Product Spotlight: Elefante Vegan Gummies

by Zane Foley

One of the most rewarding aspects of servicing the cannabis industry is being able to share with you the amazing companies impacting the community with affordable, healthy and eco-positive products. The type of products that push the envelope on what’s possible and continue to verge where medicine meets marijuana. 

Our latest Product Spotlight is exactly that. We’re stoked to bring you an in-depth look at the Elefante Vegan Gummies, readily available on our menu with guaranteed delivery in 30 mins or less. 

Elefante is a vegan THC Gummy Company based out of San Francisco. Simply put, Elefante’s passion is rooted in creating holistic, delicious and effective treats to enrich your life. With several products all derived from natural ingredients and proven to deliver substantial health benefits. Just a few fingers dabs or clicks of a mouse and you can have these vegan edibles delivered right to your door. 

Elefante Edible Gummies are dedicated to a philosophy of health, providing organic, non-GMO, gelatin and gluten-free vegan edibles, all lovingly homemade in San Francisco. Their enduring quest for a healthy, organic and vegan edible was initially fueled by their reluctance to use corn syrup in their products. Instead, Elefante discovered they could use prebiotic fiber-tapioca-syrup in its place. Furthermore, Elefante understands how the organic community finds food coloring methods as rather undesirable. So they went ahead and answered the preference with food coloring naturally derived from real foods, such as beets and turmeric. The philosophy is simple: you are what you eat. Eating positively is not only good for the body, but good for the mind and soul. Any cannabis enthusiast understands this maxim. And companies like Elefante have made it their promise to their consumers to continue to deliver the highest quality cannabis edible that fits your organic lifestyle. 

Elefante developed three main flavors for their Vegan Gummie edibles: Orange, Watermelon and Pineapple Strawberry. Their first flavor, Orange was hand selected from an orange peel oil known to lift moods by acting as a natural antidepressant. Their next flavor, watermelon is made with beet powder acting as a natural vasodilator, proven to increase blood and oxygen level to your brain and muscles. Their pineapple strawberry is made with turmeric, which for centuries has been revered to treat inflammation, as well as provide a myriad of medical benefits. No matter if you’re craving a flavor or need a little extra medical benefit, Elfante Vegan Edibles provide you with everything you want in a healthy, top-shelf vegan edible. 

At 10 pieces at 100 mg of potent THC Content, these gummies burst with supreme tastiness and effect. As always with edibles, it’s all about knowing your dosage. But with each piece being 10 mg, you are in control of your desired effect. Perfect for enjoying a day at the beach, or a night with your closest friends, these palpable gummies are a great fit for any occasion. Elefante prides themselves on creating a THC product, you’ll be happy to share with friends and family. They have a true desire to impact people’s lives and society as a whole. As more and more cannabis companies continue to move the needle to a more holistic, organic approach to production; something rooted in cannabis’ very nature. 

Elefante continues to prove, that just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it’s going to lack taste. Vegans and vegetarians alike have complained how gummies are something they miss very much. Gelatin and other animal products are snuck into gummies without consumer really knowing. Originally, this is what led to the creation of Elefante Gummies, writes co-founder Julie Tran.

“Working with the highest quality organic ingredients, I wanted to create the perfect plant-based alternative to traditional gummies, eliminating the bitter cannabis aftertaste, adding a boost of Vitamin C, replacing the corn syrup with prebiotic fiber tapioca syrup, and trading out all chemical colorants for plant-based ones. The result was a juicy, mouth-watering soft chew with true fruit flavor and no gelatin, something I felt good about sharing with my friends and family.” 

If all this fantastic information isn’t convincing enough, Elefante gets its name from, you guessed it: Elephants.

“We take a lot of inspiration from elephants,” writes Tran. “They’re intelligent, they’re trustworthy, and, as the largest land mammals, they form the environment around them. We strive to be the elephant in the industry, to raise the standards of what people expect out of a cannabis brand, and to have a positive, resonant impact on the world.”

Head over to our GrassDoor menu and check out our selection of Elefante Vegan Gummies. Retailing at $19, as your number one delivery service in Los Angeles, we at GrassDoor can have these delicious organic, vegan edibles delivered right to your door. We all make compromises in our lives, but with cannabis companies like Elefante and delivery services like GrassDoor, cannabis never has to be one of them. 

by Zane Foley

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