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Weed delivery is a service that has been around for decades. Weed has always existed, but the history of weed delivery in Redondo Beach is much more recent. Weed was legal until 1930, when it was banned by the Anslinger Act, which also outlawed other substances like heroin and cocaine. Weed became illegal in 1973 with the passage of The Controlled Substances Act, making weed illegal to possess or sell across state lines except as part of a federally approved research program. This law led to 710 Labs Weed Delivery becoming one of the most popular industries in Redondo Beach. Weed was decriminalized in Redondo Beach with the passage of Proposition 64, which voters passed. Weed is legal for adults 21 and older to purchase in California but can only be used recreationally or lawfully inside one's residence.

Major Local Cannabis Events in Redondo Beach by Grassdoor

Grassdoor has held several major local cannabis events in Redondo Beach, which helped move weed into the mainstream.

Redondo Beach 420 Events:

- Weed Rally at King Harbor on April 20th, 2018

- Redondo Beach Weed Crawl on May 18th, 2018

- Weed Festival at King Harbor on June 16th, 2018

- Weed Rally and Expo at the Terranea Resort in June 2018

Redondo Beach Cannabis Cup: On September 22nd and 23rd of 2017, Grassdoor hosted its inaugural Redondo Beach Cannabis Cup. This event featured a wide array of products, including

-edibles made from cannabis extracts like cannabutter or cannabis;

-flowers (buds) for smoking;


- concentrates such as waxes and oils;

-topical preparations like lotions and bath bombs infused with THC or CBD (cannabis compounds);

-capsules containing cannabis oil that is swallowed to provide users with long-lasting relief over several hours rather than hitting their system all at once.

Cannabis offerings by Grassdoor in Redondo Beach

- King Kush Flower from 710 labs Weed Delivery Redondo beach, a heavy indica strain that will keep you relaxed and sleepy.

- OGs OG Prerolls are pure Sativa flowers rolled in a natural hemp paper with no added chemicals or preservatives. They come pre-ground, so there's no fuss when it comes to rolling up these 100% organic joints! You can expect an uplifting high thanks to this potent bud.

-Weed edibles are made with cannabutter, which is butter that has been infused with THC. Weed edibles are just as safe and easy to consume as any other food you would eat, but the effects will be much more potent!

-Concentrates include waxes, oils, shatter, etc., all of which have very high concentrations of THC, so customers need to research dosage before trying these products. Weed concentrates can be added onto flowers (buds) or rolled into a joint.

Neighborhoods within city limits of Redondo Beach

Grassdoor can deliver weed, 7/24 hours to the following areas: - Venice Weed delivery Los Angeles CA 90291, Santa Monica, Culver city Weed delivery Sherman Oaks 92103 Encino Northridge Woodland Hills San Fernando, Burbank, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, Toluca lake among others.

Weed Delivery Regulations by Grassdoor in Redondo Beach

- Weed can only be delivered to a private residence. Weed cannot be delivered to any place where weed smoking is against the law, e.g., public streets or parks.

- Weed Delivery minimum order of $30 before taxes are applied

- Gift with every Weed Delivery Redondo Beach order over $50

- No refunds for undelivered orders due to customers not being home after multiple attempts by our drivers.

Cannabis Cultural Distinctions in Redondo Beach Weed Delivery

- Weed was first banned federally in 1937 due to racism and the perception that it would lead black jazz musicians to become "violent" and cause white women to have sex with them.

- The 1990s saw a massive change in Weed laws when California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis, paving the way for other states like Colorado, which legalized recreational weed.

- Nowadays, you can buy weed at your local dispensary, where customers are also free to consume their purchases on-site if they choose! Redondo beach Weed delivery has helped add another layer of social acceptance as people realize how harmless weed is compared to alcohol or cigarettes.You can order weed delivery Redondo beach from Grassdoor's Online platform


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Christina Cindrich

Los Angeles

Elevating my mood and creativity with today’s Grassdoor delivery, they’re reliable and make it super convenient to order products -- vapes, flower, concentrates, edibles, CBD products, and accessories!

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Jake Berg

San Francisco

With Grassdoor it’s easy to schedule an order for after work or get an express delivery as soon as possible when my weed supply is low. Great brands on the platform with options for improving my sleep or helping me to stay in a creative headspace.

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Samatha Dockster

Los Angeles

Using Grassdoor because their fast delivery service (we’re talking under 40 minutes fast!) makes quality cannabis accessible, plus ordering from them eliminates the pressure of walking into a dispensary and feeling overwhelmed 😅.

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