Summer of Speediness: GRASSDOOR Delivered in 29 Mins Average in July

Record time: GRASSDOOR.COM deliveries got to customers in 29 minutes of ordering on average in July 2019. prides ourselves on selling top quality products, delivering safely, and getting to you in record time.

This July, we smashed our records, turning up at your doors only 29 minute after you ordered our cannabis delivery in LA. For Los Angeles, against all the odds, we’re wearing our record like a badge and are rising to the challenge to keep meeting this express delivery timeframe and perhaps, soon, topping it!

If you’re new to GRASSDOOR, we delivery cannabis in LA in record time. By connecting your order from our carefully curated menu to a driver near you, we make sure we beat the traffic, wildfires, droughts and whatever other delay gets in our way.

Our curated menu delivered to your door

At GRASSDOOR, we send our thrifty budtenders out into the wild to source the best marijuana products at the best prices. By only listing the freshest and best quality flower on our site, we offer customers a revolving door of exotic, top shelf, sun-grown, mixed-light and indoor nurtured flower and cannabis products.

In record time, we can beat the pizza delivery guy and get you our wide selection of cannabis delivery products from vape carts, edibles and concentrates to flower and pre-rolls ASAP.

We know what’s it’s like! You’re at the beach, hanging out with friends, and you want a little buzz to take the edge off the week from hell that just won’t let go. While we can’t endorse smoking on the beach, we can endorse delivering to your residential address before you head out for a day with friends. Place your order and by the time you’ve packed your beach bag, we’ll be outside ready to hand you our famous turquoise GRASSDOOR goodie bag full of the products you want.

The old days are over! No more weird vehicles outside your house!

We don’t just pride ourselves on getting to you in record time though, we also value style! Our drivers all show up in their respectable vehicles with a smile, ready to process your card payment (or exact cash) and hand you the cannabis delivery products you ordered.

Long gone are the scary days when a creepy driver would show up in a blacked out car and sell you low-cost week from a busted, blacked out wagon while your nosy neighbors would on look from their yard.

So much has changed since the legalization of recreational marijuana use, and that’s why GRASSDOOR is stepping up to the plate as the best provider marijuana delivery in LA, ready to get to you in 29 minutes on average, and in style.

29 Minutes: Things to do while you wait

While you wait for a lightening speed marijuana delivery order from GRASSDOOR, here’s a few ideas of how you could kill the time.

Laundry: You know it’s bad when a crusty pile of rags becomes your entire bedroom drowning in gnarly garments you forgot to clean this week. With 29 minutes until your exotic sativa flower shows up, show the Universe you deserve it but getting your life together and throwing your clothes in the washing machine!

Socializing with your pet: It’s been a long day and Sammy the cat hasn’t got my love while you’ve been on conference calls, at meetings, in the office or running around LA trying to get things done. With 29 minutes until your indoor-grown sativa flower and brand new vape carts arrive, now’s an amazing time to cuddle up with the kitty and make up for lost time.

Read a book: Remember how? If so, pick up War and Peace and have a good read! While you wait for some mind-activating Stiiizy pods for your vape, why not tackle that chapter you keep putting off. Best before vaping!

Call your family: Thanksgiving’s not for ages and mom hasn’t heard from you in weeks! Before you get high as a kite, why not check in on the rents and see how everyone’s doing. You can fold your laundry or dust the surfaces while you chat, and before you know it a weed delivery will be waiting outside.

Take a bath: Before you binge-watch today’s hot show, how about a relaxing bath before your weed delivery arrives. 29 minutes leaves you enough time to unwind aquatic style before dressing (please) to meet your driver outside. This way you’ll be all fresh for your comfy time on the couch.

New to GRASSDOOR? We deliver quality weed in a safe and fast way, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is an expert in cannabis.

If you’re planning your next pool party, day at the beach or binge-watching session at home, we’d love to help you choose the right products for you! Just send us an email or call us at and +1 310 749 9135. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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