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About Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections combines cannabis with the art of chocolatiering. Founded in 2010, the founders of Kiva Confections created their first chocolate bars in their home kitchen. Little did they know they were about to set an industry standard for chocolate edibles. As the number one edibles brand in the United States, Kiva Confections creates more than high-quality edibles. They pride themselves on following stringent standards based on consistency and safety, with a commitment to using the best ingredients.

With a focus on creating edibles that provide a consistent, controlled dose, Kiva provides buildable amounts of THC, allowing the consumer complete control of their experience. Their commitment to the cannabis community extends beyond their products. Kiva pioneers trade organizations and advocates for the plant and the surrounding community. Kiva Confections is more than an edibles brand; it’s a company founded on the values of quality, efficacy, sustainability, and advocacy.

What makes Kiva Confections so unique? Kiva’s unparalleled commitment to high quality. Their chocolate bars are artisanal and award-winning, offering a variety of delicious flavors. Beyond their chocolates, Kiva’s family of brands includes the low-dose, effects-driven Camino gummies, the powerful Lost Farm chews, Petra mints, and Terra Bites in delicious combinations like blueberries dusted with cocoa powder. It’s an elevated edible experience every time you choose Kiva Confections.

Product Types Offered

Kiva Chocolate Bars: Finest chocolate made from sustainably-sourced cacao, using all-natural flavors and pure, cold water hash. Kiva’s chocolate bars elicit full-spectrum effects for a well-rounded experience. Their chocolate bars are available in various flavors, including Milk chocolate bar and Dark chocolate bar, S’mores, Birthday Cake, and more. Additionally, Kiva chocolate bars are available in ratios such as 1:1 and 5:1 CBD to THC, as well as their standard 100mg of THC per pack.

Kiva Lost Farm Gummies & Chews: These 100% live resin gummies and chews are plant-based, packing a strain-specific, full-spectrum experience into every bite. Lost Farm gummies and chews are considered extra-strength, so beginners, be mindful. Made in many fruit flavors such as cherry lime, cinnamon apple, sour grape, strawberry rhubarb, and more. Available in either 5mg or 10mg doses.

Kiva Camino Gummies & Sour Gummies: Camino was developed to provide a highly targeted experience in a slew of delicious flavor combinations, such as pineapple habanero, yuzu lemon, and watermelon spritz, to name a few. Kiva’s mood-enhancing Camino midnight & Camino Sours gummies are infused with CBN, CBD, THC, and naturally derived terpenes. Available in both 5mg and 10mg doses.

Kiva Petra Mints: Mints are designed with keeping micro-dosing in mind. These edibles are dosed at 2.5mg or less, making them an excellent option for anyone looking for small, buildable doses. With flavors like mint, pineapple, and tart cherry mints, there are options for every taste preference.

Kiva Terra Bites: Hand-crafted, chocolate-covered, bite-sized morsels are some of Kiva’s best-selling edibles. Like Kiva's chocolate bars, each bite is made with sustainably sourced cacao and cold water hash. Try delicious flavors like chocolate-covered espresso beans, cocoa-dusted blueberries, or milk and cookies—whichever you choose, you’re in for a delightful 5mg dose of THC.

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License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs.

Kiva Confections’ license number is CDPH-10002402.


Which Kiva product is best for me?

If you are looking for a mild dose, try 2.5mg - 5mg edibles. If you’re seeking a more intense high, choose 10mg. Remember that Kiva also serves edibles in various ratio combinations, so depending on your desired effects, you may opt for Camino CBN Gummies for sleep or CBD for sore muscles.

What are the dosages of Kiva’s products?

Kiva’s Terra Bites start at 2.5mg per mint and work their way up to the strongest, 10mg Lost Farm gummy or chew. Most of Kiva’s edibles range from 5 to 10mg of THC.

Where are Kiva’s products available for shipment?

Due to the current federal restrictions on cannabis products, Kiva cannot ship products directly to consumers. However, you can order it online via Grassdoor.

Are Kiva products safe for someone with dietary restrictions?

Kiva products are manufactured in facilities that process dairy, nuts, soy, and gluten. They are not Kosher.

Does Kiva test its products?

Kiva strictly maintains all state-required testing protocols and kicks it up a notch by adhering to the latest testing technology to ensure that pesticides, residual solvents, and contaminants are not present in their products.

Does Kiva Chocolate get you high?

Yes, Kiva Chocolate can get you high as it contains THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Kiva offers a range of chocolate products infused with THC, providing the desired high. However, you must consume Kiva chocolate responsibly and in moderation, especially if you are new to edibles or have a lower tolerance. If you're looking for Kiva chocolate near you, browse through our comprehensive menu and easily order the Kiva chocolate that suits your preferences.

Where to buy Petra Mints near me?

You can buy Petra Mints near you from Grassdoor, a convenient solution for all things cannabis. With our ASAP menu, you can enjoy same-day delivery of these refreshing mints right to your doorstep. If you prefer to plan, our scheduled menu allows you to place orders in advance. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or want a stash of Kiva Petra Mints ready for a special occasion, Grassdoor will not disappoint you.

Is Kiva dark chocolate a Sativa or Indica?

Kiva dark chocolate is a cannabis-infused edible that contains a blend of CBD and THC. It's not classified as Sativa or Indica because it includes a combination of both cannabinoids. CBD is known for its potential relaxing and calming properties, while THC can have more psychoactive effects. If you're interested in buying Kiva chocolate, Grassdoor offers a convenient platform to order it online.

What strain are Kiva mints?

You're in for a treat if you're looking for Kiva mints near you. Kiva's Petra mints are a unique blend and don't represent a specific cannabis strain since they don't contain terpenes. However, they promise a delightful experience with perfectly balanced hybrid effects. Enjoy the subtle and smooth buzz from these mints. If you can't wait to try them, check out Mint's same-day delivery options at Grassdoor.

How strong are Camino edibles?

Camino Edibles come in various strengths to suit your preference and tolerance. Whether you're looking for a mild experience or something more potent, Camino has options like 2mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 25mg. Check out Camino edibles near you via Grassdoor for a delightful and delicious cannabis-infused treat.

How much do Petra mints cost?

The cost of Kiva Petra mints can vary depending on your location and the retailer. On average, a pack of Petra mints may range from $15 to $25. To find the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, check out Grassdoor's extensive menu.

What is the shelf life of Kiva chocolate?

Kiva chocolates have a relatively long shelf life, often ranging from 6 months to 1 year or more. To find Kiva chocolate near you with the freshest date, navigate through Grassdoor's menu. Store them properly in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality and delicious taste.