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About Cannabis Flower

Arguably the most tried, true, and beloved method of cannabis consumption is smoking flower. A method that for some serves as a ritual, the treat of puffing on a joint is as iconic as it is enjoyable. The cannabis flower is loved, there’s no denying it, especially when it brings us all back to the roots of where it all started.

Weed Flower, Culture, & Usage

Flower has been used by humans throughout the world for centuries, and for varying purposes. Cannabis is a plant that can thrive in many environments, including dry, subtropical, continental, and temperate regions. As with many other flowering plants, once the cannabis plant hits maturation and blooms, the buds of that bloom begin to form in densely packed clusters towards the top. The clusters are then harvested at their peak floral stage, the excess is trimmed off, and you have yourself a perfectly smokable flower.

Grinding up and smoking flower has remained the most broadly used consumption of the plant, and to this day serves as a favorite classic method of experiencing the effects of marijuana. Over the years following the legalization of cannabis products, scientists and botanists alike have played with the potential of the cannabis flower. Extracts and cannabis concentrates are some of the industry’s biggest sellers and come in the form of cannabis rosin, hash, kief, tinctures, resin, oils, wax or “dabs”, and distillates to name a few.

The influence of the best cannabis flower in our culture has taken place throughout well-loved songs, characters, films, and everyday people. Take note next time you’re watching a rap or hip-hop music video - they aren’t smoking dabs or oil pens. Likewise, while some of these movie characters have been represented as hippies or beatniks in the past, with the progression of cannabis legalization more of the faces we see toking up on the silver screen are no less complex or abstract than the protagonist, and their consumption is no longer the epicenter of their identity.

Benefits of Cannabis Flower

Smoking flower is among the simplest ways to consume and reap the benefits of the plant. Cannabis accessories for this method such as lighters, joint papers, and glassware are accessible to anyone of age in their respective state. Likewise, the effects of consuming flower are fairly fast-acting, usually taking anywhere from five to ten minutes to fully feel the effects. This makes it helpful for dosing, as you can both see and feel exactly how much you are consuming.

How To Use Cannabis Flower?

Flower is a very approachable, albeit sometimes sticky method of cannabis consumption. Historically, humans have smoked flower through glass or wood apparatuses like pipes and hookah. Rolling your flower into a paper joint is another great way to consume your cannabis, but both methods require grinding your flower. Be it with a metal grinder or your fingers, breaking it down gives all of the flower a chance to burn smoothly, completely, and last longer.

FAQ About Cannabis Flower

What exactly is flower?

“Flower” is another name for the blooms of the cannabis plant once it’s reached maturation. This bud is what we harvest for smoking, as it is the part of the plant containing the psychoactive and healing properties of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

Why is cannabis called a flower?

The definition of a flower is a seed-bearing part of a plant; something on the plant itself that blooms and has reproductive capabilities. The term “flower” has grown in popularity among cannabis jargon in part because it now serves as a more precise product identifier. The term flower is interchangeable with bud, pot, and weed.

What is a good quality flower?

When differentiating a good flower from a great flower, start with your senses. The good-quality flower typically has a strong, complex, earthy aroma. A premium cannabis flower will look colorful, with an array of earthy tones such as hues of deep green, clusters of purple, fiery orange hairs, and glistening trichomes. Finally, as you’re feeling the flower, you’ll notice that high-end strains will be sticky to the touch, dense, and slightly squishy.

How should I smoke a cannabis flower?

Flower can be used to increase appetite, promote a good night’s sleep, calm the nerves, and concentrate. A favorite usage for many is amplifying passions and hobbies, such as boosting creativity, improving stillness during meditation, helping you go the extra mile when performing a physical activity, and relaxing the muscles afterward. The usage of flower doesn’t have to be for any explicit purpose either, you can simply kick back, enjoy your favorite snacks, and watch a movie.

How long do the effects of flower last?

Generally, the “high” effects of smoking flower are at their peak anywhere from about 10 minutes to two hours after smoking. You will start to feel yourself coming down soon after that one to two-hour mark and can either decide to finish the joint or save it for another day.

What should I do if I smoked too much flower?

Remember, the effects of cannabis flower are temporary. You aren’t going to feel this way forever, or even more than a couple of hours. Some unpleasant mental feelings can be anxiety, paranoia, or confusion, while some uncomfortable physical symptoms might look like nausea, dizziness, or excessive sweating. If you’re experiencing any of these excessively, start with a glass of water and some deep breathing. Next, find comforting activities such as watching your favorite show, talking with a friend, lying down and listening to relaxing music, taking a walk, or drawing.

How much does a flower cost at a dispensary?

The costs of cannabis flower are going to slightly differ from state to state, strain to strain, and sometimes dispensary to dispensary. Typically, most dispensaries abide by the “$10 a G” rule, where a gram of flower goes for $10, 3.5 grams go for $35, etc. However, newer and higher-quality strains will naturally be at higher prices, some going for $35 for just one gram.

Where can I buy cannabis flower?

Flower can be found and purchased at your local dispensary, so long as you are a resident of a state where cannabis flower sales are legal either medically or recreationally, and you are over 21 years of age. However, if you are in a state where flower is only available for purchase medically, you must also have your medical marijuana card to be eligible to buy and consume legally. It’s best to take a quick look at what your state’s cannabis laws look like to make sure you are being as safe as possible.

If you’re in the Golden State where cannabis is fully legal, you can get your flower delivered same-day with Grassdoor! Grassdoor’s management team is made up of cannabis connoisseurs who have dedicated themselves to finding the crème de la creme of farms statewide to provide our customers with a selection of truly top-notch flower. Our team of compassionate and educated cannabis experts is standing by ready to serve you as best we can. Hop on our website at and you can find the best cannabis flower brands on our menu, and you’re already a few clicks away from getting your order delivered to you. We deliver throughout the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

What is Indica flower used for?

Indica flower is known for its 'couch lock' effects thanks to its super-relaxing properties. While Indica can be enjoyed during the daytime, consuming it post-sundown is recommended for those who want to wind down for the day. It is primarily used for treating sleep-related problems, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and muscle spasms. It is best to consult a medical practitioner before consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes.

How long does it take Indica to kick?

Unlike Indica edibles that take 30 to 60 minutes to take effect, Indica strains when smoked directly produce an effect within minutes from the first puff.

Is a Indica upper or downer?

The beauty of the cannabis plant is it’s abililty to produce different effects that ultimately help canna users reach the desired state. Indica strains are considered a downer, meaning it has relaxing properties on the body and mind. You can expect to feel calmer, less anxious, and well-rested (since Indica strains are known to induce sleep).

Indica strains can help those who suffer from muscle spasms and frequent epileptic episodes. We recommend you speak to a healthcare professional before consuming Indica-dominant strains to help with a medical concern.

What gets you more high Indica or Sativa?

Sativa strains offer more of a head high, while Indica strains provide more of a body high. Indica strains tend to be more potent, as it has higher THC levels. Hybrid strains provide a combination of the two.

How do you store cannabis flower?

Cannabis flower should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place to preserve its potency and freshness.

What's the difference between vaping and smoking flower?

The main difference between vaping and smoking flower is the method of consumption. Vaping involves heating a cannabis-based oil with a device, while smoking involves inhaling the smoke from cannabis flower rolled into a joint or cigarette.