Why Everyone’s Favorite Wind Down Weed is Indica?

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If you’re new to cannabis, or never gave it much consideration, we’ve collaborated with our expert budtenders here at GRASSDOOR.com to explain why indica is the strain of choice for a more simmering high that keeps things low key.

GRASSDOOR.com is your best bet if you’re looking for fast, quality and safe weed delivery in your city. Here’s a look at the indica flower and products we stock on GRASSDOOR and some serious intel on why and when it’s the strain of choice.

Indica: A Low-Key High

Indica Cannabis

Unlike its sister strain sativa, indica benefits include a chill effect that’s perfect for cannabis consumers who want to relax, unwind, treat headaches, pains and ease the discomfort of nausea. Not necessarily the strain you’d take out to the club (though jury’s out on that one), indica is a mellow, gentle lover who holds you tight while sending you into a deep state of relaxation and restfulness.

Growing shorter but getting you just as high, the indica plant is stumpier, thicker and boasts broader leaves ripe with resin.

If you want to get high while on downtime, or you’re in need of some sleep assistance because anxiety’s got you up all night, we’re happy to present our selection of top shelf indica products.

Indica flower from our curated, intuitive menu:

At GRASSDOOR, we currently stock indica flower strains such as Private Reserve, Platinum Kush, Skywalker, Sugar Mints and XXX OG Kush. Flower is perfect for weed-lovers who want to smoke in a bong, pipe or papers.

Unlike other providers of cannabis delivery in California, we carefully source our marijuana from California’s most diligent farms, making sure that the flower we deliver has come from the farm, skipping the branding process where possible so that you get great weed without the expensive mark up.

Private Reserve, which we deliver in record time, is known for providing a long-lasting sedative effect, ideal for relaxation and tickling the taste buds with a bold flavour and sour undertones.

Platinum Kush is a favorite for stress relief, gentle nudging its consumer into a bright euphoria that’s able to overcome even the blues of even the longest of work days. Platinum Kush is also a popular choice for helping with ADD/ADHD and settling the mind.

Skywalker is an indica dominant hybrid, which works wonders for pain management. Without being too hazy or unfocussed, Skywalker leaves you primed to battle the Dark Side with your newfound sense of calm.

Sugar Mints is the indica strain of choice for customers looking for a cannabis delivery in LA that’s fit to take the edge off a day of traffic, delays and challenges. This high psychosis strain is a miracle worker if you’re suffering from pain. The potency, though, is not for the light-hearted!

XXX OG Kush is such a grand slammer that it won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2014. The original gangster has a woody taste that’s sure to be a nap-time staple and a go-to nightcap strain for when you deserve a treat. This calming sedative helps you simmer down after a long day on the boil.

Top Shelf Indica Vapes:

GRASSDOOR now features top vape brands such as Pax, Stiiizy and Select, making vaping our curated cannabis an experience you can have from home. In record time, our drivers, or as we like to call them, ‘mobile budtenders’, are ready to deliver cannabis near you in California in 45 minutes.

From our friends at Pax, we’ve added Lavendar Kush Indica Pax Pod, California Sauce Indica Pax Pod, Purple Kush Indica Pax Pod. These three options fit into the Pax Era Device, a sleek, discreet and luxurious vape pens that’s your perfect travel companion (if you’re not taking it somewhere where cannabis is legal!)

A no-brainer when we carefully curated our GRASSDOOR delivery menu was the addition of Select. When we came to adding top quality vapes to our growing menu of cannabis products, Select fit into our roster perfectly. Select Elite Grand Daddy Purple Indica Vape Cartridge (500mg) is an excellent purchase if you’re looking for an euphoric, depression-busting high that may even help calm anxiety. Select Elite Master Kush Indica (1g) is the larger, granddaddy vape cartridge for an indica high that’ll bring you back down to Earth on a gentle, fluffy cloud. Select pens make use of state-of-the-art technology to burn oil evenly so that each vape draw provides an even, bountiful puff.

Indica-Filled Pre-Rolls:

For a high without the effort, we’ve rolled a tasty selection of indica pre-rolls for your next marijuana delivery in California. GRASSDOOR is proud to host Diamond OG Indica Pre-Roll Blunts and Sugar Cookies Pre-Rolls.

On GRASSDOOR.com, our intuitive menu hosts Diamond OG pre-rolls contain a generous 2g fill rolled by the legendary Call Blunts Team with a crafted wood tip so that each roll is luxurious and ready to go.

Sugar Cookies has an aromatic sweetness and is an indica-heavy hybrid and delivers a full-body calm, which might help even the toughest of cookies enter into a deep sleep. Pre-rolled for your delectation, this is a top choice to add to your next weed delivery in California if you’re looking for a more mellow high.

Needing a boost: Try Sativa?

Employee takes phone order

What’s life without a little variety? If you’ve tried indica and enjoy the effects, we also stock a wide variety of top shelf sativa flower and products for your next cannabis delivery in California. We’ll be sure to provide you with a step-by-step guide to our impressive sativa selection next.

Want some advice?  We’re waiting for your call, text or email here at GRASSDOOR. You can find us on support@grassdoor.com or give us a call at (818) 647-9322 to speak to one of our expert service representatives who can help you make those all important decisions where you’re figuring out what kind of cannabis delivery is going to set you straight and match the full spectrum of your lifestyle and moods!

Have you got thoughts for how we can make your next cannabis delivery even more impressive? We’d love to hear those too! Let us know how your first indica experience goes or chat with your delivery driver for information on other indica products that might be right for you.

New to GRASSDOOR? Thanks for joining us. First time customers can expect a discount at checkout, while returning or regular GRASSDOOR users will be sent competitive discounts via text. We look forward to delivering to your door soon!

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