Weed Etiquette for the Perfect Group Smoke Session

by Gabi A

Weed etiquette is typical social behavior and manners when consuming cannabis within a group. These unwritten rules, also known as “weediquette,” help maintain a chill and relaxed atmosphere and ensure everyone has a good time.

Think of it as a set of “secret codes” that all fellow tokers know and follow to keep the good vibes flowing. Knowing how to behave and what to say can make a huge difference and improve the overall experience.

Let’s dive deep into these weed-smoking etiquettes.

Weed Etiquette: 10 Rules of Smoking Weed

We know that smoking weed can be a blast, but let’s also follow these basic smoke sesh rules to keep things chill and enjoyable for everyone.

If you roll or pack, you boom

When you’re the one rolling the joint or packing a pipe, it’s customary to be the first one to light it up and take the initial toke. Doing this shows respect to the person who rolled the joint or packed the pipe.

Share your stash

Sharing your weed with friends is standard weed etiquette when smoking with friends. Don’t be greedy; ensure everyone gets a turn to make the most of a smoke sesh. If you’re looking for quality flower or concentrates, look at our extensive weed selection for the best stash.

Pass the joint/pipe to the left

It’s a tradition to pass the joint or pipe to the left, but if you’re smoking in a circle, it’s proper weed etiquette to pass it in a clockwise direction.

Ash your joint before passing

Before passing the joint to the next person, make sure to ash it to avoid any loose bits falling onto their lap or clothes. Being mindful can help keep the smoking area clean and prevent any accidents.

Puff, puff, pass

Take one or two hits from the joint, pre-roll, or pipe, then pass them along. Don’t hog the joint, pre-roll, or pipe and take too many hits, slowing down the rotation.

Keep joints/pipes dry

Nobody likes a wet and sloppy joint. So, be intentional when smoking and avoid touching your lips or tongue to the joint or pipe. If smoking a blunt, keep your lips open while inhaling and try not to get saliva on it.

Don’t pressure others to smoke

If someone doesn’t want to smoke, respect their decision and don’t pressure them into it.

Keep the smoking area clean

Keep your ash and roaches from lying around, and make it a habit to dispose of them properly.

Respect other people’s space

If you’re smoking in a public area, be mindful of others around you who may not want to smell or inhale the smoke. Move away from non-smokers and keep the smoking zone well-ventilated.

Don’t share if you’re sick

If we’ve learned anything from COVID, it’s the fact that sharing is not always caring. Avoid sharing your joint with others if you feel under the weather or have a cold. Being cautious can prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone safe.

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Up Your Smoke Sesh Game

So, the next time you’re smoking one and jamming to your favorite tunes, don’t forget to follow these smoking weed etiquettes. They can make all the difference in creating a fun and positive smoke sesh experience. And if you’re looking for some high-quality weed to elevate your next smoke sesh, be sure to check out Grassdoor—your one-stop shop for all your weed needs.

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