The Beginners Guide To Smoking Cannabis Part 2

by David Gonzalez
Grassdoor Beginners Guide to Smoking Cannabis
Watch part 2 of our Beginners Guide to Smoking Cannabis here!

Welcome to part two of The Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Cannabis. We’ll be going over the basic principles of smoking cannabis. In part one, we discussed why you should start with low doses, how much you should smoke, and a few other very basic but essential steps for your first journey into the cannabis world.

Today, we’ll discuss what to expect when you take your first hit, how to manage the munchies and much more. So sit back and relax and lets get into it!

Tip #4 – Choosing an Environment

It’s essential to choose an environment where you’re comfortable. Choose somewhere where you can sit back and relax without worrying about what’s going on around you. You want to be in a place where you’re safe preferably with minimal distractions. This will curb any onset of paranoia or anxiety that can sometimes be cause by stressful environments.

It is important to stay calm and relaxed. So we want to ensure that you’re in a safe environment so you can focus on yourself without worrying about anything else going on around us.

Tip #5 – Managing the Munchies

Munchies are a very real thing, and they’re not just an excuse for people to binge eat junk food. This is especially true if you’re toasty, because being high can cause some pretty intense cravings. If you want to avoid eating everything in sight, there are a few things that you can do.

First, try to eat something before you smoke so that your body has something in it already. Secondly, drink a good amount of water as this will help make your stomach feel full. If you’re really struggling with the munchies, then try eating something before you smoke that sits well in your stomach. Try chicken or some other protein, since it’s much more satiating and takes longer to digest. You can also eat a healthier fat like natural peanut butter, which also curb your appetite.

Tip #6 – Handling a Bad Experience

Most of the time taking a ride on the Toasty Express is fun. Actually, most of the time it’s really, really fun. Still, there are times, even for the most experienced of consumers, when paranoia sinks its ugly teeth in. What happens when you smoke weed is that your brain gets flooded with cannabinoids, which then causes a temporary lack of dopamine and serotonin. This can lead to paranoia and anxiety, especially if it’s your first time smoking. To avoid this, try focusing on positive things you enjoy. Try watching your favorite TV show or listen to your favorite music. This can help get past your paranoia and get back to having fun. If it’s still not working, try eating a snack. This can provide relief because food slows down the absorption of THC into your bloodstream.

If you’re still not feeling better, try taking a shower or walking outside. This can help you clear your head and give you some fresh air.

Smoking Cannabis Should be Fun

Smoking cannabis has been fun ever since humans rolled it up and smoked it. It potential benefits and uses have only just begun to be studied. We’ve only just begun scratching the surface when it comes to smoking weed.

There are many ways to consume cannabis that go far beyond just smoking it. That’s why instead of believing the negative narratives that have plagued this incredible plant, look at its entire history and ask yourself, what’s the reason for me to be afraid of something that has been used for centuries for positive use? If you can’t come up with a good reason, then maybe you shouldn’t.

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