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At, we make sure that everything you see on our menu is a product or flower that we’ve tried and tested. Once we’re sure that each product has passed our super strict standards, we add it to our intuitive menu so that it’s ready for your next cannabis delivered in your city. Not only that, we only add products that we love, which is why today we wanted to tell you a little bit about Stiiizy Pods and why they’re some of the best vape pens on the marijuana market.

Why Stiiizy vape pens belong in your next cannabis order

When it came to reviewing vape pods, Stiiizy stood out for how discreet, effective and delicious its pods and vapes are. Just connect your pod to a Stiizy battery and away you go. Stiiizy comes in a sleek and durable design that not only looks good, but functions at high capacity too. Stiiizy vape pods, when connected to the battery, burn their premium oil at a level temperature, which means each draw is consistent.

What are the Best Stiiizy Pod Flavors? offers Stiiizy pods for sale in a variety of flavors, and we think our selection are some of the best.

How Much is a Stiiizy Pod?

Our Stiizy pods price is $35 and disposables are currently $44. A Stiiizy battery price is $20.

Looking to try vaping? Are you a seasoned weed vaper looking to try a new brand? Here’s a breakdown of the flavors we’re proud to offer on

Blue Dream: Sativa

If you’re looking for a boost, we love Stiiizy Blue Dream cartridges, the perfect strain for concentrates thanks to its high THC-filled resin content. Sativa, and in particular the Blue Dream strain, provides a creative, energizing and euphoric effect that’ll leave you in the best of moods and raring to go.

Do Si Dos: Hybrid

A hybrid, which means it is made up of both indica and sativa, we recommend the Do Si Dos Stiiizy Pod for your next cannabis delivery in LA if you’re after a buzz that leaves you with a gentle body high, allowing for deep relaxation that goes beyond just the mind. Not distinct from popular strains such as Girls Scout Cookies, Do Si Dos is the way to go if you’re down to melt into the couch, kick back with friends or read bedtime stories with your pet.

Skywalker OG: Indica

Looking for relaxation, a happy feeling, restfulness and sleep assistance? If the answer is yes, then Skywalker OG is the strain for you. Now that we deliver Skywalker OG in reliable Stiiizy Pods, you can get high without the hassle in a way that’s efficient and discreet. Don’t want to smoke the whole house out? Stiiizy provides a solid vape cloud that quickly disperses once you exhale.

Rainbow Kush OG: Indica

At GRASSDOOR, we know that there’s also a time for weed, but no time is a cannabis delivery in Los Angeles most essential than after a heavy day of hustling. Stress-relieving Rainbow Kush OG is a sure-fire was of distressing, now distilled into a beautifully designed Stiiizy Pod for your vaping pleasure. Rainbow Kush is slightly candy-flavored and gives a feeling of euphoria, just what you need if you’re feeling stressed or depressed.

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First time using GRASSDOOR? We pride ourselves on being quick, reliable and safe, so that getting great weed delivered is worry-free. If you’re a first time customer, look out for a discount code at checkout. If you’re returning and looking to try something new, have a chat with one of our sales representatives or our drivers, all of whom are trained budtenders, ready to make your cannabis delivery experience one to look forward to.

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