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Good news! now stocks CBD products. We’ve partnered with Select, the premiere brand for vape pens and cartridges and now, in addition to listing Select Vape Cartridges, we are proud to stock Select CBD Vape Pens.

We always try and stock the best products in the industry at GRASSDOOR so that weed delivered to your city doesn’t just arrive quickly and safely, but that it arrives made up of incredible products that you truly want. Select was a no brainer when we came to deciding which CBD vapes to add to our intuitive menu.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a compound derived from cannabis. Unlike THC, which gets you high, CBD leaves you feeling relaxed and calm but without being psychoactive. This is why people even give it to their pets. Cannabis is formed of both CBD and THC, so while you’ll miss out on the euphoria of marijuana, you’ll absorb the benefits of a calming sensation that won’t impact your ability to function exactly as normal. Though CBD works in subtle ways, users are quick to testify that is helps with anxiety, suggesting to the brain that fight or flight responses are unnecessary, allowing you the sensation of calm and tranquillity. Try adding a Select CBD Vape Pen to your next cannabis delivery in California on GRASSDOOR to try it out for yourself.

Why do we carry Select CBD?

Of all the products on the market, we chose Select CBD Vape Pens because they infuse their CBD with delicious essential oils which give added health benefits (more on that later). Select is also known for its technology. Maintaining the highest standard in oil, Select uses only the best extractions which, once in the cartridges, interacts with the ceramic core technology that evenly distributes heat to the oil. What this means is that each puff on the vape gives you a generous, full cloud that is far superior from other brands trying to offer the same effect.

Each three-second puff on a Select vape is 1.5-2mg of dosage. This allows you to carefully microdose, meaning intake a small dosage. While CBD won’t leave you feeling woozy, this technology is particularly useful when vaping with Select products that contain THC, making sure you’re never consuming more than you need to. This winning combo of hemp-derived CBD extract, natural essences in the form of healing essential oils and fractionated coconut oil (know ac MCT) makes for a delicious vape packed full of ingredients that aim to take the edge off life and make things just a little bit lighter, without the high.

Infused with essential oils: What do they do?

At GRASSDOOR, we’ve added Select Vape Pens to our marijuana delivery service in California because we love not just their technology, price point and design, but also their taste. Select infuses the CBD oil with essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint and grapefruit.

Essential oils don’t just add delicious flavor to your vape experience, they also enforce further relaxation. Each oil flavor combined with CBD by Select has been done so to help you either relax, focus or revive yourself.

Let’s take a look at each of the three vape pens we’ve added to our cannabis delivery in LA:

Select CBD Vape Pens: Relax Lavender (250mg)

Highly refined essential oil is added to CBD oil which lives within the Select CBD Vape Pens. Lavender essential oil is associated with relaxation. Over thousands of years and cultures worldwide, lavender has been used in relaxation and healing methodologies.

Studies confirm that lavender promotes calming, soothing and sedative effects on parts of your body such as the nervous system, when inhaled. Work getting the best of you? Try adding the Relax Lavender pen to your next cannabis order on GRASSDOOR and let us know how it works for you?

Select CBD Vape Pens: Focus Peppermint (250mg)

We all know what it’s like living in a culture where there’s so much happening and even more still to do. That’s where Select CBD Vape Pens come in to help you tackle the unique concern or problem area you’re falling victim to.

Peppermint is associated with mental clarity, clearing the sinuses and allowing more oxygen to enter the brain. This is the golden ticket to enhancing your ability to focus while also reducing anxiety. No more spacing out!

Select CBD, using state-of-the-art technology that makes sure heat hits the oil in all the right places, gives you the calming properties of CBD with the “wake up and smell the roses” benefits of clarifying, cooling peppermint. Next time you’re up against a deadline, or want to clean the house without falling into a TV binge, try Focus Peppermint to give you an extra boost! In record time, GRASSDOOR connects your order with a driver who knows that cannabis delivery in LA should be fast, safe and reliable.

Select CBD Vape Pens: Revive Grapefruit (250mg)

When it’s been an impossible day, week, month or… year (if it’s been a decade perhaps try some of our THC products such as top flower, edibles or concentrates), the Revive Grapefruit Select CBD Vape Pen is ready to pick you back up and restore you to your former glory.

Grapefruit essential oil and CBD combine to give you a calming sensation while lavishing you with the benefits of grapefruit, known in ancient healing circles for its stress reduction benefits, its help with circulation, gives you an extra burst of energy and aids the digestive system. Combines with top hemp-derived CBD oil in the Select Vape, you’re guaranteed a calming revival (not an oxymoron!)

Ready to take the leap?

One of our greatest joys here at GRASSDOOR is watching the culture shift from condemning cannabis-based products to accepting their remarkable healing benefits. Try adding a Select CBD vape to your next order and report back on what you discover.

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