Weed Gifts Your Significant Other Will Love

by Mary Carreon
Valentine's Day Weed Gifts

To say there is one day dedicated to love is like saying there is only one day to smoke weed, and we all know that’s not true. Celebrating love is something we all need to do for the entirety of 2022. The pandemic has made it harder than ever to share intimate moments with others. Between illness, lockdown, political drama, and generally heavy vibes, it can be hard to remember the aspects of life still worthy of celebrating. That’s why cannabis is an especially important tool right now: It helps us appreciate the little things.

That includes remembering why you appreciate your partner and friends. The past three years have not been easy on relationships of any kind. But cannabis makes everything a bit simpler by easing stress levels, enhancing openness, and inducing euphoria. That’s why right now is an excellent time to explore how cannabis can rekindle connections and spark feel-good moments between lovers and friends. 

Just because the pandemic has made sharing joints with people a little weird doesn’t mean you can’t give your significant other or favorite pals the gift of stress relief. Green things that reduce stress always make great gifts. And cannabis has a plethora of consumption methods, making it easy to find something for everyone. That’s why we put together this list of cannabis gifts your significant other or homies will love. Plus, a cannabis gift for someone close to you is also a partial gift for yourself. Or, at least, a gift you likely get to participate in. It’s truly a win-win. 


Pineapple Party by Sonder Space Crystals

Sonder Space Crystals

If you’re a millennial, you might remember the middle school days when pop rocks were all the rage. This is likely because they are a flirty effervescent treat — the fantasy of young people at the time was to eat pop rocks and make out with someone. Oh, to be young again and live in a world where pandemics were a concept only taught in history class.

In a way, though, Sonder Space Crystals are bringing back the effervescence of those playful days. This poppin’ weed product is an out-of-this-world experience designed to elevate any time of day or night, and obviously made more fun with a partner or friend who is in your “pod.” The Pineapple Party Space Crystals are an explosion of flavor, producing a gentle body high coupled with buzzing euphoria. Each piece is crafted from natural ingredients and infused with full-spectrum cannabis oil extracted from the finest sun-grown flower.

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Raspberry Passionfruit Live Resin Gummies by Emerald Sky

Raspberry Passionfruit Live Resin Gummies

Passionfruit is an all-encompassing tropical flavor that can give you a body high on its own. If you close your eyes and eat passionfruit, it can teleport you to a white sand beach in the Yucatan, surrounded by crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. That’s why we chose the raspberry passionfruit live resin gummies by Emerald Sky. The flavor of these edibles will lift you into a sensuous mood all on their own while the live resin will induce a yummy body high that will make you want to share your bliss with someone else. That’s what makes this a good gift to give your significant other. Nothing is more fun than sharing feel-good vibes with someone you care about.

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Lemon Jack Live Resin Diamond Sauce 1g Sativa Cartridge

Lemon Jack Live Resin Cartridge

Lemon Jack is a sativa strain also known as Lemon Herer. It’s a potent strain with a very distinct lemon smell and has strong psychoactive effects. Just like a cup of strong coffee, this strain is best for daytime use. If your partner is active and you want to experience an adventurous high together, this is the ultimate treat. It’s perfect for hitting the road, hiking, or going to the beach. This sauce is also an ideal smoke to puff before going dancing or even going to a yoga class. Lemon Jack is also known to sometimes help with focus and concentration, making it easy to keep your eyes on each other. 

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Sour Strawberry Hybrid Flower by Fleetwood

Sour Strawberry Eighth by Fleetwood

This Sour Strawberry cultivar by Fleetwood is a cross between Sour Bub and the legendary Strawberry Cough. It’s a fruity indica-dominant hybrid that’s perfect for a night in watching movies or piecing together a puzzle. This flower is known for its strawberry notes accented by a musky, pungent Kush-and-diesel fuel aroma. Offering up a high that’s both cerebral and physical, Sour Strawberry’s euphoric body buzz and happy psychoactive effects make it a truly perfect strain for celebrating partnership and feeling good with a significant other.

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Not Your Father’s Root Beer by Pabst

Not Your Father's Root Beer

If you’re looking for an unconventional and creative way to get stoned with your partner, this is it. Not Your Father’s Root Beer is an infused-root beer that’s perfect for making root beer floats! We’re not sure about you, but getting stoned while enjoying an old-school soda float is the definition of creative romance. It’s unusual and funky, but also sweet — and you can float into the cosmos together while doing it. Each 12oz bottle has 10mgs of THC in it, and it works quicker than your average edible, so you and your significant other can start enjoying those magical moments even faster. 

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Strawberry Kiwi High Seltzer by Pabst

High Seltzer Strawberry Kiwi

If you’re into infused drinks, here is another one you can get creative with. Maybe your partner likes making cocktails, or maybe your partner doesn’t like to drink at all. Either way, High Seltzer is a unique effervescent elixir that’s essentially designed to lift spirits and put you in a feel-good mood. It’s a great product to partially blend with other adult beverages, or you can drink it all on its own for a sweet and safe buzz. Each 12oz can is packed with 10mg of THC, extra fast-acting for a delightful buzz you can count on.

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Surf Beast Crushed Diamonds by Raw Garden

Surf Beast Crushed Diamonds

Surf Beast Crushed Diamonds by Raw Garden is a cross between Bisti Badlands, Skywalker, and Citrus Sap, making this strain an incredible Sativa-Hybrid. It provides just enough energy to get off the couch to do something fun but is also mellow enough to feel mentally chill. It can help shake off fatigue, increase motivation, and lift your mood to the sky. If your partner is the active type, or maybe needs some assistance to get moving, this is the strain for them. It’s also great if you need to get moving early in the morning. Perfect for adventuring or conjuring the motivation to go on an adventure, these crushed diamonds are perfect for creating memories together.

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Rolls Choice Blunts by St. Ides

St. Ides original blunts

St. Ides Blunts come with two tobacco-free blunts in each pack. Do you understand what this means? It’s a product designed for two people. So if you and your partner love to puff, perhaps this is the perfect gift for you and your mate. It’s basically a two-for-one deal that can give you something to cheer your love with and blow smoke clouds up to the sky.

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