Studies Prove: Legalized Weed Equals Decreased Alcohol Consumption

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A new study shows that states where marijuana is legal have lower alcohol consumption statistics.

The alcohol industry may be shaking after this one! A recent study by Marketing Science has revealed the perhaps not so shocking truth that in states where adult-permitted use of cannabis is legal, people buy and consumed less alcohol.

The study, a “large-scale unobtrusive behavioural data before and after policy change to unveil the treatment effect of [recreational cannabis legalization] using a difference-in-difference approach” set out to prove that legalizing cannabis results in a decline in alcohol consumption.

Here at, it’s no surprise to us that when you can get weed delivery in LA that arrives in record time and is top shelf quality, consumers favor a good joint over a regret-later alcohol bender that always results in a hangover.

While cannabis is an ancient and healing plant medicine to us, not everyone agrees. The long-term, nation wide consumption of alcohol, as well as the fact that it has been for decades an extremely profitable industry, has created a world in which alcohol use and misuse has become normalized. As consumers are proving, however, when alcohol is pitted against marijuana, the green stuff comes out on top.

The stats: Weed comes out on top

Using data from a US-based web portal that was collected from January 2014 until April 2017, the study found that in states where weed had just been made legal, alcohol engagement on search engines and ads was

The data covered “over 28 million searches and 120 million ad impressions related to cannabis, alcohol and tobacco industries,” according to our sources at Marijuana Moment.

Authors of the study explained that legalization “reduces search volume and advertising effectiveness for alcohol, but increases those for tobacco,” the authors wrote. “Hence, cannabis appears a substitute to alcohol, but not to tobacco.”

Suggesting that cannabis is a replacement for alcohol consumption excites us here at GRASSDOOR not just because it means we get to provide more people with cannabis delivery in LA, but because there’s truly nothing worse than a hangover or the mood swings alcohol induces. We’re not against a cheeky cocktail with the girls, but when we have it our way, we prefer a blunt with the buddies that has us settled, calm and feeling our fantasy!

Cannabis and teens in weed-legal states

The study also revealed that “contrary to widely held public concern after recreational cannabis is legalized, teenagers appear to lose interest, rather than gain interest,” explained the study’s author Pengyuan Wang in a press release surrounding the ground-breaking report.

“Policymakers only concerned with an uptick in teen users, may want to rethink their stance.” Wang added.

This finding was backed up by another recent study that analysed federal data states from 1993 to 2007 showing that once marijuana was legalized in each state, a reduction of eight percent in underage used followed. A drop by eleven percent in alcohol use followed this discovery, proving that legal marijuana has benefits that extend beyond just adult consumption.

Adding salt to the wound or at lest adding some spice to the dish, the report concluded that “has valid reasons to be concerned about legal cannabis and may need creative strategies to avoid market decline if [recreational cannabis legalization] passes.”

A controversial conclusion: the benefits of legalizing marijuana

While you don’t have to convince us here at GRASSDOOR that legal weed and cannabis delivery is the way forward, the study was content to conclude that “these findings on cross-commodity relationships help resolve the conflicting literature and provide distinct implications for practitioners.” Calling for a shift in federal policy approach.

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