the result remains the same: extraordinarily high THC content ranging anywhere from 40-80 percent. 

The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content is that of up to four times the normal amount of even top-shelf grade marijuana, that typically brings in percentages ranging in the 20s. The process of concentrating marijuana is a process of isolating the most desirable compounds, primarily cannabinoids and terpenes, while removing any excess plant materials or impurities. The effectiveness of this process created a whole new method of consuming cannabis; from oils you can dip your joints, pre-rolls and blunts into, to concentrated vape pens and grams of concentrate that require special dab rigs and torches. All these properties of concentrates is what qualifies this method for veteran THC consumers. The casual smoker can often be overwhelmed and just like any form of consuming cannabis; knowing your dosage makes all the difference. As we inform you of this concentrate and spotlight its amazing properties, we also want you to come away with this article that, ‘dabbing’ requires a certain qualification and preparation. Some of the properties of concentrates include their rapid onset time and absorption into your body, almost immediate. Their effects lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the person.

Connected Cannabis Co’s Crumble Gushers

For the Connected Cannabis Co, Gushers, its a form of crumble. Crumble is typically considered a brittle version of budder or ‘badder.’ As suggested by its name, it has a crumbly, honeycomb-like consistency. Additionally, instead of having a glossy texture, crumble has a more matted shade of yellow. Crumble is essentially ‘shatter,’ which has been whipped, like badder and budder, but then purged through a vacuum oven at low temperatures to dry the concentrate and boost its cannabinoid and terpene content.The most common way of consuming a crumble concentrate is through a dab rig, a special bong with a bowl piece that requires a torch to produce the smoke. Another popular method of consuming this concentrate is sprinkling or topping your bowl off with crumble. 

Our very own cannabis connoisseurs describe the Gushers Crumble on our menu: “Fresh fruits hang low and lush from pleasant pine scents for a delicious draw of creamy cookies dipped in caramel. Budder your brain for a level of concentrated focus for the night time grind.” 

The high has often been described as a strong, edgy and alert fade, that pumps your brain with a tingly sensation. Rocket-fuel, diesel gas, keep you locked and loaded and ready to explore whatever your imagination brings to the surface. With its mix of legendary OG Kush and Gelato 41., the Gushers Crumble concentrate is known for its gelato like taste. Mixing flavors of creamy cookies and caramel, some batches have even been known to have a coffee-like taste. The aroma is potent and intense, just like its effects. It’s color is similar to pancake batter or birthday cake. Buttery, delicious and effective, Gushers Crumble is as every bit as amazing as it sounds. And we have it for you right here in Los Angeles ready to order with just a few finger dabs or click of a mouse. 

On our GrassDoor menu under our concentrates section, the Connected Cannabis Co Gushers Crumble retails for $35 per 1 gram with a whopping THC content of 70%. That’s more than double the THC concentrate of some of our top shelf flower. That being said, you will need a dab rig and a torch to enjoy and you should only participate in the cannabis dosage you know you can handle. That being said, if you are up to the THC content, we recommend Gushers Crumble for your next concentrate adventure. Are you a writer? Love playing video games to end the night? Or maybe you are a concentrate enthusiast with a love for trying new form? Either way, your first step into a larger world begins here.

Our friendly, safe, reliable delivery service can have this crumble concentrate delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the tasty goodness that is Gusher Crumble

Connected Cannabis Co Crumble Gushers

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