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About Select Oil

Created by the mega multi-state operator Curaleaf, Select is a leading cannabis brand specializing in high-quality vape cartridges and edibles. From sourcing and production to the consumer experience, Select offers a premium experience that’s safe and consistent the whole way through. Exceeding state standards, Select is now the best-selling cannabis brand on the West Coast. And even beyond the west, Select flies off shelves all around the country.

Select is committed to consistently producing products of the utmost quality. They hand-fill each cartridge with carefully sourced, pure cannabis oil. Each product goes through the highest standards of testing for potency and contaminants. With four testing stages, Select surpasses the state’s testing requirements to ensure quality goods every time.

Select began in 2015 in Portland, Oregon, with a focus on creating safe cartridges, but has since expanded to also offer edibles and tinctures. Their original line, Select Elite cartridges, contains broad-spectrum oil with a potency of 80-95% THC. Other vape offerings include the Select Elite Live line containing live resin, the high potency Select Essentials line, the Select Fresh and Go .3 gram cartridge line, and Select Cliq, a line of vape pods that pair with a sleek battery.

Select’s edible offerings include the highly-absorbent Select X Bites, the CBN:THC ratio Select Snooze Bites, the drinkable Select Squeeze line, the fast-acting Select Nano Gummies, the classic Select Gummies, and various tinctures of different ratios and potencies.

Product Types Offered

Select Vape Products

Select Elite: Select Elite is Select’s original vape line and the best-selling cartridge on the market. Each vape cartridge contains broad-spectrum oil with a potency of 80-95% THC.

Available in: .5g or 1g

Select Elite Live: Select Elite Live is the elevated version of their original line, infused with fresh live resin terpenes to create strain-specific effects and flavors.

Available in: 0.5g and 1g

Select Fresh and Go: The Select Fresh and Go line focuses on big flavors in a small punch. Each cartridge contains 0.3 grams of premium distillate oil.

Available in: 0.3g

Select Essentials: The Select Essentials line contains flavor-packed, high-potency distillate oil in many favorite strains.

Available in: 1g

Select Cliq: The Select Cliq line contains a variety of premium vape pods that pair with their sleek, intelligently designed battery. Available in Indica and Sativa.

Available in: 0.5g and 1g

Select Edible Products

Select Gummies: Select Gummies are their take on classic cannabis gummies, featuring all-natural flavors, favorite strains, and delicious flavors.

Available in: Indica- blueberry, Hybrid- strawberry peach, Sativa- passionfruit

Select Nano Gummies: Select reinvents their classic THC edibles with Select Nano Gummies. The nano emulsification technology makes for a highly-absorbant, fast-acting experience.

Available in: Indica- pomegranate, Hybrid- peach mango, Sativa- tangerine

Select X Bites: Select X Bites are THC gummies featuring a new encapsulation technology that protects cannabinoids to maximize absorption, potency, and length of effects.

Available in: Rainbow Upload, Orange Matter, Strawberry Spacewalk

Select Snooze Bites: Select Snooze Bites focus on providing a good night’s sleep with a 1:1 ratio of CBN and THC. The nano emulsification technology makes for a fast and long-lasting experience.

Available in: Blackberry

Select Squeeze: Select Squeeze is a line of THC beverage enhancers. The liquid edibles are made to add to any beverage in 5mg doses.

Available in: Watermelon, strawberry lemonade, a hint of sweetness, and lemon-lime

Select Ratio Drops and CBD: Select puts its premium oil in various tincture products, with different ratios and flavors to choose from.

Available in: 1:1, 4:1, 18:1, THC, CBD

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License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. Select Oil’s license number is CDPH-10001355.


Is there Vitamin E in Select vape products?

Select ensures that none of its products contain Vitamin E Acetate or any other harmful cutting agents. Select has undergone various testing to ensure this, including CannaSafe’s Vitamin E Acetate report.

What due diligence does Select do to ensure safety in cartridges?

Select tests their products for potency and pesticides, often exceeding state requirements. They test internally for pesticides at lower detection levels than third-party labs. Their oil is tested at multiple stages and goes through four quality control stations after being hand-filled.

What solvent is used to extract the cannabis distillate in Select cartridges?

Select uses food-grade ethanol for extraction. There is no ethanol in the final product, as it’s all removed during extraction.

Has Select hardware and oil been tested for heavy metals?

Yes, Select performs accelerated heavy metal leaching tests on each component of their hardware and products. Their testing meets California’s stringent standards.

Does Select use MCT oil?

Select uses MCT oil in their tinctures as it is the safest carrier oil option. It is not used as a cutting agent, nor is it in any of their vape products.