Visitor’s Guide to Los Angeles

by Michael Bostarr

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, California, you’re probably visiting it for the glamor of Hollywood. However, Hollywood is just one aspect of the city. There’s so much on offer in this bustling metropolis that you probably need a lifetime to fully explore it. From the cinematic charms of Hollywood to dining and shopping to recreation and outdoors, the opportunities are endless. Add to that an undulating coastline, and you have a complete package.

The ‘home of celebrities’ also has some of the finest art galleries, museums, and theme parks that you and your folks would fall in love with. Who knows, you might even bump into your favorite movie star when you’re here. You can make the most of your visit here by treating yourself to a weed edible or a joint from Grassdoor.

Los Angeles, CA. Source: Wikipedia

Recreation and Outdoors

Despite being a mammoth urban setting, Los Angeles has scores of options for outdoor lovers. You can go hiking, bike through trails, surf, snorkel, scuba dive, frolic on the beach, or enjoy stunning views of the mountains. In downtown, you’re never far away from a theater or an entertainment hub. Though the list is endless, a few spots that’ll make your trip extra memorable are:

  • Angeles National Forest
  • Dockweiler State Beach
  • Catalina Island

Angeles National Forest

Pristine and expansive, Angeles National Forest stretches over 1000 square miles and tests your outdoorsy temperament to the hilt. Apart from biking and hiking, you can go skiing and boating as well. The premier attraction of this park is Mt. Baldy which towers up to 10,000 feet.

Dockweiler State Beach

Just spending time at Dockweiler State Beach is a dream come true. Situated in Playa del Rey, this is the only beach in the entire Los Angeles where it’s legal to have a bonfire. Enjoy a lazy afternoon with your mates and get into the party mood when the sun begins to set. This beach offers stunning views of aircraft taking off from the Los Angeles airport If you wish to add to the excitement through a cannabis drink or vape, you can place an order through Grassdoor’s ASAP menu for fast delivery.

Catalina Island

If you love snorkeling, book a guided tour of Catalina Island. An hour from the mainland, the island is reachable by boat and dotted with coral reefs and kelp forests. The blue waters are a haven for marine life and you might catch a glimpse of bat rays, moray eels, leopard sharks, California sea lions, barracuda, crabs, and much more. 

Arts and Culture

Los Angeles is teeming with history and aesthetics and you’ll cherish every moment spent in its museums and galleries. Take your mates along to make the tour more memorable.

La Louver Art Gallery

Located in Venice, Los Angeles, La Louver Gallery is often rated as the best art gallery in the city. It was established by Peter Gouls in 1975 and exhibits contemporary art from Europe and America. If you’re an art lover, this gallery has all you seek. The gallery hosts exhibitions from time to time, so don’t forget to check their website to learn about their current and upcoming exhibitions.

La Louver Gallery is open to visitors from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday and it’s located at 45 North Venice Boulevard, Venice.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Located in Exposition Park, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has many specimens and artifacts on display. You can check out the astonishing dioramas of elephants, lions, and gorillas. It’s a great place to go with your crew. The museum offers different guided tours, so you can choose one as per your preferences. 

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is open to visitors from Monday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 5 pm. It’s closed on the first Tuesday of every month and on Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, so plan your visit to the city accordingly.

Hollywood Attractions

In Los Angeles, you’re never far away from all things cinematic. Some of the must-visit attractions are:

  • Lake Hollywood Park
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Walk of Fame
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Lake Hollywood Park

Visit Lake Hollywood Park with your folks to get close to the famous Hollywood sign. It’s an amazing spot for photography. The park has picnic tables, so if you carry a couple of sandwiches and some lemonade, you can make a picnic out of your visit.

Lake Hollywood Park is located at 3160 Canyon Lake Drive, Los Angeles, and its hours of operation are sunrise to sunset every day.

Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re a Hollywood fan, then this film studio and theme park can’t be missed. Universal Studios Hollywood has some of the most exciting rides based on film franchises. It has many options for dining, shopping, and entertainment, and hosts many events and seasonal activities throughout the year.

Universal Studios Hollywood is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day and can easily be accessed by public transportation via the Metro B line subway train.

Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the many glittering gems in the crown. It’s a historic landmark that runs 1.3 miles east to west and 0.4 miles north to south. The sidewalks along the Hollywood Boulevard blocks and Vine Street blocks are studded with over 2,700 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

If you want to pay homage to celebrities who have passed away, plan a trip to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery while in Los Angeles. Located at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, it’s a full-service cemetery, funeral home, and crematory. 
The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is also a cultural events center and it regularly hosts community events such as live music, concerts, movie screenings, lectures, and literature events. You can check the events calendar on the official website to learn about upcoming events.

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