Study Confirms: Marijuana is 30 Times More Powerful Than Aspirin

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A University of Guelph Study Confirms cannabis produces pain-relieving molecules that are thirty times more potent than over-the-counter pain medication.

Scientists at the University of Guelph are claiming to be the first to have discovered pain-busting molecules produced by the cannabis plant that don’t just rival but trump Aspirin thirty times over (source).

In an era where addiction to pain medication is an epidemic, the researchers at Guelph set out to crack open our awareness of the relatively untapped potential of the cannabis plant when it comes to developing future medications that battle pain in a natural, non-addiction forming way.

“These molecules are non-psychoactive and they target the inflammation at the source, making them ideal painkillers.” MCB professor Steven Rothstein explained. The report was published in the journal Phytochemistry, as the University of Guelph News reports.

Here at we’re no strangers to the magical working of our favorite plant medicine, weed. Our customers regularly come to GRASSDOOR for cannabis delivery in LA with the hope of fighting off pain without having to see a doctor, pay healthcare premiums or risk dangerous addiction to the main pain-relieving medications that have been recklessly prescribed to patients for years.

The terrific two: Cannflavin A and Cannflavin B and how they relate to pain

Combining genomics and biochemistry, the researchers discovered how cannabis produces the two pain-fighting molecules, Cannflavin A and Cannfalvin B. First uncovered in 1985 as thirty times more effective at fighting inflammation than Aspirin.

While the initial discovery of the power of the cannabis plant was stifled by the War on Drugs and increasingly stringent regulation that all but stalled cannabis research, the recent wave of legalization has freed up researchers to keep making these ground-breaking discoveries.

“Our objective was to better understand how these molecules are made, which is a relatively straightforward exercise these days,” said researcher Akhtar. “There are many sequenced genomes that are publicly available, including the genome of Cannabis sativa, which can be mined for information. If you know what you’re looking for, one can bring genes to life, so to speak, and piece together how molecules like cannflavins A and B are assembled.”

Turning the discovery into a drug of the future

While opioids block the pain receptors in the brain, tricking the mind into not feeling the body’s ailments, Cannflavins work by fighting inflammation directly.

One of the challenges for researchers now is how to mass-produce the molecules for widespread drug use with the potential to replace addictive opioids.

“The problem with these molecules is they are present in cannabis at such low levels, it’s not feasible to try to engineer the cannabis plant to create more of these substances,” said Rothstein. “We are now working to develop a biological system to create these molecules, which would give us the opportunity to engineer large quantities.”

Partnering with Anahit International to continue the research, researchers hope to crack the code on how to create these molecules on a scale much larger than that of the cannabis plant they are derived from.

“Anahit looks forward to working closely with University of Guelph researchers to develop effective and safe anti-inflammatory medicines from cannabis phytochemicals that would provide an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,” added Darren Carrigan, CEO of Anahit.

While the mystery drug of the future with roots in cannabis (literally) hasn’t quite arrived. Anahit assured reporters that plenty of options they hope will soon be available.

“Anahit will commercialize the application of cannflavin A and B to be accessible to consumers through a variety of medical and athletic products such as creams, pills, sports drinks, transdermal patches and other innovative options.”

GRASSDOOR’s selection of pain-relieving flower

While we wait for the development of new creams and drugs to fight pain, here’s a look at some of our favorite pain-relieving flower ready for weed delivery in LA. Our intuitive menu updates with only the freshest hybrid, indica and sativa flower that we stock, so look out for some of these major players in the pain-fighting game that we might have on our menu today!

Tahoe OG – Hybrid: Lovingly sun-grown by Humboldt Cure Farms, this Tahoe OG flower has a high THC content and an earthy, lemon-zest taste. Providing a heavy body sensation, Tahoe OG packs a punch against insomnia, pain and lack of appetite.

Three Kings – Hybrid: Three Kings is composed of, you guessed it, three royal strains: Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This well-rounded Indica-hybrid with a sweet and sour taste provides you with a relaxing, happy high without losing focus. A top shelf choice for appeasing the symptoms of nausea, stress and pain, Three Kings is indoor-grown and expertly cared for by hand.

Platinum GSC – Hybrid: A potent hybrid with parentage from OG Kush, Durban Poison and an unknown third strain, Platinum Girls Scout Cookies alleviates physical and mood-induced symptoms fast such as migraines and nausea. Grown indoors and nurtured by hand, expect candy and berry notes that makes this the sweet-tasting strain of choice for a powerful and pain-relieving high.

Skywalker – Indica: Sourced from the same cultivator who created the strain ten years ago, Skywalker is your weapon against the Dark Side, drifting you off into a gentle sleep and easing pain. Grown in strain-perfect conditions, Skywalker is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa side that allows for a soft head high too.

Sugar Mints – Indica: Featuring 27% THC, this dark green and royal purple beauty is highly psychoactive and aids with symptoms of nausea, severe pain, insomnia and loss of appetite. Sugar Mints lives up to its name with a minty scent and slightly sweet taste, making it a palatable experience with symptom-alleviating benefits! Grown indoors, you’ll be sure to experience an exotic, potent high.

Super Sour Diesel – Indica: A stress fighting, pain-relieving high with an edge of inspiring creativity and euphoria, Super Soul Diesel is a great choice for socializing and keeping the mind entertained. A cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, Super Soul Diesel is grown indoors to perfection and has a unique earthy taste like its Diesel brethren.

Going holistic: Our choice of CBD pens

If you’re looking for a little less pain without the high, try CBD! Here’s a look at our Select Vape products infused with healing essential oils and cannabinoid CBD that doesn’t get you high and heals with cannabis’ natural remedy component. Ready for your LA cannabis delivery? We know we are!

Highly refined essential oil is added to CBD, a cannabinoid with no THC meaning no psychoactive or ‘high’ sensation. The oil fusion lives within the elegant and efficient Select CBD Vape Pens, perfect for taking to work and infusing your day with some healing herb energy.

Select CBD Vape Pens – Grapefruit: Grapefruit essential oil and CBD combine to give you a calming sensation while lavishing you with the benefits of grapefruit, known in ancient healing circles for its stress reduction benefits, its help with circulation, gives you an extra burst of energy and aids the digestive system.

Select CBD Vape Pens – Peppermint: Peppermint is associated with mental clarity, clearing the sinuses and allowing more oxygen to enter the brain. This is the golden ticket to enhancing your ability to focus while also reducing anxiety. No more spacing out!

Select CBD Vape Pens – Lavender: Lavender essential oil is associated with relaxation. Over thousands of years and cultures worldwide, lavender has been used in relaxation and healing methodologies.

New to GRASSDOOR? We deliver quality weed in a safe and fast way, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is an expert in cannabis. Do you have questions about our menu?  We’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email or call us at and +1 310 749 9135. We’d be happy to answer your questions.


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