Spotting Fake Cannabis Delivery Companies

by David Gonzalez
Spotting Fake Cannabis Delivery Companies
Curious if you cannabis delivery company is legit? Host David shows us how you can spot fake cannabis delivery companies.
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Cannabis delivery is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that consumers are getting their favorite products. With so many retail options at your disposal, how does one discern the difference from a legal cannabis operation and an illegal one. Host David walks us through some of the key indicators common of a non-legal cannabis retailers, so that you can feel more confident that you are making a legal purchase from licensed vendor. Buying from a legal cannabis vendor ensures that your cannabis is clean and tested, which is arguably the most important factor when ingesting cannabis products. Hang out with us for the next four minutes and twenty seconds to find out how you can easily spot fake cannabis delivery companies.

Cannabis Delivery is Quickly Rising in Popularity

California has permitted the use of medical cannabis for its residents since 1996. In 2016, state voters approved the A.U.M act (adult use of marijuana) for recreational use. Ever since, there has been a smorgasbord of all things cannabis to hit the market. And with that came the latest trend among users in California, Cannabis delivery. In almost every city in California, you’ll find some kind of cannabis shop whether legit or not.

Spotting Fake Cannabis Delivery

From the most popular to the not so popular, you’ll find them all here in California. And with their respective delivery systems. And if they don’t have one, they’re making one. Cannabis deliveries are popping up here, left and right. Seriously! Not all cannabis deliveries are created equal and users have reported that some of them have been straight up frauds and scams.

Fake Cannabis Delivery Websites

You need to return that money back to me right now. They built some kind of sketchy website, If they even go that far to create one, or hand you this dinky business card with a generic email or a number and tell you that they can deliver the dankiest of the dankiest sticky right to your doorstep. You naively trust this donut with your money. Sure, they deliver, but they delivered Empty dreams and promises…. Just like my ex-girlfriend. Remember Lula, at eight, Dave and Buster’s Friday night?! Give me back my charger! With so many delivery system being created almost every day, how can you tell the differences between the legit ones and protect yourself from being bamboozled? These simple tips will indeed save you from sketchy dope peddlers.

Search Google for reputable Cannabis Delivery

A simple Google search. We live in a very tech driven world, and with that comes a vast amount of information about almost anything online. If you can look up something simple like what kind of oil your car needs to, what was the name of your 43 times removed uncle from 1978? You can find information about the cannabis company you’re considering buying from.

Find out more about the service

If the cannabis company in question has a bunch of stuff like their locations, when they started, who you can contact, reviews and basic information we see daily, In that case, you’re pretty much in good hands. If a cannabis company doesn’t have at least that, in that case, look somewhere else. Offers too good to be true. Many cannabis companies have daily, weekly or monthly offers you can take advantage of if you catch them on time. Offers too good to be true generally make it easier to spot fake cannabis delivery companies.

Offers too good to be true

However, if the sales or offers sound too good to be true, you might run into a scam. You have to remember that a business is still a business, even though they try extremely hard to keep their customers happy. They still need to make money. They can’t be giving you ridiculous offers because then that business loses money. But if you’re seeing a company offering you way too much like buy an ounce, get a free eighth, lighter, some edibles, rolling papers and free delivery….

Cannabis product quality is important

You might want to double check who they are before handing your hard earned money over. The worst feeling in the world is spending money on something you thought would be super epic just to be let down. LULA! Product quality. Buying from a reputable supplier is one of the best ways to ensure quality. Think about the individuals using medical cannabis.

They want to know that high quality products are being delivered just in case they are not the day to day user. The incredible use of medical cannabis has paved the way for legalization in some states. Researchers and doctors have learned that medical cannabis can help treat an array of conditions and even stop the growth of certain cancers. As a consumer, you can check online reviews to verify the quality and get recommendations from their staff.

Lab tested Cannabis is important

Some companies will even provide you with lab tests if requested. One tip from us is to follow your nose. Once your product arrives, open it up and take a big whiff. Got your nose! The stronger the odor typically, the better it is. You can also check the quality of your product through online information reviews from others, or simply looking at it and trying it yourself.

Do research on cannabis delivery companies

Even without much cannabis experience, you can distinguish between a good product and some BUNK stuff. So in a nutshell, it’s better to take ten or 15 minutes from your day and do a thorough investigation of the company you’re considering ordering from then spend a certain amount of money and give it to some dude named Victor who’s going to run off with your stuff. Be more pragmatic in you quest so in the future you can be better at spotting fake cannabis delivery companies.

In Conclusion

You already spent 2 hours looking at cat videos, so what’s another 10 minutes? You should be a pro spotting fake cannabis delivery companies. Like always, with all that being said, I hope you enjoyed today’s segment, I’m your boy, David, hitting you up from the Grassdoor headquarters saying, I’ll catch you guys later. Grassdoor…out!

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