Hybrid Cannabis Season: Why Summer is Perfect for a Hybrid High!

When it comes to choosing which strain of flower to suit the season, GRASSDOOR offers you a variety of amazing hybrid cannabis options!

We all know what season it is in California, even if the sunshine isn’t specific to the season! When the airs gets dryer, the pool parties start popping and you find yourself out at the beach or on a hike when you normally stay home and binge shows, you can be sure that summer has begun.

With the rising heat, more active social schedule and temptations to get ‘lit’, as the kids say, here at GRASSDOOR we make sure we’re ready with something top shelf to fill your pipe with!

Hybrid marijuana strains are perfect for summer. While we sure love our top shelf indica and sativa flower, when summer strikes and your days become longer, hybrid flower can help transport you to a perfect and peaceful place… even if you’re staying in California this summer!

So while we’re ready for your next weed delivery in California whatever the weather, we thought it might be helpful to break down our hybrid selection on the intuitive GRASSDOOR menu.

Why we love a hybrid high

If sativa takes you up and indica takes you down, hybrid strains are lovingly blended to meld the best of both worlds and meet somewhere in the middle.

While the ratio of indica and sativa in each hybrid strain differs, hybrids can keep you mentally active with a heavy body sensation, or ease mental tension while keeping your body awake – and those are just two examples of why a hybrid belongs in your next weed delivery order.

Our best hybrid cannabis strains

Hybrid Strains: The best of the best on the GRASSDOOR menu

Here at GRASSDOOR, we source all of our flower from the best farms, sending our genius budtenders out into the field to sample the finest flower before we place it on our menu. This approach means we’re only ever giving you top shelf cannabis delivery in California, different from many dispensaries who bundle lower tier marijuana into their jars without lowering the price.

Not only do we sell top shelf and exotic flower, but we deliver in record time by matching your order with our mobile budtenders who drive straight to your door with your cannabis delivery. If you find yourself at the beach, in the hot tub or at a BBQ this summer, let us spice up your summer with a weed delivery in California that’s excellent quality and is delivered safely by an expert driver in lightening speed.

A life aquatic: top hybrids for the pool and the beach

You know the scene. You’re in very few clothes, bathing in the finally warm Pacific as the waves gentle float over you, a current tickling your skin and the sun blessing your body with its light. Or, you’re splayed out on a towel, cackling like a witch with your besties, sharing trashy literature or Instagram-storying the entire thing against a backdrop of the ocean and a playlist of gods.  If you’re by the pool, you’re splashing about in an inflatable or eyeing up the handsome person who just arrived. What makes today even better? You guessed it, a hybrid!

Tahoe OG: Lovingly sun-grown by Humboldt Cure Farms, Tahoe OG flower has a high THC content and an earthy, lemon-zest taste. Providing a heavy body sensation, Tahoe OG packs a punch against insomnia, pain and lack of appetite.

Strawberry Banana: Grown indoors for total perfection, Strawberry Banana is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid with a significant resin production and notable THC content, Strawberry Banana is the high of choice for contented, chill effects and enables creativity and sensory activation.

Quest: Bred and cultivated by Source Cannabis in impeccable indoor conditions, Quest is the perfect strain for creativity and imagination that boasts a buttery, zesty palate and finishing notes of pine. Quest traces back to Chem Sister, Sour Dub and Chocolate Diesel.

Samoa: Ideal for a day at the beach, Samoa is an evenly balanced hybrid, intelligently mixed-light grown that was derived from parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Floral and fruity aromas deliver a sweet and perfumed taste.

Blue Cookies: Grown in an organic greenhouse in Northern California, Blue Cookies is the love child of Girls Scout Cookies and Blueberry. With over 23% cannabinoid content, Blue Cookies delivers a euphoric head high before relaxing the entire body.

Deep recline: the best hybrids for relaxing with the pals

Summer is for relaxation. Work’s been a bore. Your boss was a … this week, and you’re trying your best to forget about “reality” and find your place of restfulness, relaxation and peace. Ah yes, you need a heavy-hitting hybrid that’ll keep your mind in the game while relaxing your body – or the other way around!

Original Glue #4: Developed by GG Strains, this potent hybrid is called ‘glue’ because it’ll have you stuck to whatever piece of squishy furniture you choose! Original Glue #4 strain boast an earthy, slightly sour aroma and is a knockout strain both within the award circuit and for those with a high tolerance. Grown indoors to meet every possible variable, Original Glue #4 is an exotic choice of champions.

Dos Si Dos: This indica-dominant hybrid, the offspring of Girls Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, is a high-potency strain best consumed wisely. A rollercoaster ride of deep relaxation that’s carefully grown in mixed-light conditions, Do Si Dos is pungent and earthy with hunts of sweet floral notes.

The social butterfly: hybrids for going out, day or night

Summer is for socializing! You’re heading to a day party, likely on a rooftop, before going out hard with the girls (or boys, or anyone, really). You want to get a little high on top shelf flower, but you aren’t looking to disengage from the many people you might meet, or the friends and frenemies you’re going to run into out and about.

Cherry Punch: A beautiful, exotic flower with deep purple hues that is grown indoors to reap the highest possible quality, Cherry Punch gifts you a perfect daytime choice for a high vibration high that comes on quickly and tickles the mind. Sweet tasting and potent, Cherry Punch provides a candy kick for mental agility with a sweet taste.

Gelato 41: Sun-grown Gelato 41 from Connected Cannabis Company in the Bay Area gets its name from its dessert-like aroma with fruity notes. Sharing genealogy with the Cookie family, Gelato 41 is a THC powerhouse providing an impressive euphoria with physical relaxation without losing mental agility.

Three Kings: Three Kings is composed of, you guessed it, three royal strains: Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This well-rounded Indica-hybrid with a sweet and sour taste provides you with a relaxing, happy high without losing focus. A top shelf choice for appeasing the symptoms of nausea, stress and pain, Three Kings is indoor-grown and expertly cared for by hand.

Wedding Cake: Conceived by the matrimony of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake hybrid strain holds a very high THC content of 25% and up, perfectly grown in regulated indoor conditions. Earthy, sweet notes and a peppery edge give Wedding Cake a distinctive and invigorating flavor. Grown indoors, Wedding Cake is as esteemed and top of the range as its name suggests.

N’Ice Cream: Sun-grown under nature’s blessing, N’Ice Cream from Connected Cannabis Company is a well balanced hybrid that provides a heavy sensation which makes it a perfect night cap. Skunk aromas add a musty, nostalgic taste.

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Please note: hybrids are not delivered with water or sunscreen!

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