Labor Day 2023 Weekend: The Stoner’s Guide to Relaxation

by Angela G
Couple on a road trip in the woods

As the air fills with the spirit of celebration, we can’t help but add a bit of weed to spice things up. This Labor Day 2023, continue diving deep into cannabis-infused experiences, from savoring delectable delights at cannabis-friendly restaurants to indulging in vibrant cannabis-friendly events that combine entertainment and relaxation. 

Labor Day Activities and Weed: Best Cannabis Products to Light Up Your Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend, all! As we embrace the long weekend and bid farewell to summer, let’s infuse some cannabis charm into the team Grassdoor is set to enjoy Labor Day activities. 

Enjoy a Film Frenzy

Pabst High Seltzer cannabis-infused beverage

Treat yourself to the simplest yet most delightful way to spend Labor Day 2023: a trip to the movies. Sink into a cozy theater seat, surrounded by the aroma of buttered popcorn and crispy nachos. 

Pair It Up With Pabst Seltzers

Take your Labor Day movie experience up a notch with Pabst drinks infused with cannabis. Yep, the same folks behind Pabst Blue Ribbon beer have dived into the cannabis scene, offering canna drinks like PBR seltzers and teas with a little twist. The show’s star is PBR High Seltzer, a non-alcoholic drink with a solid 10mg dose of THC per can. 

And here’s the kicker: You’ll start feeling the effects within 15 minutes: no hangover, all-natural ingredients, and flavors like lemon, grapefruit, and raspberry to invigorate your senses. So, picture this: you, your favorite flicks, and drink PBR.

We asked our team for their favorite movies and shortlisted these goodies:

  1. The Equalizer 3 (Action, Crime, Thriller): Join Robert McCall as he navigates the Italian underworld, determined to shield his friends from the clutches of local crime bosses. 
  1. The Good Mother (Drama, Mystery, Thriller): A journalist teams up with her late son’s pregnant girlfriend, and together, they delve into a dangerous realm of corruption and narcotics to uncover the truth behind his tragic demise.
  1. Don’t Look Away (Horror): A spine-tingling horror as a young woman’s encounter with an evil supernatural entity takes a harrowing turn.
  1. All Fun and Games (Horror, Thriller): Witness the Salem teens’ nightmare as a cursed knife releases a demonic presence, thrusting them into a nightmarish world of macabre versions of childhood games. 
  1. The Evil of Dracula (Horror): A tale of mystery and danger as a professor unravels a sinister secret lurking within an all-girls school.

Dining Out on Labor Day Weekend 2023

STIIIZY weed THC pods

What better way to treat yourself on Labor Day weekend than by heading out to restaurants and savoring mouthwatering meals? It’s the ultimate self-care activity—just let yourself loose and relish all the deliciousness. 

Pair It Up With STIIIZY Pods

As you explore dining destinations, including cannabis-infused options, pair it with vape pods by STIIIZY. They boast user-friendly vape pods recognized for their discreet innovation. Their distinct vape pen design embodies a quality-focused lifestyle backed by meticulous lab testing, advanced extraction methods, and handpicked, indoor-grown strains. From savoring unique weed strain blends to immersing in captivating atmospheres, STIIIZY pods enhance every moment.

Let’s dig into the California dining options that’ll make your taste buds dance:


Hayato offers exclusive nightly seating, presided over by Chef Brandon Hayato Go. Each course, akin to a culinary masterpiece, mirrors the artistry of kaiseki—a traditional Japanese dining style. Think small portions, bold flavors, and artistic presentations that pay homage to seasonal ingredients. This intimate omakase-style fine dining is just perfect for Labor Day 2023.

Gracias Madre

This Mexican vegan restaurant has introduced an innovative twist on traditional Mexican cuisine with its enticing cannabis-infused cocktails. Using pure, organic cannabinoid oil sourced from San Diego, they’ve crafted a trio of tempting cannabis drinks—the Stoney Negroni, Rolled Fashioned, and Sour T-iesel. And let’s not forget about their menu. From crisp salads to beloved Mexican classics, everything is prepared with organic seasonal produce at this cannabis restaurant.

