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About Cloud 11

“At Cloud11, we believe in elevating any occasion; the everyday, the exceptional, and everything in between.”

Cloud 11 was founded by Chefs Nick Pritzker and Manuela Sanin with a shared commitment to bringing confectionary expression and technique to the most up-to-date methods of cannabis infusion. Inspired by Pritzker’s good and bad experiences with edibles and potency, Cloud 11 chocolates are dosed low, with a prioritization of control and consistency above all else.

Product Types Offered

CLOUD 11 CHOCOLATES: Available in two types of doses; Less (2mg THC & 2mg CBD per serving) and More (4mg THC & 4mg THC per serving)

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License Verification

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How are Cloud 11 chocolates made?

Cloud 11’s founders chose to make their chocolates in the style of a bonbon: outer chocolate shell that is filled with ganache. They start by sourcing the fine ingredients from purveyors around the world, then fill each chocolate shell with ganache finish and hand-painted designs. Using advanced methods, they incorporate a pure cannabis distillate into the ganache. 

How do I store Cloud 11 products? What is their shelf life?

Cloud 11 recommends storing chocolates in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Once you receive your chocolates, Cloud 11 recommends consuming them within three weeks for the best flavor experience. Cloud 11 chocolates have a 90-day shelf life.

Does Cloud 11 offer cannabis-free chocolates?

Cloud 11 offers only cannabis-infused products, firm in the belief that “cannabis is an integral piece of the Cloud11 sensory experience.” 

MM Manufacturing License Number: C12-0000147-LIC

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