Strain Spotlight: Sundae Driver

by Zane Foley

Strains are much more than catchy, creative names we’re excited to share with our friends. Strains are the road-maps to ensuring we receive the medication we need and the reliefs and boosts we enjoy in our daily lives from our favorite cannabis products.

Strains are also a gateway into the history of cannabis. Understanding where a strain comes from helps us understand the geographic and regional culture of marijuana. It becomes a fascinating exploration of parent strains and the cannabis people who crossed them. Every strain begins with a dream. A dream of creating a lineage that will gain a reputation for improving people’s lives. That’s what makes cannabis so special and for us at GrassDoor to be excited to exist as an avenue where cannabis history and cannabis accomplishment meet head on.

The strain we would like to spotlight in this article is the illustrious Sundae Driver (Not spelled Sunday Driver). This top-shelf indica flower breeds in a 22.3% THC content with raving reviews across the board. Our very own bud connoisseurs describe the Sundae Driver strain on our menu as: “Drenched in trichomes atop a greeny and a purple canopy, this fresh flower pours an incredible marsh-mellow and strawberry flavor into a tasty pull akin to you Sunday stroll. Enjoy a spacey comfort easy like a Sunday morning.”

The photograph of the Sundae Driver bud shows a densely trichome populated flower, drenching its red and orange hairs in snowy stickiness of crystal trichomes. It’s distinct purple highlights bathe the lime green tenderness below. You can almost pinch it right off the screen and smell its superb dankness. At $45 an 1/8th, this strain is a piece of fine art in the cannabis world. A delicious delicacy with powerfully potent effects. This is one of those strains that hits all the notes. 

What else would you expect from a strain whose parents strains are a cross of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie? That’s right, Sundae Strain inherits the genetics of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. Bred by Cannarado and sent by to the Jungle Boyz, this strain is heralded for its amazing taste and calming effects. Imagine walking on the vibrant streets of Venice with a freshly lit joint of Sundae Driver, or you have it packed and ready to accompany you on your favorite hiking trail beckoning you with its sunlit ridges. For a tasty strain meant to be enjoyed in the sun on a Sunday stroll, give Sundae Driver a smack. The calm is mellow but not tiring. The head fade is positive and invokes different personalities of introspection and explorative curiosity. As your eyes wonder taking in all the scenery of your Sunday stroll, your mind relaxes and receives without resentment. 

Sundae Driver Strain

In the end, sometimes we just need to forget about life’s stresses. So no need to stress about strains when we have them spotlighted for you as we continue to grow our Strain Spotlights here at GrassDoor. We also take it upon ourselves to show you where these premium strains hit our marketplace. For instance, this week’s Sundae Driver can be purchased in our Indica Flower menu, or in the Pax Era Pods section with Legion of Bloom.

With Legion of Bloom’s Pax Era Pods, Sundae Driver is now readily available in live resin form. Single source and strain specific, the high terpene extracted pod is the perfect companion for a mellow weekend. Calming to the mind and soothing to the body, this strain is ideal for long summer drives up the California coast. 

Sunday’s are all about taking it easy. There’s no easier way than to get your Sundae Driver than to take it in vape-pen form. Legion of Bloom’s Pax Era Pods allow you to enter the Pax Era with a premium strain. Strains won’t last forever unfortunately no matter how bad we wish they could. Legion of Bloom has issued the Sundae Driver Pax Pod as a limited strain. You can purchase this limited run in our GrassDoor menu. 

Strains are about identifying those breeds which suit our needs, whether a serious or chronic medical condition, or the recreational effects we have come to know and love. Having the right strain can mean the perfect night out with friends or the much needed euphoric indulgence of a day off from work. Strains can change everything for a person, from finding the perfect relieving sleep aide to reveling in a strain’s clutch creative boost. The being said, strains don’t always last forever. It’s important we take the love while it’s there. Knowledge is power. Timing is key. We want to help empower you to find your next cannabis strain you’ll be elated to share with friends and family. 

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