Visitor’s Guide to Long Beach

by Michael Bostarr
Long Beach, California

Long Beach, located in Los Angeles County, is a coastal city located in southern California. With its waterfront overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, and vibrant culture that boasts a world-class art and food scene, Long Beach has something for everyone. At Grassdoor, we want to ensure that you’re met with all your cannabis-related needs to make your experience in Long Beach magical. You can order flower, topicals, tinctures, or any wellness product from our website through the ASAP menu or the Scheduled delivery menu to get your order delivered at your convenience while you’re in the city.

Shoreline Village

Any trip to Long Beach is incomplete without a visit to Shoreline Village, located right in the heart of the city. Shoreline Village offers some of the most pristine and exquisite views of the Pacific ocean. Explore, walk, and wander around Shoreline Village to discover hidden souvenir shops and some of the best in-town sea-food restaurants.

Shoreline Village offers multiple fine dining as well as casual dining options. It does not get better than satisfying your post-joint munchies with mouth-watering seafood overlooking the Pacific ocean. If you stay till evening, you might just catch one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see in your life. 

After you’re done absorbing the ethereal views and vibing with nature, consider something more adventurous to shake things up.

Long Beach, California
Long Beach, California source: Unsplash

For the adrenaline junkies

To start the day gradually, consider getting a bike and riding around the waterfront. If you’re feeling extra active, try doing the self-guided bicycle tour around Shoreline Village, Naples, and Seal Beach. There are various bikes available, including Surreys, Quad Sports, and Choppers.

Next, if riding is too basic, you can opt for sailing lessons. There are three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can also choose a power boat rental, or a yacht with a captain, depending on the vibe of your vacation.

Nothing beats the experience of the cool sea breeze hitting your face as you pop open a chilled cannabis drink. You can order your drinks from Grassdoor. We have an array of flavors.  Finally, to exponentially increase the adrenaline quotient, go parasailing. This thrilling experience gives you some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as downtown Long Beach. Watch the city contrast with the ocean as you enjoy one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

Long Beach Zip Codes

90712, 90715, 90716, 90740, 90755, 90801, 90802, 90803, 90804, 90805, 90806, 90807, 90808, 90809, 90810, 90813, 90814, 90815, 90822, 90831, 90832, 90833, 90840, 90842, 90844, 90846, 90847, 90848, 90853

Arts and Culture in Long Beach

Undeniably, one of the most iconic attractions in Long Beach is the RMS Queen Mary, an art deco ocean liner from 1936. It’s almost 200 feet bigger than the Titanic and was the fastest ship in the world between 1936-1952. It’s also famous for its use during World War II as a troop transporter. The City of Long Beach purchased it in 1967, and it has since been converted into a hotel and maritime museum. Immerse yourself in history by visiting this iconic ship converted into a museum. If you’re tired of the fast-paced life of the city, take a break from the bustle and visit the eclectic and quaint East Village Arts District. Located in the southeast portion of downtown Long Beach, this neighborhood is full of artistic potential and idiosyncratic vibes. With a quirky mix of local art galleries, shops, restored historic buildings, and restaurants, explore this neighborhood at your own pace. Lastly, if you love art, consider going for the Long Beach Art Walk, held on the second Saturday of the month, which features some of the area’s best local art galleries and collectives.


To continue your cultural exploration, visit one of the nation’s leading museums of modern and contemporary Latin American art and culture. The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), founded in 1996, is the only museum in the country dedicated to contemporary Latin American art.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Finally, end your trip with a visit to Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific. Known as one of the world’s largest aquariums, it contains over 12,000 species of animals. The aquarium is known for its variety, whether it’s giant fish, playful animals such as otters and sea lions, or diving birds. This is an especially fun spot if you have younger people with you.

Grassdoor Weed Delivery in Long Beach

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