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About PLUS

PLUS’ mission is to harness the power of the plant in order to produce functional, flavorful cannabis products that enhance your daily life. With a production process rooted in science and backed by expertise, PLUS is relentless in its pursuit of excellence when it comes to its best-selling, cannabis edibles. Offered in an array of doses, cannabinoid ratios, terpenes profiles, flavors, and functional ingredients, PLUS gummies enable you to customize your cannabis routine to fit your particular, personal needs.

PLUS gummies are designed to enhance your everyday life. Founded in 2015 in the Bay Area, PLUS edibles are crafted by a Michelin-star chef in the food-grade facility where they test their products 8x internally for safety and consistency so you can be confident you’re getting the same dose every time. Offered in an array of doses and THC: CBD ratios to help you find your just right! PLUS’s line delivers a variety of options to support your every need: balance, uplift, and unwind.

PLUS Sleep Available in two flavors and unique blends of CBN, THC, CBD, and sleep terpenes, these first Dual Action Cloudberry Sleep gummies help solve the two biggest problems in sleep: falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. Fall asleep quickly with nano-emulsified THC which provides rapid onset in as quick as 15 minutes! Stay asleep longer with the powerful sedating effect from their blend of CBN, CBD, and 10 sleep terpenes delivered via extended-release technology.

PLUS’s Relief gummies are the first edibles designed to provide long-lasting relief from everyday stress, aches, and pains. The Relief line comes in three proprietary CBD-rich blends of cannabinoids and powerful functional ingredients to offer anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Available in an array of ratio options, each gummy is made with all-natural flavors and contains high CBD and low THC for maximum relief but low psychoactivity. No matter which ratio you pick, you’ll be getting all the benefits of the healing properties of a high dosage of CBD and the enhanced efficacy encouraged by the entourage effect.

PLUS Strains - A tailored, holistic experience of cannabis flower in a discreet, great-tasting gummy. Paying homage to the essence of the cannabis plant, PLUS Strains captures the character of three classic strains in the form of a delicious, all-natural edible. Each 5mg gummy embodies the familiar flavor notes and unique effects you’ve expected from these OG strains by marrying pure, Full Spectrum Oil with strain-specific, all-natural, real fruit ingredients and fruit and cannabis-derived terpenes. PLUS Strains is a flavorful edible experience, delivering the same sensory, potency, and entourage effect you’ve come to love with flower.

Product Types Offered

Gummies: “Cannabis-infused gummies designed to enhance every day. Available in an array of doses and THC: CBD ratios to support your every need,” including Balance (Sour Blueberry and Cucumber Lime), Uplift (Sour Watermelon and Tangerine), and Unwind (Blackberry + Lemon and Sour Grape).

Sleep Gummies: A Dual Action edible designed to combine fast-acting and long-lasting formulas to help you sleep soundly. Available in two flavors and ratios: Sleep Cloudberry and Sleep Lychee.

CBD Relief: An edible specifically designed for “everyday relief,” available in three flavors and ratios: 18:1 Tart Cherry, 9:1 Tropical Mango, and 1:1 Pomegranate.

Strain Gummies: Strain-specific, plant-sourced gummies with 100mg THC and 5mg CBD per tin. Strains available include Sugar Plum, Pineapple Express, GDP, and Lemon Jack.

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License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. PLUS’s license number is CDPH-10001901.


Where are PLUS products available?

PLUS products are available in California.

Where are PLUS products available for delivery in California?

PLUS products are available for delivery in Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, and the Bay Area.

Can I get PLUS products if I live outside of California?

PLUS’s THC products cannot be shipped out of state lines due to federal regulations.

How should I store PLUS gummies?

PLUS products do not need to be refrigerated but should be kept out of aggressive heat to avoid melting.

How long do plus gummies take to work?