Pro tip: For those seeking a more relaxed vibe, here’s how to craft cannabis-infused cocktails from the comfort of your home

Rainbow Bar and Grill

At the Rainbow Bar & Grill, LA’s rock ‘n’ roll legacy blends seamlessly with cannabis innovation. As an iconic cannabis restaurant in Los Angeles, it harmoniously marries music, cuisine, and cannabis culture. A sanctuary for music enthusiasts, it’s adorned with rock memorabilia. Here, patrons relish strains while savoring classic American dishes. The twist? Culinary offerings embrace cannabis, crafting a distinctive experience where flavor and relaxation converge.

Hit the Open Road

Venterra Farms cannabis flower

Rev up your Labor Day 2023 with a classic road trip adventure through California. One of the most breathtaking routes awaits—Highway 1, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway. Wind along the rugged coastline and witness stunning ocean vistas, dramatic cliffs, and charming coastal towns. The journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco unveils a tapestry of natural beauty, cultural gems, and memories waiting to be made.

We rounded up our favorite coastal escapes:

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

Nestled amidst the redwoods of Big Sur, the Post Ranch Inn offers unparalleled luxury. Each room boasts stunning ocean or mountain views, and its serene ambiance is perfect for unwinding after a day on the road. Plus, it’s known for its eco-conscious practices and commitment to sustainability.

The Alise, San Francisco

The Alise offers a vibrant and central stay as you conclude your journey in San Francisco. Soak in the city’s energy while relaxing in stylish, comfortable rooms. The hotel’s unique character and prime location make it an ideal base for exploring the city’s iconic attractions.

Casa de Fruta, Hollister

For those seeking a cannabis-friendly hotel, consider Casa de Fruta in Hollister. This quirky and colorful resort offers RV sites, cottages, and more. It’s conveniently located along Highway 1, making it an excellent pit stop on your road trip. Enjoy their friendly atmosphere and proximity to both nature and nearby attractions.

Read more: How to Travel With Weed in California

Pair It Up With Venterra Farms Flower

Upon reaching your chosen haven, true relaxation begins. Don’t forget to pack your rolling accessories to roll a joint with Venterra Farms‘ exquisite cannabis buds and savor a moment of serenity. Venterra Farms, rooted in five generations of farming expertise, cultivates cannabis with a blend of advanced indoor techniques and sun-grown sustainability. Their cured cannabis buds capture terpene-rich trichomes, ensuring premium taste and aroma. It’s the perfect finale to an extraordinary Labor Day road trip—an ode to exploration, nature, and life’s simple pleasures.

Attend a Music Festival and Cannabis-Friendly Events 2023

Crystal Clear Catridges

Labor Day weekend in 2023 promises many exciting events to keep the festivities rolling. Amidst the myriad of Labor Day weekend activities, don’t miss out on the thrilling cannabis events that add an extra layer of excitement.

Pair It Up with Crystal Clear Cartridges

Amplify the thrill of cannabis events in California 2023 with Crystal Clear vape cartridges. Crafted by PNW’s Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Crystal Clear specializes in potent distillate and live resin oils packed into 510-thread cartridges. It’s extracted from frozen cannabis flower and housed in premium hardware to ensure happy times. 

Grassdoor loves to party, so here’s what our team suggests you check out, too:

Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour 2023: September 01 – 04, 2023

Queen Bee herself takes the stage at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood for the Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour 2023. With performances on Labor Day Weekend, it’s a star-studded event that will draw crowds nationwide.

Annual AA Malibu Campout: September 01 – 04, 2023

Join the fellowship and fun at the Malibu Creek State Park campsite. With inspiring speakers, live music around the campfire, workshops, and a delightful BBQ dinner, it’s a celebration of camaraderie and connection. Spend your days hiking, swimming, or soaking in the beach vibes.

Art in the Park Labor Day Weekend: September 02 – 04, 2023

For an artistic and culturally enriching experience, head to Morro Bay for the Art in the Park Labor Day Weekend event. With the city’s backdrop and the rich mix of works, it’s an opportunity to explore creativity and craftsmanship.

Labor Day 2023 Must-Visit Places for a Memorable Weekend

Need more of Labor Day 2023 ideas? Have a look at our fantastic line-up of things to do on Labor Day 2023 weekend.

