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About PAX

PAX seeks to enhance lives through unparalleled cannabis experiences. Through curated, flavorful vape pods and award-winning technology, PAX has created products that provide long-lasting quality and innovative wellness benefits for more than a decade. Trusted by users nationwide, PAX’s high standards offer some of the safest cannabis vaporization experiences on the market.

Product Types Offered

PAX Era: Harness superior control and customization in your vape experience with the PAX Era. This functional device is much more than a battery: control temperature and minimize leaks with a combined dual-wick while enjoying consistently satisfying flavor in every pod. 

PAX Era Pro: This high-tech device is much more than a battery: control temperature and minimize leaks with a combined dual-wick while enjoying consistently satisfying flavor in every pod. PAXSmart technology remembers your favorite temperatures and dose settings.

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License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. 


What’s the difference between the Era PRO and the Era?

The Era PRO offers enhanced features to the Era battery, but they both have the same basic functionality. The Era PRO has longer battery life, enhanced doe control, and more smart features available via the app.

What pods can I use with my PAX Era or Era PRO?

Both batteries work with any verified PAX Pod vape cartridge.

How do I charge my PAX battery?

All PAX Eras and Era PROs come with an included USB-C charging cable. You’ll know it’s time to charge when the top left petal repeatedly blinks red.

Find out more on Grassdoor’s blog.


Where to buy PAX Era Pods?

Grassdoor provides a hassle-free way to buy PAX Era Pods. You can order PAX products with ASAP ordering for on-demand delivery or choose the Scheduled Menu for same-day or next-day delivery. Our platform ensures a seamless shopping experience that lets you get your desired PAX Era Pods delivered conveniently to your location.

Do I need extra batteries for PAX Era?

No, you do not need extra batteries for the PAX Era. The PAX Era has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts multiple sessions. You can recharge the battery using the included USB charging cable when it runs low. The PAX Era's battery is durable and can typically provide enough power for extended use before needing to be recharged.

How much does a Pax Pod cost?

The cost of PAX Pods can vary, usually falling between $30 to $60 per pod. Check out Grassdoor for the latest prices and availability of PAX Pods near you. With our convenient service, you can easily find and enjoy a variety of strains through PAX Pods without breaking the bank.

How long does a Pax era Vape battery last?

A PAX Era vape battery lasts quite a while, with an average of around 150 puffs or roughly 50 sessions before needing a recharge. So you can enjoy your vaping sessions without constantly reaching for the charger. Keep an eye on your battery level and make the most out of your PAX Era experience.

Are PAX Era Pods reusable?

No, PAX Era Pods are designed for one-time use only. Once you've vaped through the contents, the pods aren't meant to be refilled or reused. PAX created them for convenience, so just pop in a new pod when you're ready for more. So, while they're not reusable, they offer a fuss-free way to enjoy your vape without the hassle of refilling.

What types of extracts are available in PAX Era Pods?

PAX Era Pods come packed with various extract options to suit your preferences. They're pre-loaded with concentrated cannabis oil sourced from over 50 extract partners. With a whopping selection of more than 250 types of cannabis oil, these pods offer a wide array of choices.

Can I get same-day delivery for PAX Era Pods near me in California?

Certainly! If you're in California and looking for PAX Era Pods near you, you're in luck. Grassdoor, a trusted weed delivery service in California, offers convenient same-day vape delivery within eligible areas. Our discreet and hassle-free service and friendly drivers ensure you can swiftly receive your PAX Era Pods without delays. For a seamless experience and quick access to your vaping needs, consider checking if your location qualifies for our efficient same-day delivery service.

Are Pax Era Pro pods compatible with the original Pax Era device?

The PAX Era Pro pods are fully compatible with the original pre-filled PAX Era pods, providing the same features as the initial PAX Era Vaporizer. If you're searching for Pax Era Pro near you, Grassdoor is the way to go.