Visitor’s Guide to Venice

by Michael Bostarr
Visitor’s Guide to Venice

An eclectic neighborhood best known for its Bohemian spirit, beaches, street performers, boardwalk, and canals, Venice is one of the most attractive places for an exciting weekend getaway.

Things to do in Venice

Venice may often be perceived as relaxing, but it has tons of activities. Make sure you plan for warm days and cool nights in advance to be able to do as much as possible during your visit. Venice has lots to experience, from famed restaurants and stylish boutiques to edgy skate parts and colorful murals. The city has also become a center for talented artists and street performers and has an interesting history.

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Venice Beach Boardwalk

Located alongside one of Los Angeles’ best beaches, the Venice Boardwalk has plenty of activities for you to enjoy and should be your first stop in the city. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is a busy stretch filled with small bars, tourist shops for souvenirs, hotels, and people showing off their talents on the streets. You can also expect to see large paintings on the sides of walls and murals throughout the boardwalk. Experience sculptures and 3D art as you walk around, and don’t forget to take pictures! The view of the beach, palm trees, and mountains is one you’ll remember for a long time.

Smoking one of our cannabis vapes is also an excellent way to enhance your time at the Boardwalk.

If you want to take back a souvenir from your visit to Venice, the boardwalk has it all. It is lined with vendors that sell sunglasses, ‘I love Venice’ t-shirts, magnets, bottle openers, keychains, etc. You can also support local artists by buying handmade products from small shops. All the painted murals change regularly; they are painted on top of one another, making each visit to the Boardwalk unique. The Venice Beach Boardwalk also boasts of outdoor activities like gyms and skate parks. There is free outdoor gym equipment to catch up on your fitness and skate parks where you can indulge in some skateboarding or simply watch the talented skaters in action. There are also facilities for other sports like basketball, beach volleyball, bike trails, and more. After an intense exercise session, consider mellowing out with a pre-roll from our selection.

Legends Beach Bike Tour

Don’t want to get too tired while you’re exploring? Then, make it a point to do the Legends Beach Bike Tour. This guided tour starts at the nearly 100-year-old Santa Monica Pier and gives you an experience that will leave you starstruck. You will be able to see the houses of celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and Jim Morrisson and learn about the area where sports like beach volleyball, surfing, and skateboarding were born. The expert tour guides also share tips on where to shop and eat while at Venice Beach and teach you about the rich history and culture of California’s Gold Coast. Make this experience more fun by indulging in some cannabis-infused snacks.

Venice Zip Codes

90291, 90292, 90294

Pacific Resident Theater

The Pacific Resident Theater is an intimate, actor-run production located at 703 Venice Boulevard. The theater has been running since 1985 and produces many lesser-known plays, new dramas, and the classics. If you want to watch a play here, check the play calendar on their website and book tickets in advance.

If you’re not interested in watching a play, the Pacific Resident Theater also provides acting classes to young actors and educates visitors on its history and culture. 

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