The time it takes for PLUS gummies to take effect depends on your metabolism and tolerance. However, with their nano-emulsified THC technology, PLUS Sleep gummies offer a rapid onset, with some partakers experiencing effects as quickly as 15 minutes. Start with a low dosage and allow enough time for the gummies to take effect before considering additional consumption. If you are searching for "PLUS gummies near me," Grassdoor is a trusted cannabis delivery service that offers a wide selection of high-quality products.

How many calories are in PLUS Cannabis infused Gummies?

The number of calories in PLUS cannabis-infused gummies can vary depending on the product and flavor. For instance, the Lychee Sleep 1:2:3 CBN Gummies by PLUS contain low calories, with approximately 5 calories per gummy. You can check the packaging or product information for the specific calorie content of the gummies you are interested in. Grassdoor offers a wide selection of PLUS cannabis gummies, providing convenient delivery to your home.

Can PLUS CBD Gummies help with stress?

Yes, PLUS CBD Gummies, specifically their Relief gummies, are designed to help with stress. These gummies are formulated with a blend of cannabinoids and functional ingredients to alleviate symptoms of stress and pain. PLUS offers different ratio options to cater to individual needs, and each gummy contains high CBD and low THC, ensuring maximum relief with minimal psychoactive effects. The natural flavors and the entourage effect of cannabinoids work together to enhance the efficacy of the gummies.

What is the CBD to THC ratio in PLUS Relief gummies?

The CBD to THC ratio in PLUS Relief gummies varies depending on the product. However, they are generally formulated with a higher CBD content than THC. This allows for a more balanced and soothing experience. PLUS+ Tart Cherry Relief gummies have a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, with 20 milligrams of CBD for every 1 milligram of THC in each gummy. Additionally, these gummies contain 5 milligrams of CBG, along with tart cherry flavor and a blend of terpenes.

What are the two flavors available for PLUS Sleep gummies?

The PLUS Sleep gummies are available in Midnight Berry and Cloudberry. The Midnight Berry variant features a combination of 10mg THC, 5mg CBN, 5mg CBD, and a blend of relaxing terpenes. On the other hand, the Cloudberry flavor contains 5mg THC, 1mg CBN, and 1 mg CBD, along with terpenes. These carefully formulated blends are designed to help promote restful sleep and provide a calming effect.

How are PLUS Cannabis Gummies different from other cannabis edibles?

PLUS cannabis gummies are meticulously crafted by a Michelin-star chef in a food-grade facility and undergo extensive internal testing for safety and consistency. PLUS provides several options with various doses and THC:CBD ratios, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're looking for balance, upliftment, or relaxation, PLUS Cannabis gummies have you covered with their diverse selection.

Are there different flavors available for PLUS Weed Gummies?

Yes, there are different flavors available for PLUS weed gummies. Some of the flavors include Sour watermelon, clementine, and blackberry lemonade. These flavors add a fun twist to your cannabis edible experience. Explore the diverse range of tastes and find your favorite among the PLUS selection of weed gummies at Grassdoor.

How much CBD is typically in PLUS CBD Gummies?

The CBD content in PLUS CBD Gummies can vary depending on the specific gummy. For the Tart Cherry 'Relief' +CBG gummy, each gummy contains 20mg of CBD. Additionally, Mango 'Calm' provides 10mg of CBD per gummy. On the other hand, Raspberry 'Balance' offers a balanced ratio of 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per gummy. You can check the packaging or product description to determine the CBD content for the specific PLUS CBD Gummies you're interested in.

Where can I buy PLUS Cannabis Infused Gummies near me?

If you're looking to buy PLUS Cannabis Infused Gummies near you, Grassdoor is the way to go. We offer a convenient solution for buying your favorite cannabis gummies. With Grassdoor, you can order through our ASAP or scheduled menu, ensuring flexibility to fit your needs. Plus, our GPS tracking feature allows you to monitor your order's progress in real-time. So, if you're craving the delicious flavors of PLUS cannabis-infused gummies, head over to Grassdoor's website or app and explore our wide selection.