Wedding Cake for all Occasions: A Guide to one of our Favorite Strains

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One of our top selling traits

You don’t have to be getting married in order to enjoy Wedding Cake. One of our favorite strains here at now stocked for your next weed delivery in LA.

Conceived by the matrimony of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake holds a very high THC content of 25% and up, perfectly grown in regulated indoor conditions. An indica-dominant hybrid strain with earthy, sweet notes and a peppery edge give Wedding Cake a distinctive and invigorating flavor. Meticulously grown indoors and nurtured by hand to greatness, our GRASSDOOR selection of Wedding Cake flower is as esteemed and top of the range as its name suggests.

Whether you are new to flower or are a certified veteran cannabis connoisseur, here’s a quick guide to one of our most beloved strains.

Wedding Cake: Terpenes for taste

Wedding Cake is as sweet as its name suggests. Knows for its hyper-sweetness, that harks back to the best slice of actual wedding cake you’ve ever had, Wedding Cake is an ideal blend of sweet cookie flavor and the fruitiness of strains such as cherry pie.

When to pick Wedding Cake

While at GRASSDOOR we’re happy to deliver for any occasion as long as it’s at your residential address, we think Wedding Cake is perfect for when you want to relax your body without losing your focus.

While we can’t advocate smoking weed in places where smoking is prohibited, we imagine that Wedding Cake goes down best on places where you’re sprawling out with your friends in nature, celebrating… a wedding before the big dinner, or, if you’re brave, before a trip to a fareground!

Medical benefits of Wedding Cake

A certified calming agent with a tendency to activate your appetite, Wedding Cake has been known to work wonders for people looking for cannabis delivery in LA to help with symptoms of depression. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Wedding Cake is sure to help your body settle into a state of anxiety-free relaxation without losing focus.

Beyond the alleviation that Wedding Cake brings to people with mental health symptoms, it is also highly effective in aiding people who suffer from fibromyalgia and MS. As a mild sedative, it not only dissolves the sensation of pain, but calms the body and nervous system.

Indoor-grown for excellence

Like many of our indoor-grown strains, Wedding Cake is cultivated in the perfect conditions, so the flower you get in your LA weed delivery order is sure to be as true to the strain’s highest potential as possible.

But what does ‘indoor-grown’ really means? It means that each variable, from temperature to light to water is ideally controlled. Hand-manicured as the plant grows, these expert farmers know exactly what to look out for. They monitor the width of the plant, the color variance of the leaves and the budding of fresh grows. While California is an excellent place to grow marijuana, each strain is native to a different part of the world, and indoor-growing allows farmers to get as close to the native conditions as possible.

New to

New to GRASSDOOR? We deliver quality weed in a safe and fast way, connecting your order to a reliable budtender on wheels (otherwise known as a ‘driver’) who is an expert in cannabis.

If you’re planning your next pool party, day at the beach or binge-watching session at home, we’d love to help you choose the right products for you! Just send us an email or call us at and +1 310 749 9135. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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