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About Evidence

Over 40,000 individuals are currently incarcerated for cannabis offenses. Evidence sees it as the team’s duty to reverse this injustice. They purchased a prison and use it to manufacture top-tier cannabis products, with a dollar from every sale donated to the Last Prisoner Project. Help end unfair criminal charges against cannabis users and enjoy top-tier cannabis in a single purchase. 

Product Types Offered

Evidence Flower: Evidence’s flower offers top-tier cannabis experiences via a variety of delectable strains. Grown and trimmed in the team's indoor facility, each bud features extra-resinous buds and a terpene-rich bouquet unique to each cultivar.

Evidence Prerolls: Evidence’s infused pre-rolls feature a full gram of cannabis bud, clocking in at an average of 33% THC and enhanced with pineapple-flavored terpenes for a tasty toke.

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