The Cannabis & Movies Club: LABOR DAY WEEKEND: Guardians of the Galaxy

The Cannabis & Movies Club: LABOR DAY WEEKEND: Guardians of the Galaxy

When: Sunday, September 3, 4 PM – 10 PM PDT

Where: 2106 Hyperion Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027 United States

Experience the ultimate summer chill at The Cannabis & Movies Club in Silver Lake. Have a cinematic adventure with Guardians of the Galaxy. The event offers more than just movies—it’s a hub of music, activities, delicious food, and cannabis consumption.

Mystery Bazaar Pomona: A Cannabis-Friendly Pop-up

Mystery Bazaar Pomona: A Cannabis-Friendly Pop-up

When: Sunday, September 3, 3 PM- 9 PM PDT

Where: 894 North Garey Avenue #106K Pomona, CA 91767 United States

Demystify a treasure trove of mystery merchants at this pop-up event in Pomona. Discover local art, vintage clothing, handcrafted jewelry, and plant-based food vendors. 

Psychedelic Cannabis Breathwork Santa Cruz & Online

Psychedelic Cannabis Breathwork Santa Cruz & Online

When: Saturday, September 02, 2023, 4 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Where: 738 Chestnut St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States

Get on a transformative journey that combines breathwork with visionary Psychedelic Cannabis. Enjoy the process of healing and new perspectives within a safe, supportive space. The workshop lasts about 2.5 hours and includes time for meditation, intention sharing, and community integration.

Good Vibes 420

Good Vibes 420

When: Friday, September 01, 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT

Where: 570 W 4th St. San Bernardino, CA 92401 United States

Make the most of the spirit of celebration at Good Vibes 420. Revel in music, food, art, and great company. Live performances and art installations promise an unforgettable day of good vibes.

Splash in the City Pool Parties

Splash in the City Pool Parties

When: Monday, September 04, 1 PM – 5 PM MST

Where: The Clarendon Hotel and Spa – Oasis Pool, 401 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013, USA

Calling all squads to join in, enjoy sun-soaked cocktails, beats by local DJs, and a cannabis-friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and revelry, so dive in and splash at this urban poolside oasis.

Friday Movie Set Weed Bus Tour

Friday Movie Set Weed Bus Tour

When: Monday, September 04, 2023, 02 PM to 05 PM

Where: 1323 Flower St, 1323 Flower Street, Los Angeles, United States

Step onto the plush limo bus in Downtown Los Angeles. The route showcases LA’s gems: Nipsey Mural, Kobe Mural, Staples Center, Cannabis Lounge, Crenshaw, and genuine celebrity abodes—beyond mere gates. 

Seize the Moment on Labor Day 2023 Weekend With Grassdoor

Woman in an infinity pool at sunset

With many exciting activities and cannabis-infused events at your fingertips, Labor Day 2023 promises a perfect blend of relaxation, excitement, and exploration. And to stay ahead in this dynamic world of cannabis culture, there’s no better ally than Grassdoor. Look no further for the latest trends, the freshest products, and the most exciting innovations. Keep your celebrations up to date with Grassdoor by your

by your side.

FAQs About Labor Day 2023

What do we do to celebrate Labor Day?

Labor Day is a time to honor the contributions of workers and the labor movement. People celebrate by taking a break from work, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying various activities and events.

What is the theme of Labor Day 2023?

While specific themes for Labor Day may vary, the overall theme remains consistent: recognizing the achievements of workers and their role in society. Labor Day 2023 will likely continue to focus on honoring the workforce and appreciating their dedication.

What do people typically do on Labor Day weekend?

During Labor Day weekend, people engage in a range of activities. Many attend parades, barbecues, picnics, and outdoor events. It’s also famous for road trips, vacations, and shopping. Additionally, some use the long weekend as an opportunity for relaxation and self-care.

How can I celebrate Labor Day at home?

Celebrating Labor Day at home can be equally enjoyable. Host a backyard barbecue, picnic, or cookout with family and close friends. Watch movies, play games, or enjoy a leisurely day of reading. Consider incorporating festive decorations and preparing your favorite dishes to make them unique.

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