Source Cannabis

Digital Budtender
Hybrid 1/8 Ounce Flower


THC 28.1-32%
1/8 oz
Indica 1/8 Ounce Flower


THC 27.9-33.2%
1/8 oz
Sativa 1/8 Ounce Flower

White Fire

THC 27-29.3%
1/8 oz


Source Cannabis has been cultivating cannabis with a holistic approach, only growing and producing cannabis flowers that they themselves would consume.

Since 2003, they have been serving the Los Angeles Area, bringing high quality, Clean Green Certified sativa, indica, and hybrid flower offerings to consumers that care about what they are putting into their bodies. All of the flower produced in-house is grown indoors, and is hand-watered in soil substrates.

Once the flowers have been grown for just the right amount of time, Source Cannabis begins a three week flushing process to remove all residual nutrients stored within the plant, forcing the plant to consume these nutrients, leaving only great-tasting, natural flower for the discerning cannabis consumer’s enjoyment. This flush ensures that you aren’t smoking or tasting any leftover nitrogen, magnesium, or other nutrients left unused by the plant.

After flushing, Source Cannabis dries their buds, ensuring the perfect moisture content, before hand-trimming and curing the flowers. All products are cured in glass jars to ensure optimal moisture retention during curing. 

Each jar contains 3.5G of Clean Green certified cannabis flower and is known for being clean, healthy, nearly-organic flower; and offers a variety of seasonal selections.

Grassdoor updates their menu frequently to ensure you have access to all of the latest harvests, straight from the Source.