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Since 2017, STIIIZY has led the Southern California industry as a cannabis lifestyle brand with longstanding roots in the culture. 

Their goal is to "provide quality products steered by a passion for cannabis and cutting edge technology," very much in line with the mission of Grassdoor. We have selected Stiiizy as one of our brand partners due to the variety of their product selection as well as the reputation that they’ve built for themselves as a pioneer in this industry, committed to higher standards than are even mandated by the state.

Consumers can enjoy STIIIZY products as cannabis flower, live resin pods, or in their exclusive line of sour gummy edibles, BIIIT. Each product is created using hand-selected indoor flower that is then cured or extracted to provide a variety of natural flavors, aromas, and effects. Flowers are available in 3.5g Jars, Biiit are available in 100mg packages, and Stiiizy Pods are available in 0.5g and 1g. 

Of particular note are STIIIZY’s live resin and rosin offerings, combining fragrant terpenes and potent cannabinoid profiles that ensure a smooth, tasty, and noticeable hit. Stiiizy curates their live resin selection much the way that Grassdoor curates their menus; only the best. Flowers are flash frozen and then extracted using hydrocarbons or washed and pressed using ice, water, and heat.  

STIIIZY’s commitment to excellence, their adherence to strict testing and compliance standards, and their expansive variety of flavors and products makes them one of the best selling brands in California dispensaries. 

Many of STIIIZY’s product lines are introduced seasonally, and Grassdoor updates its menu frequently with new STIIIZY pods, flowers, edibles, and extracts.