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Weed Delivery In Alameda

Alameda, California, was established in 1853 and means grove of trees. There are dozens of weed dispensaries in Alamdea, California, including Grassdoor. Grassdoor went into business in 2018. Grassdoor serves people in the areas of :

  • Fullerton
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco


These cities are just a few of the places Grassdoor serves.


History of Cannabis in California

In 1972, California was the first state in the union to campaign for legalized medicinal marijuana. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana. By 2003, California was the first to vote in the Compassionate Use Act or Proposition 215 with 55 percent of the vote. Before California made medicinal marijuana legal, marijuana and cannabis were discovered in California in the year 1795.

The Products

Grassdoor has over 500 products that includes several dozen brands of canabis. edibles like gummies in flavors like watermelon, strawbery, blue raspberry, and others. Other products include vapes, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and others.


Weed Delivery

To order cannabis products from Grassdoor, one must be at least be 21 and have a doctor's consent firm stating one to use canabis. Alameda weed delivery must be out by 2p.m. in order to have same day delivery that takes place from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The delivery takes place about a half an hour from placing the order to being delivered at the door. Same day delivery is especially important for people using medicinal marijuana. especial orders placed after 2p.m. Will be held over until the next day. Grassdoor will only deliver orders that are at least $30.00. Weed delivery Alameda, Calif, has a daily order limit of 28.5 grams of one ounce of cannabis flower and 1 ounce of edibles, concentrates, and vaporizer cartridges. Vape cigarettes come with a flavor additive. Just a few drops of flavoring and the vape cigarette is pallable. Grassdoor is considered the best weed delivery Alameda.


Best Weed Delivery

Grassdoor is considered best weed delivery Alameda. Customers say they get the fastest delivery service of any weed delivery dispensary in California. Grassdoor can fit their delivery to meet anybody's schedule with the ASAP plan. The delivery with ASAP is usually 45 minutes or less from placing the order. Grassdoor Alameda delivery people have no contact delivery. The delivery people wear masks, gloves to handle the parcels. Parcels are placed in a sanitized bag.

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Alameda's Favorite Cannabis Brands


Grassdoor Customer Reviews

review img
Christina Cindrich

Los Angeles

Elevating my mood and creativity with today’s Grassdoor delivery, they’re reliable and make it super convenient to order products -- vapes, flower, concentrates, edibles, CBD products, and accessories!

review img
Jake Berg

San Francisco

With Grassdoor it’s easy to schedule an order for after work or get an express delivery as soon as possible when my weed supply is low. Great brands on the platform with options for improving my sleep or helping me to stay in a creative headspace.

review img
Samatha Dockster

Los Angeles

Using Grassdoor because their fast delivery service (we’re talking under 40 minutes fast!) makes quality cannabis accessible, plus ordering from them eliminates the pressure of walking into a dispensary and feeling overwhelmed 😅.

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