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About Mary Jones

Step into the world of Mary Jones, a passionate group of soda enthusiasts who have been crafting the finest cane sugar soda since 1996. With a playful and daring approach to flavors, Mary Jones, a well-known Jones Soda brand spinoff, introduces bold flavor options, including apple, berry, root beer, and orange. Choose from their range of cannabis-infused products, including 10mg and 100mg sodas and 100mg syrup, all designed to keep you satisfied and uplifted.

Mary Jones invites you to embark on a journey of delightful cannabis beverages, where the fusion of soda and cannabis takes indulgence to new heights. Rest assured, all their products adhere to strict regulations and are intended for adult use only.

Stay tuned as Mary Jones looks forward to bringing its delightful creations to cannabis enthusiasts in more regions very soon. Prepare your taste buds and curiosity for an exciting journey with Mary Jones.

Product Types Offered

Mary Jones Cannabis-Infused Soda

Explore the ultimate chill and tasty combo out there. It's like your favorite Jones Soda but with some extra Mary magic. The bottle packs a punch of 10mg THC per serving, giving you a fast-acting and enjoyable high. So, there's no need to wait around. This soda has your back for a rejuvenating and relaxing time with no hangover. Get your hands on these fantastic soda flavors: Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, Orange & Cream, and Root Beer.

License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs.


How should I consume Mary Jones Cannabis-infused Soda?

Enjoy Mary Jones Soda just like any other beverage! Chill it nicely and crack it open for a refreshing sip. Start with a 10mg serving and wait for the effects to kick in before deciding if you need more.

Are there any specific foods I should pair with Mary Jones Soda?

Absolutely! Pair it with your favorite light snacks or finger foods to enhance the experience. Try it with fruit platters, cheese, crackers, or some delicious chips and dip.

How long does Mary Jones Soda's effects take to kick in?

Mary Jones Soda is known for its super-fast-acting formula, so you can expect to feel the effects quickly, usually around 15-30 minutes after consumption.

Is Mary Jones Soda suitable for beginners?

Yes, it can be an excellent option for beginners. Each bottle containing 10mg of THC provides a well-paced, moderate potency. However, starting slow and seeing how your body responds is always essential.

Can I mix Mary Jones Soda with other beverages?

While you can mix it, we recommend enjoying the unique flavors of Mary Jones Soda as it is. Mixing it with other beverages might dilute the taste and affect the overall experience. So, why not savor it solo and enjoy the Mary magic in every sip?

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