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About dosist

Touted as the “Apple of cannabis,” dosist is a health-centric brand popular for its unique dosed vape pens and targeted formulas. Instead of focusing on getting baked, the Santa Monica-based company aims to relieve symptoms of conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and pain. With a focus on wellness, the hardware is designed so that canna consumers can take shorter, precisely dosed hits, providing a lighter, more therapeutic experience.

Dosist’s dosing feature allows the canna enthusiast to take consistent three-second hits that contain a precise 2.5mg THC dose. After three seconds, the pen will vibrate and shut off. This technology is used in two different devices. The dose pen 100 is an all-in-one vape pen, while the dose pen rechargeable is a 200-dose pen/cartridge combo.

The dosing feature is just half of dosist’s premium experience. Their devices contain oil formulated to target specific symptoms. Their core line contains three formulas with varying THC:CBD ratios: bliss, calm, and sleep. They also have introduced two new lines; their live resin line contains fresh frozen flower extract in a dozen strain options, while their high-potency plus line contains premium distillate in two formulas, arouse and relax. Some of these formulas can be found in their nanoblend THC gummies.

Since its start in 2016, dosist has always used safe, medical-grade materials and high-quality cannabis oil. The dosist experience is premium in every aspect, from the device to the oil inside.

Product Types Offered

dosist Pens - Core Formulas: dosist’s original core formula family consists of three targeted ratio products. The CBD:THC line includes calm dose pen 100 (1:6), bliss dose pen 100 (1:9), and sleep dose pen 100 (8:1).

Available in: dose pen 100, dose pen rechargeable, gummies

Live Resin: dosist’s live resin line contains terpene-rich oil from industry-leading names, 710 Labs, and Bear Extraction. This product line includes strains like Banana Kush, Sour Diesel, and Northern Nights.

Available in: dose pen 100, dose pen rechargeable, gummies

High-potency Plus Formulas: dosist’s high-potency plus formula line takes the brand’s signature hardware and upgrades it with a blend of premium distillate and live resin terpenes. Arouse is made for stimulation, while relaxation aims for the opposite.

Available in: dose pen 100, dose pen rechargeable

Gummies: dosist’s fast-acting nanoblend gummies are vegan, natural, and come in many flavors.

Available in: live resin (wild orange; peach), bliss (wildberry; lemon-lime; lemon-lime jalapeño), calm (lemon balm citrus), sleep (blackberry lavender), arouse (strawberry mint)

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License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs.

dosist’s license number is C12-0000266-LIC.


What makes the dose pen technology unique?

The first-of-its-kind dose pen technology is unique because it’s designed to deliver a precise dosage. Each hit is three seconds long and contains 2.5mg of THC. After three seconds, the device vibrates and shuts off.

What is the dose pen 100?

The dose pen 100 is dosist’s newest generation of the famous dose-controlled technology. The dose pen 100 is an all-in-one disposable vape that contains 250mg of THC. Each three-second hit delivers a precise 2.5mg THC dose.

How do I determine how many doses to consume?

The point of dosist’s technology is to provide a lighter, more therapeutic experience. Thus, they recommend one to three doses per hour.

What is nanoblend?

Nanoblend refers to the delivery system of the THC in dosist’s gummies. This method has a higher bioavailability, allowing for more excellent and faster absorption.

How does dosist test their formulas?

All of their oil is tested multiple times to check for pesticides and solvents and ensure the perfect cannabinoid and terpene content.

How to use dosist Dose Pen?

Pick up the dosist pen and hold it to your lips. Inhale from the pen's mouthpiece, and it will automatically vibrate after you've taken one dose, which is approximately 2.25mg. Wait a few minutes for the effects to kick in before considering taking more doses. The dosist dose pen is pre-filled, so there's no need to worry about charging or pressing any buttons.

Can you fly with dosist pen?

Flying with a dosist pen may not be allowed. While the dosist pen is designed for cannabis use, it contains THC, a controlled substance in many jurisdictions. TSA regulations and airline policies prohibit carrying cannabis products, including THC vape pens, on flights. Attempting to fly with a dosist pen could result in legal consequences or confiscation at the airport.

Where to buy dosist Pen near me?

If you're on the hunt for a dosist pen near you, your search ends at Grassdoor. We specialize in hassle-free curbside delivery, and our friendly drivers ensure a discreet shopping experience. Check out our range of dosist pens available for purchase. With Grassdoor, finding the dosist pen you want is a breeze. Experience the convenience and discreet service we offer and easily get your dosist pen.

How long does dosist Pen last?

A dosist pen, also known as a dosist dose pen, typically provides around 200 or 100 doses, often referred to as "puffs." This makes it easy to keep track of your usage and get a good sense of how long your dosist pen will go before needing a replacement.

How does the dosist Dose Controller work?

The dosist Dose Controller is guided by an intelligent microcontroller unit (MCU), which guarantees the delivery of an exact 2.5mg dosage from our specialized formulas. This means you can rely on the controller for consistent and accurate experiences tailored to your needs. Take a breath, and let the dosist Dose Controller handle the rest for a seamless and controlled journey.

What types of cannabis products can be used with the dosist Dose Controller?

The dosist Dose Controller is designed exclusively for dosist formula pods and operates within a unique closed-loop system. This means it's tailor-made to work with dosist's specific pods, ensuring compatibility and precise dosing for their specialized cannabis extracts. So, if you want to enjoy a controlled and targeted cannabis experience, the dosist Dose Controller and dosist formula pods make for a perfect match.

What are the effects of using a dosist pen?

Using a dosist pen can have various effects depending on your chosen product. These pens often deliver precise doses of cannabis compounds like CBD or THC. The effects of a dosist pen can range from relaxation and pain relief to mood elevation. dosist pens are designed to provide consistent and controlled experiences.

Are dosist vape pens rechargeable?

Yes, dosist vape pens are generally designed to be rechargeable. They come with built-in batteries that can be recharged using a USB charger. This feature makes dosist vape pens convenient and environmentally friendly, as you can recharge them for multiple uses. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging to ensure the longevity of your vape pen.