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About Weed Accessories

Aside from providing Californians with the best weed delivery service for all their cannabis goodies, it's only right we make sure everyone is equipped with some basic knowledge of the most common marijuana accessories to enjoy.

After all, as more and more new cannabis consumers join the community, there will be more folks who could use some guidance on how to choose their cannabis accessories. Here, we have compiled a little help guide to address a few of the questions one may have about selecting and using various cannabis accessories.

FAQ About Cannabis Accessories

How do I choose rolling papers?

Choosing rolling papers can be overwhelming, as there are hundreds of options out there. We recommend narrowing down your choices by focusing on what type of papers you need. The two main sizes of rolling papers are 1 ¼ inch and ‘king size’, but many brands have other options that feature wider, narrower, shorter, or longer papers.

Once you have decided on what size of rolling paper you’d like, the next factor to consider is the thickness of the paper. There is a wide range of thicknesses to choose from - from almost opaque to completely translucent. Some feel that thicker papers are easier to roll with, which may be of interest to newer cannabis smokers.

Thicker papers may burn slower, while thinner papers may burn more evenly. Typically, seasoned cannabis smokers prefer a thinner rolling paper claiming that it offers the most flavorful experience of smoking. We recommend trying both thicker and thinner papers to determine which suits your smoking experience better, as these tips are just guidelines and ultimately it’s all about personal preference!

What makes a good pipe?

Pipes are available in all shapes and sizes - literally! Pipes can be made from wood and metal, but the most commonly used type of pipe in cannabis is a handheld glass pipe. The pipe is loaded with cannabis and ignited, while the consumer breathes through the other end. Some pipes feature a ‘carb hole’ to control the airflow of the smoke. Carbs are used by covering a hole on the side of the pipe bowl — usually with the thumb — while lighting the cannabis and then uncovering the hole to inhale the smoke. 

One of the most crucial decisions when choosing a pipe is what the bowl size is. The bowl is the part of the pipe that will hold the cannabis, so we recommend choosing a bowl size based on how much cannabis you usually smoke in one session.

Next, it is fundamental to inspect the construction of the pipe, especially the thickness of the glass. A thicker glass usually indicates higher quality and just as importantly, ensures the pipe can withstand the heat created by smoking. Many of the premier cannabis glassware companies use Borosilicate Glass because of its ability to withstand extreme heat and temperature changes.

Last but not least, a pipe should fit in your hand comfortably and easily — meaning you should be able to hold the pipe and cover/uncover the carb hole with the same hand.

What’s the difference between bongs and pipes?

While most pipes are smaller than most bongs, the main difference between these smoking tools is in the use of water filtration. Bongs are more elaborate pipes that have a chamber — usually filled with water — allowing the smoke to pass through it before being inhaled.

Bongs also feature a bowl, however, instead of a carb hole, the airflow is controlled by removing and replacing the bowl itself. Bongs usually consist of the main body with a water chamber and a downstem into which the bowl can be inserted and removed. When the bowl is loaded and lit, the smoke builds up in the main body of the bong — as the bowl is in use and creates an airlock.

The smoke is inhaled when the user removes the bowl, creating airflow and allowing the smoke to be breathed in. Is a bong “better” than a pipe? Again, it's a matter of preference. Some claim the water creates a smoother and cleaner smoking experience, some simply prefer the method of a pipe over a bong. Essentially, these are both glass contraptions that can be used to inhale our favorite plant!

What’s the best lighter for smoking?

There really is no ‘best’ lighter for smoking as long as it works! However, Bic and Clipper lighters are both excellent choices for almost any smoking application. The Bic Lighter is readily available, reliably sturdy, and comes in both regular and miniature sizes.

The regular size Bic is best for value for money, while the miniature version is perfect for a travel kit or being on the go. Clipper lighters are similarly reliable and favored by smokers for their removable flint rod, which comes in handy when packing the flower in a joint or blunt down evenly. Both styles of lighters can be refilled with standard butane and are available in a variety of colors and designs — with the white Bic lighter having folklore all of its own!

What should I look for in a vape battery?

Getting the right vape battery can be tricky. Not only do you have to get a battery that fits your cartridge, it also needs to have an adequate amount of power to vaporize the type of cartridge you are using. 

The most common vape battery styles are the 510 threaded types, where the cartridge is screwed into the battery to secure it; and the C Cell battery, which magnetically joins the cartridge to the vape battery. To avoid disappointment, we urge everyone to double-check the vape cartridges they buy to ensure the attachment on the vape is compatible with the battery they are using. 

When it comes to getting the most effective vaping experience, it depends on the voltage of the vape battery. Higher voltages may be required for thicker extracts such as live resin, whereas carts and pods made with rosin might need less voltage. The average power for most vape batteries is around three volts and will be suitable for most vape cartridges. 

Most vape batteries are universal and can be used with any vape cartridge that fits into them. In some cases, vape batteries are proprietary and built only to be used with that manufacturer's line of products. Others make custom batteries that are designed to offer the ideal vaping experience for their product line. With an array of options to choose from, we always advise checking the packaging of your vape cart for the manufacturer’s suggestion of which battery is most suitable.

Navigating cannabis as a newer consumer is difficult enough without worrying about having the necessary tools to best enjoy your products. While we recognize this is by no means a complete guide to all the cannabis accessories out there, we at Grassdoor hope it answers some of the most commonly asked questions by those newer to using cannabis. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to learn more, via Live Chat, email us at support@grassdoor.com, or give us a call at (818) 647-9322.